Women's Color Trends S/S 2008

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Women’s Spring 2008 / Summer 2008 color trend report ushers in a lively range of palettes: Cover Girl, Sheer Delight, Graphic Nature, Caribbean Passion, Between The Lines, and Foreign Intrigue. Courtesy of Design Options, the leading color forecasting source focused exclusively of bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. They do just that for big brands and indie design firms.


Cover Girl

A true beauty. Cover Girl. Blue and lilac tones of sea dreams and ocean haze shade classic pique tops and shorts for a fresh take on sporty style. Rinsed chambray fabrics soothe the skin on the hottest summer days. Seersucker stripes are layered to create new design accents. Cream and yellow hues of bathing cap and beach umbrella highlight honeycomb weaves. Peach and pink tints of delicate shell and natural coral give gingham checks a softer look. Pretty as a picture. Cover Girl.

Sheer Delight

Sheer beauty. Sheer Delight. Pink and blush tones of pearly petal and crystalline dewdrop color layers of diaphanous chiffon. Airy filouche fabrics envelop the skin in softness. Ethereal separates are crafted from panels of lille lace. Peach shades of candle glow and romantic light are combined on flocked yarns to give surfaces a hazy appearance. Coral and copper hues of spring sunset and floating flame are blended to create moiré effects that look like moonlight reflected on the water. Sheer perfection. Sheer Delight.

Graphic Nature

Graphic design. Graphic Nature. Orange and blue tones of freehand tangerine and chalk dust fill in stripes of all shapes and sizes. Luxurious charmeuse shirts and skirts feature geometric orb motifs. Slick lacquer finishes and abraded yarns are combined for an artistic mix of textures. Purple and green tints of expression violet and muse lime give indigo washes a new intensity. Yellow and pink hues of watercolor sun and pastel blossom shade playful polka dots. In tune with nature. Graphic Nature.

Caribbean Passion

Experience the passion, Caribbean Passion. Red and orange hues of sweet watermelon and fresh mango enliven prints featuring tropical hibiscus flowers and palm fronds. Crisp poplin separates are essential for weekend getaways. Uneven canile weaves resemble bamboo. Pink and yellow tints of flamingo and lemon slice are found on voluminous skirts of maline that move with island breezes. Green and blue shades of key lime and paradise cove are found on eye-catching flamme yarns. Love in the tropics. Caribbean Passion.

Between the Lines

Between you and me. Between the Lines. Pink and orange hues of fuchsia flare and tangerine pop are side by side on sleek sateen. Bayadère fabrics are used to craft visually enticing outfits. Glistening bayko yarns give dimity a stylish sheen. Yellow and green shades of electric sun and light show lime outline large circle motifs and fill in dainty dots. Blue and brown tones of mocha blast and diamond sky give rugby and ticking stripes cosmopolitan style. Go in between. Between the Lines.

Foreign Intrigue

An air of mystery. Foreign Intrigue. Blue and green hues of brilliant sapphire and incandescent sage are highlighted on scrollwork prints. Hand-blown glass beads sparkle on top of chinoiserie embroidery. Charkhana muslin is paired with nylon ripstop for a mix of old-world and modern textures. Vibrant yellow and orange tints of gilded saffron and opium essence are used to shade hemp blends. Pink and red tones of faceted tourmaline and lacquered ruby glisten on dupioni silks. A foreign affair. Foreign Intrigue.