Textile and Color Forecast SS 2011

Courtesy of SPINEXPO New York

S/S 2011, we are witnessing a growing trend towards ecology and green space, planting seeds, and an increasing awareness of what is beneficial for our health and well being. The season balances the obvious and innovation. It implies working on new material contrasts, addressed to consumers buying in different ways.


It’s all about being clever. More and more people are working or studying from home. We consume less, and in the world of fashion, this means recycling and re-utilizing buttons, ribbons, hooks and cords, macrame and patchwork, a return to crafting, learning to knit and crochet, and we put an emphasis on accessories.

The trend forecasters at SpinExpo believe white to be the star colour of the season. The numbers of whites -colours or shades of whites- highlights the vibrancy of all other colours. White leads us to exaggerate the ranges or colours, to exaggerate anything natural, such as fibres and colours. White also exaggerates sophistication, artifice, and the organic and technical aspects of all products as well as the blends of unusual materials.

Spring/Summer 2011 targets balance between the obvious and innovation. It implies working on new material contrasts, addressed to consumers buying in different ways. The season exemplifies the truly innovative and beautiful, in a simple way, not obligatory “expensive.”

White Light


White Light: A mix of fragility and rigidity, perfection and imperfection, lightness and heaviness, this story has been inspired by clays and ceramics in association with gold and copper gold.

For flat bed knits contrasting thick and transparent aspects for a balanced pale program; technical and imperfect yarns, matt and textured; opaque or translucent surfaces; layers, origami, flecks and plaits; scratched or spongy structures; burnt out effects and placed intarsia.

For circular knits and wovens yarns are plain, fluid and silky. Fluidity accompanied by undulating edge patterns; frosty and tiny grainy aspects; hosiery needlepoint, transfer patterns; rippling, perforated and small geometrical patterns are key.

Wovens appear with spongy type surface effects; small surface effects like ropes or tiny grills and waffle weaves. Cashmere, silk, and blends, extra-fine merino and organic cottons all play an important role.

Neon White


Neon White: A colour story of vibrant hues for high tech materials where super-flat and glossy patches of colours are used to achieve a total look. Patterns and stripes are mathematical, symmetrical, linear or based on simple geometry and polka dots.

Basic shapes are heightened with complex structured fabrics. Monochrome coloured yarns blend matt and shiny fibres for plays on texture. High tech fabrics and processes, plastic and paper aspects also make an appearance.

Yarns are single colour, bright, all in one tone or are worked into colour groupings, or two-tones, or mixed with white. Colour gradations are balanced.

3 D patterns appear very fine and linear, or with polished relief aspects and visible structures; incised weaves, micro-plain patterning. Yarns are fine and round. Stretch is added for surface effects.

Gloss and lacquers, iridescent silks; dry linen blends; nylon mono filaments; polyurethane, carbon fibres, aluminium, steel and plastic as well as oily, latex, silicon and rubber finishing are also key to the story.

Ethnic White


Ethnic White: This colour story draws inspiration from vegetable dyeing, environment consciousness and modern vintage in a clever combination of colours, patterns and plain surfaces and new material contrasts.

Thread, string and wire aspects are worked into interlaced structures… Bonding, bows, irregular pleats, or combinations of different fibres create irregularity. Natural fibres blend with ramie or raw tussah silk. Organic fibres reveal shiny finishings.

Macrame aspects, held stitches, repetitions of mathematical, kaleidoscopic or mixed decorative patterns. Openwork stitching and detailing.

Blurry edges appear on very fine woven, hand-made aspects. Jacquards reveal flowery and ribbon patterns. Leather aspects, mixes of leather or fabric are worked with knitwear.

Simple and round yarns, are thread-like and functional. Wool & Linen; Cotton & Cashmere blends; Cool rounded cottons. Combinations of different fibres create worn-out aspects.

Porcelain White


Porcelain White: A story inspired by the world of flowers with colours turning away from pure graphic and where white is predominant. Blues and reds pop up the story, associated with worn-down neutral colours to create patterns inspired by wall papers, cups and plates, Swedish furniture and upholstery fabrics.

Fine yarns are ultra glossy or ultra matt. Very fine, degrade, tie & dye aspects; drawn or light textures; subtlety aged effects and loose intarsia.

Woven shirting are renewed by tiny surface effects Highly polished or glossy surfaces. Tiny patchworks, a mix of plains and patterns. Flat, fluid type fabrics

Fine stripes appear in circular knits. Transparency and degrade fine pleats Multi-layered glazed fabrics. Wrinkly, flowered patterns. Fine cottons and blends, crispy viscose and linen.

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