Kid's Trends FW 2011-12

Courtesy of Peclers Paris

Season Themes Kid’s: Peclers has put together a trend presentation for the CIFF, which takes place in February 3-6, 2011. Four distinct trendlines are on display, each has substantive material, both visual and descriptive. Themes for the kid’s forecast are: Gold Medallist, Eco-Optimistic, World Remix, and Far-Off Lands. the report is a good overview to get retailers in the mood of the Fall/Winter 2011-12 season.

Gold Medallist

Re-infuses meaning to standard references…

peclers-fw12_kids1 peclers-fw12_kids2

Classicism becomes a compelling force and provides an opportunity to innovate. Because it is bold, majestic and charismatic… classicism is ideally up-to-date. It offers benchmarks for building, recomposing, and boldly reviving self-confidence and true elegance, those that are based on know-how, knowledge, and experience. A focus on classics with a radically contemporary and modern translation, allowing for offbeat and eccentric variations.

Hunting, horse riding, college and British traditions inspire our search for new key standards.


Eco-optimistic refocuses on an active and empathetic utopia, on co-production, on simple, sustainable and appealing solutions.

peclers-fw12_kids3 peclers-fw12_kids4

Make way for the community spirit, collective action, and creative collaborations, for a dynamic and solidarity-based utopia that will rebuild social ties and turn passive consumers into imaginative co-producers. This new generation of pragmatic altruism believes in the energizing power of enthusiasm, seeks simple, sustainable, alternative, local, fair and appealing solutions that aren’t swamped in artificial lecturing and ideology. Basic, human and atypical solutions that are made for all those who have accepted the constraints of the modern world but take it with a dose of humor and hedonism.

With Eco-optimistic, we reinvent daily life by using color in a pragmatic and simple way. It offers a new aesthetic for an easy and casual wardrobe, for those who balance environmental responsibilities with playfulness.


World Remix relates to current attitudes towards nomadology and mixing: it is a rich and modern story of human transmission and endurance.

peclers-fw12_kids5 peclers-fw12_kids6

Between yesterday’s pioneer and today’s migrant, population movements and cultural interactions have never ceased to intensify and accelerate. Globalization has helped us realize the tremendous diversity and riches of this “world culture” that merges with notions of a positive and sustainable future. Like a long human saga of transmission, wanderlust and endurance, “Nomadology” and “Hybrid-age” are re-infused with meaning and essence.

In World Remix, we integrate all world cultures and rediscover the pioneer workwear for sustainable functionality.


Far-off lands creates an essential imaginary parenthesis: a strange world of chimerical softness and galactic surges, where we are suspended between the year 1000 and an uncertain future.

peclers-fw12_kids7 peclers-fw12_kids8

Once upon a time, living the natural life of frugal simplicity and unassuming beauty, a return to the source of neo-Shaker or Pre-Raphaelite neo-romanticism, of a symbiosis with flora and fauna. This enchanted “green” dream of softness and freshness inspires urbanites tired of the Fast track and Junk life. We want to infuse, in our lives, some utopia, ecological adventure and rethink our relationship to nature in an exploding, muffled, timeless world, a precursor of things to come. This is the prelude to a new movement.

To be in harmony with one’s surroundings is essential. Nature inspires our way of life and adds poetry and softness to the wardrobe.

Report courtesy of: Peclers Paris and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF).