Swimwear & Intimates FW 2010/11 Direction

Courtesy of Eurovet

The Interfiliere trade shows have become unique sources of inspiration, where creativity and technical prowess, know-how and fabrics innovation come together to translate and anticipate tomorrow’s fashion trends. View the latest Intimate Apparel & Swim Trends Essentials for Fall/Winter 2010/11.


At Eurovet’s latest biannual colour meeting several directions stood out and met with unanimous approval. There is growing interest in blush tones, echoes of romanticism and vintage refinement.

Ongoing and unanimous fascination with nature – and therefore with green – is as strong as ever. The evolution of greys is very important. And then there are all the dark “difficult” tones featured in super luxury seduction developments.

These are the colours which will be introduced at Interfiliere in September 2009 for the a/w 2010-11 season. The colour card specially produced for maximum colour accuracy is available from Eurovet.


It’s a fun atmosphere, inspired by those lovely old houses we all know… overflowing with an accumulation of precious memories, objects, trinkets, exciting details, treasured gift s… reassembled with a well-thought out spontaneity! Its charm lies especially in the mix of childhood favourites, in its freshness and accessibility to all tastes. A celebration of colour, of traditions reinvigorated with a new energy. A wealth of emotions with subtle references to a glorified domesticity.


Colours, freshness, humours and the charm of mixtures that sparkle with new energy.


The desire to cast-off the anonymity imposed by large-scale industrial production has deep roots. The hand-made spirit gains ground and opens territory which for lingerie is still largely unexplored. Don’t hesitate… embrace the concept of craftsmanship, explore the details of artisan techniques and manual processes that exude a spirit of authenticity, that to much our innermost depths… our identity. Follow the example of the Slow Movement – especially strong in gastronomy – which aims to restore our know-how, our sense of quality and the art of living. Craftsmanship which is very modern with its new mixtures and audacious interpretations.


The hand made attitude highlights heart and humanity.


This is an astonishing alchemy of the world of architecture and the organic universe, volume and flexibility, avant-garde and extreme sensuality. It is driven by dark, mysterious, intense colours, rare in the world of lingerie – but also by surface and light effects. This trend briskly mixes styles, traditions and techniques: jacquard revisited by digital technology, metallic foils, burnt-out featherweight materials, superpositions of print motifs, macrames, meshes or coarse materials combined with sophisticated ultra refinement and a modern, luxury haute couture. In other words: extreme daring stimulation.


Luxurious, daring contrasts of organic sensuality and technical discipline.


Research into volumes and structures and focus on lines. At the moment when we are seeking to return to our roots, to the structures that give us pleasure, homewear and sportswear are destined to be big winners. No hint of minimalism but rather of a sensual and balanced purity made possible by cutting -edge techniques. Raw edge, a new generation of fine gauges, formidable finishes such as gluing and double faces… meshes and nets with a new flexibility. Surface effects which manage to be flat – but have the appearance of depth. A wealth of complex processes to achieve a new, controlled simplicity.

fw2010-9 fw2010-10

Volumes, structures and graphics produce a new simplicity.


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