Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Textile Inspiration

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Here are Le Souk’s top five weekly picks of accounts you should be following for daily doses of material inspiration. In addition to providing a great service - helping design industry Creatives connect with mills & tanniers - Le Souk, formerly known as Source4Style, has terrific content, including “Our Favorite Things,” where this post, and others like it live.

Block Shop Textiles: @blockshoptextiles


Block Shop Textiles: @blockshoptextiles. Block Shop is an LA based company founded by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman. They work with a cooperative of master artisan printers in Rajasthan using the same method that has been utilized to create gorgeous textiles for over 350 years. The sisters describe their pieces as being “modeled after traditional Rajasthani textiles and imbued with their own minimalist desert aesthetic” to create pieces that are as “versatile as they are elegant”. Source4Style loves their Instagram account for the same reason; we hope you get inspired too! Read more here.

Pendleton Woolen Mills: @pendletonwm


Pendleton Woolen Mills: @pendletonwm. Classic Americana meets Navajo inspired textiles in this brand’s awesome account. Pendleton has been “weaving America’s spirit since 1863” and their instagram account is full of visually stunning and often playful and quirky photos of people, children and even dogs donning the brand’s iconic textiles. Playful and inspirational, this instagram account is sure to please. Read more here.

Shibori Textiles: @shibori_textiles


Shibori Textiles: @shibori_textiles. Shibori is a boutique textile agency founded by Pepa Martin and Karen Davis who are modernizing ancient Japanese techniques to create contemporary textiles. Their fabrics have been used by Australia’s top interior and fashion designers and their hand-dyed leathers are also immensely popular amongst both as well. Their instagram account is as colorful as the hand dyed fabrics it showcases and highlights photos that span from production to gorgeous rooms containing vivid blue, indigo and purple textiles. See more here.

Peter Dunham Textiles: @peterdunhamtextiles


Peter Dunham Textiles: @peterdunhamtextiles. Peter Dunham makes handmade fabric designed and printed in the US and his instagram account is definitely one to follow. Beautiful rooms are the main focus of the account but there are also gorgeous close ups of textures of colorful textiles as well as behind the scene peeks of the designer’s travels, installations and day-to-day life. You’ll be inspired to redecorate after perusing this elegantly curated account. Read more here.

Publisher Textiles & Papers: @pubtextiles


Publisher Textiles & Papers: @pubtextiles. This Sydney-based company specializes in hand screen-printing fabrics and wallpapers and their instagram account is full of inspiring finds. Not only does the company showcase great photos of their products, they also have amazing travel photos that make you feel like you are flipping through a National Geographic magazine. Some of the textiles and designs have a similarly earthy feel with many of the patterns resembling plants, flowers and colors one might see in nature. These, along with colorful and quirky patterns reminiscent of pop art, make for a fun instagram browse and can be found here.

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