Selling Seasons

Knowing what season your line is appropriate for as well is crucial for sales. Sales will be minute if you try and market your winter parkas in the summer season! Beware of the months of lead-time between when one markets and sells a season and when it appears in stores.


In the apparel business timing of product development, production and presentation is critical. Manufacturers of seasonal, fashion products may have six selling seasons per year and offer five lines for each season, while manufacturers of basic, staple products have only one or two seasons a year. Your seasons may vary slightly and will coincide with your Sales Representatives selling seasons. In recent years there is a tendency for some retailers to have new items sell on a continuing basis rather than for specific selling seasons. In the women’s apparel industry, four to six new lines or collections are customary.


  • Showroom ready samples by June
  • Delivered to Retailer by October
  • In stores in November

Resort / Cruise

  • Showroom ready samples by August
  • Delivered to Retailer by November
  • In stores in December


  • Showroom ready samples by August
  • Delivered to Retailer by January
  • In stores in February


  • Showroom ready samples by November
  • Delivered to Retailer by March
  • In stores in April

Fall I / Transition

  • Showroom ready samples by February
  • Delivered to Retailer by July
  • In stores in August

Fall II

  • Showroom ready samples by April
  • Delivered to Retailer by August
  • In stores in September