Mens Fashion Week, Print Trends Fall 2014

Courtesy of Patternbank

Patternbank presents a currated selection of the key print highlights from the London and Milan Menswear Catwalk collections for Autumn/Winter 2014. With bold shapes, super-sized futuristic images, and photographic monochrome allover prints, these collections deliver a vibrant and eye-catching pattern mix. We love Patternbank!

Men’s Fall 2014 Catwalks


Dolce & Gabbana Medieval Pageantry. References to Regal Splendour. Church Engravings. Coat of Arms. Opulent and Exuberant Decoration. Milan. Photos via


Vivienne Westwood Geometric Foil Print. Architectural Patterned Suitings. Political Slogans. Bold Fractured Geometrics. Elizabethan Paintings. Underwater Botanicals. Sea Creature Studies. Hand Drawn Political T-Shirt Graphics. Milan. Photos via


MSGM Oil Rich Colours. Shiny Surface. Reflected Colour. Iridescent Shine. Copper and Gold. Foil Accents. Milan. Photos via


Katie Eary Vibrant Animal Skins. Surreal Conversational’s. Mickey Mouse and Disney Iconography. Blurring Techniques. Punk References. Electric Colour. London. Photos via


KTZ Black and White Tribal Graphics. Icon and Symbol Motifs. Mosaic Tiled Pattern. Bordered Layouts. Berber and North African References. London. Photos via


Alan Taylor Cut Up Graphic Shapes. Flat Painted Brushwork. Oversized Imagery. Minimal Colour Use. Abstract Pattern. Screen Printed Garments. London. Photos via


Christopher Kane Conversational Scientific Imagery. Quirky Colour Combos. Optical and Sculptural Constructions. Digital Print. Molecular Design. London. Photos via


Alexander McQueen Photographic Prints of Lucien Freud. Super sized Imagery. Tonal and Monochromatic. Traditional Plaids. Embroidered Poetry Extracts. London. Photos via

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