What is the best course of action to engage local media?

From the experts at Open Source Fashion.

Engaging or pitching the media is both an art and a science – and a huge challenge. Journalists are operating an environment of deadlines, multiple communication platforms and extreme information overload.

Engaging the media within this environment requires preparation, focus and persistence.

A few questions to ask yourself before reaching out :

  • What is your goal? If it is entirely self-serving, then good luck! If however your approach is on helping the journalist then you’ll have a better shot at getting their attention. Supply background information. Share unique insights. Make connections to knowledgeable people.

  • Are you thinking like a journalist? Does your ask pass the “tell me something I don’t already know” or “tell me something I do know in a new way” test? Unless you have a fresh take, a reporter is not interested in simply telling another story on the same topic they wrote about last week.

  • Did stop to think that you’re pitching a person? You may have a honed in a publication you want to get a story in but remember you’re reaching out to a living, breathing human being and focus in on the people who are most likely to be interested in your expertise / story line.

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