Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2016 with Live confirmation from the runway!

The Pantone Color Institute & Fashion Snoops collaborated to visualize the Pantone Fashion Color Report Colors shown during NYFW Fall 2016. “The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Additionally, there is very cool real-time reporting of color confirmation live from the New York, London, Milan, and Paris runways, from our besties at Fashion Snoops!

#Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2016 #FashionSnoops Live Runway Confirmation.

Color Report Excerpt. A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity


#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Riverside women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Airy Blue

#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Airy Blue women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h


#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Sharkskin women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Aurora Red

#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Aurora Red women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Spicy Mustard

#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Spicy Mustard women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Lush Meadow

#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on #WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Lush Meadow women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h


#Pantone #FashionSnoops NYFW Fall 2016 Report on WeConnectFashion. Key Color: Bodacious women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h
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The Pantone color report is one of the many highlights of New York Fashion Week. For over 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has been presenting the season’s most important colors at New York Fashion Week. This report previews the most prominent hues for Fall 2016. The report also features color pairings, and color commentary which sets a clear vision for the season.

View the entire Pantone Fashion Color Report. Spring 2016.

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