Mildew Prints, Women's & Men's SS 2010 Inspiration

Courtesy of Trendstop

Over-exposed and blown-up images of mold and mildew are distorted, abstracted and strangely beautiful as we study nature’s ecological processes. Translate these into softly bleached prints that hold a soft, distressed quality.

Emerging Trend


Fabrics take on the appearance of having been rolled around in the mud when presented in a realistic palette of dirty whites, charcoal blacks and murky khaki’s…. Microscopic organisms and X-ray prints add an eerie organic feel.

trendstop-ss10_mildew_2print trendstop-ss10_mildew_3print

Old photographs left in sunlight fade and become bleached to leave a blurry ghost-like imitation of what was once there. Overlaid with patterns imitating fungal textures they create romantic blotched color and semi-peeled surfaces…. Marbles and mottled effects are achieved with classic tie-dye techniques.

trendstop-ss10_mildew_4print trendstop-ss10_mildew_5print

Zoomed-in prints look great when overlaid with up or downscaled variations for a layered photocopy effect of micro-organisms…. Taking a closer look, we peer under the microscopes to watch the intricate, cellular constructions that inspire delicate yet complex patterns and print ideas.

trendstop-ss10_mildew_6print trendstop-ss10_mildew_7print

Mossy greens and photocopy prints combine, evoking the oceanic world…. For color inspiration: look to sea-worn rocks or stormy skies with subtle hints of rusted copper reds, aged turquoise and moss greens.

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