Mens & Women's Accessories Trends, S/S 2015

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Get a first look at six of the most influential S/S 15 themes in accessories for women and men as forecasted by Fashion Snoops. Athletica continues to be a major influence as sportswear begins to integrate into the everyday lifestyle with Ali and Sport Utility. Elegant Disruptions is a new colorful take on the modern dandy, as Expression Nouveau continues to evolve the artistic push into the upcoming season. With cubes of inspiration emphasizing the feeling of each theme and an in-depth analysis of color palettes, materials and design details, the themes this season are a collection of renewed freshness in accessories.



Top Trend Themes, Women's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Ali

Ali sets out to redefine the athletic lifestlye with the combination of refined elegance from ballet and the rough elements of boxing and Muay Thai. Strong sport elements influencing Ali include the prajied, a band of cloth traditional worn around the upper arm during a Muay Thai competition, hand wraps worn by boxers to protect their knuckles and the ankle wraps seen on the classical ballet slipper. The neutral color palette includes fleshy pinks and greys accented with deep reds and hints of purple. The materials pay homage to all aspect so of the cultures with herringbone cotton referencing the hand wraps, satin from the boxing robes and ballet slippers, worn leather of vintage boxing gloves, a tough rip stop nylon, open mesh and a creamy calfskin. Details follow suit with woven cording, velcro straps, Solomon bar, tied obi belt, tassels and ankle wraps.


Top Trend Themes, Women's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Expression Nouveau

Expression Nouveau continues to evolve artistic themes of the past two seasons with Classic contemporary of F/W 14/15 and Geo Minimalism of S/S 14. The expressionistic movement heavily influences this them with the use of brush strokes mixed with the new geometric shapes. The color palette also gets a new update with the classic primary colors being interpreted through more muted tones. The materials are heavily influenced by this new wave of thinking with ribbon weaves, painted canvas, geometric burnouts, painted silks, pvc and a supple calfskin rounding out the materials. pouches.


Top Trend Themes, Women's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Artisanal Empress

The Artisanal Empress gains inspiration from the lifestyles of those living in an isolated culture mixed with a strong warrior culture. Using what you have to create the best is what it is all about. Textured materials and artisanal accents like fringe and embroidery give this trend individuality. The rich color palette of rustic redish browns are accented with greens and golds to create a very natural yet ethereal color story. Texture becomes one of the most important aspects of materials with the crosshatched saffiano leather, artisanal knits, macram, pony hair and beadwork creating delicate patterns, while details bring the luxury and a touch of handmade with beaded fringe, embroidery, tassels, studs and metal accents adorning everything.


The themes this season are a collection of renewed freshness in accessories. With designers pushing the boundaries more and more, we identified the new aesthetics that are emerging within footwear, luggage and headwear. There is not a balance between darks and lights rather an array of new color pairings. Elegant Disruptions is a new colorful take on the modern dandy while Desert Noise is a military influence with a focus tactical details and a dusty color palate. Makers Touch focuses on the intricate craftsmanship among artisans and Jet Class focuses on the sophistication of modern simplicity. Sport Utility identifies the active influence that is finding its way into the majority of the market place. Eerie Vibes is our only dark bucket that highlights the new avant-garde.


Top Trend Themes, Men's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Elegant Disruptions

Elegant Disruptions is the eruption of color and print throughout pinnacle product. We saw an array of print blocking, non-traditional color palettes and disruptive pattern usage this season. Overall the color palette maintained a classic feel, with the disruptive element coming from the emergence of a ripe yellow. Primary materials included foil leather, colored animal skins and silk. Silhouettes were highlighted with bright accents, heavy shine and active elements.


Top Trend Themes, Men's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Makers Touch

Makers Touch focuses on the intricate craftsmanship among artisans this season. Human made construction, time intensive detailing and adherence to ancestral processes capture the essence of luxury. This bucket lives around the tradition of leatherwork, from the richness of hide colorings to the manicured details. Alternate fabrics include animal skins like python, ostrich and crocodile. Tooling is the most important detail to include but burnishing and the use of laser cut technologies are also among the essential design elements.


Top Trend Themes, Men's Accessories Market, S/S 2015, Sport Utility

Sport Utility captures the innovation of motion in conventional settings. This season, designers choose to react to the motion trend by tweaking the usage of color and materials to compliment an active lifestyle. Color was on the offensive with stark blacks, sapped teals and a warning red. Synthetic fabrics reigned supreme with hybrid Nylons leading the way while smooth suede and athletic mesh were used as accents. Athletic soles throughout footwear, functional zipper placement in luggage and piping among all accessories were the key detail call outs.

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