Textile Trend Report F/W 2011-12 Premiere Vision

**Fabric Direction Men’s, Women’s, Children’s: **Coverage from the Sept 2010 fair: The autumn winter 20II-I2 season is actively of its time, determined to reject a wait-and-see attitude, willingly optimistic. It calls for a redefinition of the boundaries of elegance through fashions broadly influenced by casualwear. It reinforces the bridges spanning the wool and cotton universes, and strengthens the bonds joining the chic and casual worlds. Alliances of sophistication and ease, activewear and sportswear, are more firmly established. Presented on !!! IMPWP0000925 !!!. ### The Spirit of the Season <embed src=’’ height=’333’ width=’500’ allowscriptaccess=’always’ allowfullscreen=’true’ flashvars=’&’/>


Fabrics are rigorously offbeat and anything but austere, testifying to their in-depth elaboration. They reveal richness without ostentation, right up through the treatments applied to finished garments. Yarns are once again visible; structures can be easily read and are perceptible to the touch.


Take conventions as a starting point, then liberally circumvent them in a powerful stride forward into the future of elegance. Make use of technological advances to structure a profound and stimulating evolution. View Fabrics.


Classical and familiar references are in thrall to modernity. The boundaries between fancies and plains, sustainability and technology, authenticity and eccentricity, are playfully and wittily blurred. Decoration affirms its presence without being aggressive, and contrasts are softened to allow novelty to play a full part in the season.


Wittily juggle heritage and originality, using fantasy to stand out. Play with imitations and familiar appearances to mix up real and fake versions with panache. Show off the unconventional, and drop all familiar references. View Fabrics.


Softness is built into the heart of fabrics, and suppleness grows protective. A warm vaporousness and ethereality trace out poetic conquests. Colour finishings and decoration are elaborated in subtle strata. Patterns navigate strange universes, and new harmonies arise unexpectedly from imperfection. Enthusiastically broadening fashion outlooks, the season is an exhortation to venture far afield in quest of inventive choices, of keen expertise and mad exploration.


Head off to explore where nature borders on the strange, where technology slips away into poetry - and embrace a romanticism that is anything but naive. View Fabrics.

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