Men's Color Forecast, Editors' Top 10 Picks for S/S 2017

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For Spring / Summer 2017, the dominant color palettes for menswear confirm various forecasted themes that place a renewed focus on reworked tradition, jovial prints and patterns, luxe leisure, and fresh and first-hand journeys to old places. Accordingly, the color stories for next spring/summer are a dependable indicator of palette shifts and nuances in the seasons ahead. This special report is for WeConnectFashion members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops. The full report is available in the WeConnectFashion Trend Shop.


Over the last few seasons, bright colors have shifted from being quirky accents for summer and holiday to sellable, all-season options for unexpected classifications like tailored clothing, activewear, and outerwear. With menswear being firmly rooted in a mega-moment of athleisure, it only makes sense to use bright hues to call attention to relaxing silhouettes, technical surfaces, and plenty of industrial details and trim. For S/S 17, all the typical bold shades of red, orange, yellow and pink are present, but it’s the continuing influence of blue and green that grab the most attention.


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Lush tones of green have been a must-have for menswear over the last year, especially for spring assortments. For S/S 17, the color is slightly less saturated than last spring, with a more yellow-based cast than the blue-based green of before.


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Bright yellow has been an emerging accent color for menswear, and for S/S 17, it takes on a slightly more green influence for a kind of acidic alternative to the bold and saturated version from before.



For menswear, neutrals are the time-honored bits of tradition that firmly keep a grasp on the past, all the while complementing the many nuances of the seasons ahead. A wide range of greys continues to impact most classifications and markets due to their versatility and how well they pair up with many of the season’s accent hues. For S/S 17, golden cork represents one of the many “new neutrals” for the season — a shade that can easily be worn all seasons and with other palettes. Also, rich and inky shades of blue persists as the one must-have, essential color to bring a level of refined sophistication to basic silhouettes and designs.


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Mineral-inspired hues of grey make a dramatic and masculine statement for S/S 17. With a hardly-there, subtle green cast, it’s perfect for the many lightweight suedes and linen blends for the season. Overall, there isn’t as much blue cast as the last two seasons.

Deep Basin

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Rich and inky shades of blue are a mainstay for all men’s markets. For S/S 17, it takes on a less purple cast than before, with a dryer and somewhat less saturated appeal.

Golden Cork

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Golden cork is one of the hottest “new neutrals” for S/S 17, inspired by vintage-y classics like cardboard and craft paper. With less green cast than fall and less pink than last spring, it’s an interesting option for more directional tailored clothing or outerwear.



Usually for spring/summer, there is a plethora of pastels that emphasize long and languid days, and breezy, sun-faded holidays. However, for S/S 17, the colors shift from being simply powdery tones to actually being faded mid-tones. These new group of colors perfectly illustrate the importance of seasonless hues that can go from casual to formal depending on styling and surface. Many of these faded mid-tones are shifted just a few tones lighter than usual, and most have a decidedly pink cast.

Clear Stream

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With a bit more saturation than the almost entirely faded-out tones of the last two seasons, clear stream is perfect for summer-weight fabrics and looks good when mixed with other faded mid-tones.



Spring’s group of mid-tones perfectly demonstrate the importance of masculine hues with strong connections to the world around them — a constant must for contemporary menswear. The range of browns like cocobolo, nutmeg, and coastal clay remains novel and important, most with a red cast for extra emphasis. In addition, grey-based greens and blues offer up a masculine alternative to the many neutrals and faded mid-tones of the season.


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Grey-based shades of light green have quickly become a new option for the Contemporary men’s market. For S/S 17, tide is more saturated than the faded-out hue from last season.


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Warm ginger-based hues continue to dominate the mid-tones for S/S 17. With a tad redder than last season’s colors, fallow becomes a fresh alternative to camel or British khaki.

Coastal Clay

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The last two seasons have found an emersion of a spicy clay-inspired red, perfect for all classifications. Almost unchanged from last season, it is one of the most important new hues of the season.


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Red-based browns continue to influence menswear in a big way, but for S/S 17, a new shade emerges with a drier, sun-dried appearance.

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