Kid's Trend Themes SS 2013

Courtesy of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF

Season Themes Kid’s: CIFFKids has put together a trend presentation that features Spring Summer 2013 direction and mood for the Children’s Wear market. As always, the show’s trend report is a solid overview. Trends for boys and girls include: Gaucho, Venice 79’, Aunt Augusta’s Summer House and Jungle Explorer. .

CIFF Kids Trade Show Report



Equestrian, Burned, Leather, Dust, The Pampas, Matador, Tailoring

The Gaucho kid is like the Sundance Kid: searching for a sunny lifestyle with beautiful horses, beautiful women and beautiful freedom. And just like the Kid is a gentleman and a criminal, our Gaucho trend is full of contradictions like lace and leather, bright and burned colours, Mexico and the Midwest, gringos and cowboys, high drama and a quiet, simple life. Not simple as in cheap, but as in quality: maroon leather ages with beauty, and the best wool will last forever. In Gaucho, men and women dress alike in felt hats and tuff belts, knitted vests and white shirts with rolled-up sleeves. No one leaves home without a scarf. The colour scheme stretches from light beige to dark mahogany combined with crisp white, dusty purple, denim blue and bright red and the atmosphere is a proud, honest and Silverado way of living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Ole!



Surf, Denim, Prints, Washed colours, Boardwalk, Pinball, Cruising

Life is orange in Venice 79’. Love is in the air, and the surfer dudes are in the water, searching for the ultimate ride on the mavericks offshore. The shorts are short, the hair is long and the bubblegum tastes like watermelon. It is a high-five way of living, the age of innocence and a never-ending California dream. It is hot, hot summer nights wearing soft yellow, minty green, and purple like the electric sky, and it is light blue like the light mornings and warm grey like melting asphalt on long, lazy Sunday afternoons. So put on a colourful viper and bring out the fun and games for a disco day with friends, waves and roller-skating on the boardwalk. Venice 79’ is the days of our lives.



White shirts, Laid back, Garden play, Jackets, Straw hats, Laced dresses, Sophisticated, Gentleman sports

Like The Great Gatsby or the opening scene in Alice in Wonderland, Aunt Augusta’s Summer House is all about white dresses and polo shirts, charlatans and secrets, upstairs and downstairs, manners and misbehaving. The House is full of romantic memories, the furniture is kept in soft, shaded colours and it smells like rose leaves or bluebells or freshly ironed Egyptian cotton sheets. Outside in the garden, the girls are giggling and their soft hair is brushed every night with a hundred strokes. Today it is braided and topped with a silk bow or Aunt Augusta’s infamous flower garlands. The ladies wear laced dresses and straw hats with white ribbons. The gentlemen wear jackets with a vest and a white shirt. It is the same procedure as last year at Aunt Augusta’s Summer House - with afternoon tea served in the garden, laid-back conversations and a game of croquet. Aunt Augusta’s family is one of great fun and great traditions.



Outdoors, Technical, Repellent, Humidity, Camouflage, Mangrove, Functionality

It is hot and humid in the jungle. The Range Rover has a spare wheel and the boots are practical because you never know what to expect in the forest of the unknown. When exploring the jungle, looking for rare species of flowers and animals, the right gear is of utmost importance. The backpacks are waterproof and camouflaged, the khaki jackets and vests have numerous pockets for holding extra knifes, band aid and the antidote for poisonous snake bites. The jungle explorer knows his life depends on what he wears, so the materials are tough, the cuts practical, the colours low-key and the prints imitate the animals he is searching for. It is a hunt for fun and games and it takes place in a danger zone of dark waters and impassable tracks. We set our special watches: it is time to go and explore!

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