Mens Activewear Seasonal Trend Theme, F/W 2016-17

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We are entering into a unique era of men’s style — one in which consumers are more mobile, active and aware of global interests to adopt and to contribute too. Fashion Snoops presents their editors’ pick of men’s active forecasted trends for F/W 2016-17. O R C I M: a mix of utility, comfort and personal taste into an everyday look. Seeking out tech-specific textiles, rioting color, modern aesthetics, street utility details, and new subcultures is the starting line for this directional trendline. The full report is available in the Trend Shop.


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17

O R C I M looks into the physical make up of cyber security in a future-scape. Reacting to this evolution of digital communities within our reality, paves the virtual road to a revolution established my non-physical athletes but mental warriors. In a context that the creators of this art, language and overall imagination guiding the evolution of this world is being created by non active participants in reality but hyper active athletes in their virtual realities creates an overall mind blowing realization that form followed by an exaggerated function offers up a new set of extremes. This is the intersection of wearable technology, culture identification and most importantly urban innovation.


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17 mood board

Mood, clockwise from top left:

  1. Combat paneling 
  2. Pop colored framing 
  3. Digital dashboard graphics 
  4. Urban terrain systems 
  5. Culture of reality shift 
  6. Theory of sport evolution 
  7. Textile fusions 
  8. Modern makeshift military 
  9. Anime inspired digital neighborhood 
  10. Wearable borough representation


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, color mens-denim-trends-f-w-2016-17-editors-top-picks-_spacerx40h


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, materials

Materials, clockwise from top left:

  1. Future motherboard 
  2. Compound Fleece 
  3. Controlled Textured Acid Dye 
  4. Double colored yarn 
  5. Waterproof softshell 
  6. Metal shape mesh 
  7. Armor fleece 
  8. Warp mesh


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, pattern

Pattern, clockwise from top left:

  1. Geometric volcanic rocks 
  2. Tri-Helix Text 
  3. Organic metal pieces 
  4. Digi-terrain 
  5. Sharp shattered clusters 
  6. Enigma based line lockups 
  7. Twisted liquid metal


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, branding

Pattern, clockwise from top left:

  1. Cyber sport symmetry 
  2. Cryptic Asian inspired characters 
  3. Breakaway splint text 
  4. Pulsating warning icons 
  5. Hidden minimalism 
  6. Dual tone beacons 
  7. Vantage point stamp out text 
  8. Embossed characters, puff gel text on waistband


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, word bank mens-denim-trends-f-w-2016-17-editors-top-picks-_spacerx40h


Orcim mens active trend story f/w 16/17, influencers mens-denim-trends-f-w-2016-17-editors-top-picks-_spacerx40h
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