What You Should Know About Exports & Imports In Egypt

Egypt: New Measures Affecting Apparel Imports

In an attempt to codify what are already common industry practices and internationally

harmonize Egyptian standards, the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality

EOS) has passed new standards for apparel exports and imports related to sizes and

proportions of suits and jackets. Producers and importers need to make sure that the size- label

on each piece refers to the age and includes a table for sizes and measurements for kids from

2-5 years and from 6-12. The table should include size, sleeve length, breast radius, shoulder

boarder and shoulder length. The acceptable technical deviations from the sizes indicated on

the labels should not exceed 2% between 50 -71 cm and 1% for more than 71 cm. The label

must be attached to the jacket or suit with the manufacturer’s name, trade mark, size, material,

country of origin and methods of caring.

Harmonizing Egyptian standards is an ongoing collaborative initiative between EOS and

International Modernization Center (IMC), holding a key to promote and facilitate international

trade. The harmonization process is based on ISO/IEC Guide 21-1:2005 Regional or national

adoption of International Standards and other International Deliverables. Harmonizing the

Egyptian standardization process in general and standards in particular will ultimately protect

exporters, importers and above all: consumers.