Menswear Design Forecast S/S 2018

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View original menswear designs and insider analysis, which target specific areas of the market. The design pages feature key looks from the leading runway collections and inspiration from Fashion Week and Tradeshow events which influence the Spring/Summer 2018 season. Sample pages from 5 reports published Nov/Dec 2016

#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear

Shirts/Woven Tops

#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear, shirts/woven tops

Blank-fronted shirts take minimalism to the extreme and are a great direction for formal styles. Romantic detailing is used to soften some of the contemporary lines.



#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear, trousers/shorts

There is a subtle push towards tailoring, but generally styles remain grounded with the addition of sports detailing and the casual, relaxed attitude of streetcar.


Jersey and Knitwear

#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear, Jersey and Knitwear

Handknit sweaters feature subtle alterations to proportions and new points of focus. The polo shirt is a key player with alternative versions for men and youth sectors.



#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear, Outerwear

Tailored jersey adds a casual note to structured styles, and construction itself is in the spotlight with contrast stitching and visible linings.



#Trendzine SS 2018 trends on #WeConnectFashion. Menswear, Tailoring

The new outerwear silhouette is dominated by unstructured shapes. Fabrics determine the finished look, which can be soft or stiff like a protective uniform.

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