Top 10 Colors, Men's Fashion Market S/S 2016

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Color has slowly evolved in importance for menswear, becoming increasingly important for a market that places such emphasis on elevated and updated basics. For S/S 16, the dominant palettes on Fashion Snoops’ radar all confirm various themes that place a renewed focus on contemporary sport, archetypes of men’s uniforms, and plenty of luxe classics that can translate to cityscapes, island getaways, or country scenes. The full report is available in the WeConnectFashion Trend Shop.


Seaside is presented as a vibrant selection of mid-tones. Bubblegum pink plays an essential role, while newer shades of Coral and Melon are influenced by pink and grapefruit casts. Orchid and Aqua are offered as emerging fashion colors. Custard is lively, yet not overly saturated, shade of yellow. Chartreuse is introduced as a new lime.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, GRASS TURF

Although it was a small showing on the runways, chlorophyll green is an emerging part of a vegetable palette that offers technical newness to the many active looks of the season.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, LIMONCELLO

Strongly acidic shades of yellow inject an energetic dose of newness to menswear for spring. Often paired back to black or other primary shades, it looks best on technical materials with some level of luster.


Like sun-faded photographs, Soft Nostalgia continues the conversation of pastels in menswear. Seen by many as a kind of “new neutral,” many of the hues are based in some kind of beige. Buff and mauve mist have some similarities to skin tones or other “barely there” colors, while petal pink, faded sunshine, orange rind, sea foam, and shoreline blue are all common occurrences from the best part of summer nature.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, ORANGE RIND

Orange remains a key directional accent color for S/S 16. With more of a yellow cast than last summer, it looks good on both active-inspired sportswear as well as more contemporary tailoring or wovens.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, MAUVE MIST

Mauve Mist presents an option that is rooted in pastels yet can also function as an updated neutral.


In keeping with nature being the largest influence for S/S 16, the largest group of colors for menswear is Earthen Treasures. With adventure being at the forefront of most collections, hues that are deeply rooted in both the barren and prosperous landscape are ripe with opportunity for all classifications. Drab green, French blue, and butterscotch all have less saturated shades than last season, offering up a masculine yet refined option. Other colors like vintage indigo, sunset gold, tyrian purple, chilled malbec, and sienna brown are drenched with rich, warm, and juicy layers. Much of the inspiration for this color group lies in the literal treasures that surround us — everything from mushrooms, botany, infused soil, and plant extracts.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, DEEP OCEAN

Luxurious shades of dark teal reflect the summer landscape. Mostly shown in tonal variations, it is forecasted to be one of the key hues for menswear for S/S 16.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, BUTTER SCOTCH

Sugary shades of hard candy add a richness to spring. Butterscotch is the perfect evolution of orange and khaki from last spring - an emerging new neutral.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, SIENNA BROWN

Red-cast shades of Earth brown point to an increasing acceptance of non-traditional hues used as ‘new’ neutrals for menswear.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, VINTAGE INDIGO

After several seasons of inky blue, shades of indigo get a very subtle faded, desaturated appearance for S/S 16.


While neutral colors are a perennial part of menswear, the importance has only grown over the last few seasons with a marketplace placing increasing emphasis on classic styles and super clean silhouettes. For S/S 16, a subtle green and grey cast makes up many of the colors — hues like mushroom, faint grey, chamois, and tailored grey. Tailored grey and British khaki are traditional options for spring inspired by utilitarian influences, military uniforms, and time-honored suiting. While they’re not exactly fashion-forward, these colors are “just there,” meaning they perfectly complement any of the other color groups for the season.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, CHAMOIS

Inspired by light-haired summer goat hair, chamois is small yet impactful for next summer. As a key alternative to faded yellow and light khaki, it is a new neutral for next season.


Top Color, Mens Market, S/S 2016, FAINT GREY

With subtle tones of misty purple, faint grey is a key neutral for outerwear and tailoring next spring.

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