Our Top SS17 Pinterest Pins, Part 2

Courtesy of WeConnectFashion

It’s predictive to see what fashion trend images get the most share of voice. Our Pinterest boards are a collection of images from the trend reports we post on as well as related visuals this editor responds to. On view: our top 5 pins for the S/S 2017. It’s a good indicator of what our collective creative community is responding to.

1. Summer Bounty. Pattern People.

#PatternPeople on #WeConnectFashion SS17 trend board. Women's print and pattern, Summer Bounty

Pattern People is an industry leading print studio known for producing innovative and forward-driven patterns. I love their aesthetic. So do WCF’s followers and pinners.


2. Nature Watch. Design Options.

#DesignOptions on #WeConnectFashion SS17 trend board. Women's color, Nature Watch

Design Options, is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. The group has a global client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms.


3. Havanna Tiles. Fashion Snoops.

#FashionSnoops on #WeConnectFashion SS17 trend board. Women's prints and graphics, Havanna Tiles spacer_640x40

4. Mens Color - Tide. Fashion Snoops.

#FashionSnoops on #WeConnectFashion SS17 trend board. Menswear color, Tide

Fashion Snoops empowers leading companies around the world by providing them with inspiring content, irrefutable research, on-trend forecasts and strategic guidance. They also power the WeConnectFashion Trend Shop.


5. Mindtime. Trendzoom

#Trendzoom on #WeConnectFashion SS17 trend board. Women's seasonal direction, Mindtime

Trendzoom delivers both long-term forecasting, and fast-response information to the fashion & design industries; offering an invaluable tool for design inspiration.

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