Kid's Trend Themes FW 2013-14

Courtesy of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF

Season Themes Kid’s: CIFFKids has put together a trend presentation that features Fall Winter 2013-2014 direction and mood for the Children’s Wear market in prep for their upcoming trade fair in Copenhagen, Jan 31-Feb 3, 2013. The show’s trend report is a solid overview with trends for boys and girls, whose themes include: Cold Warriors, Night at the Bolshoi, Gold Rush and Future Rascals.

CIFF Show Report



The Courier of the Czar, Snow Wars, Uniforms, Army green, Icelandic knitwear, 70’s

The COLD WARRIORS live in white winters with strong snow-blowing winds and urban streets of isolated asphalt. They fight the cold by playing in the snow. And when things get tough it creates a unique sense of togetherness and the COLD WARRIORS look out for one another. “Together we are stronger,” they say - and then they play. There are bonds between people. They hug and laugh and very much believe in elfs and make-believe worlds of hope and dreams. They wear uniforms, literally or figuratively, traditional patterned knitwear and heavy woolen coats. But underneath the thick layers of snow is a little white flower - and underneath the thick layer of clothes is a little white dress, a golden crown and a red bow which ties it all together.



Ballarina, A fancy night out, Evening wear, Holidays, Jackets, Dresses, Shirts, Blazers

NIGHT AT THE BOLSHOI is all about tradition and nostalgia, family virtues and fairytale friendships, correct manners and doing good. The parents read the books from their own childhood and they bring their children to the Royal Theatre because they would like them to have the same educated cultural understanding as they have. Everyone gets dressed up in pastel silk and the cardigan grandma knitted for Christmas, in blue blazers and bow ties. The children of NIGHT AT THE BOLSHOI are stunned by the gold and the grandeur and the magic of the Ballet and they dream of one day being able to do what they do and to dress like they dress on stage. But if you look closely, you might see a little freckled face peeking out from behind the heavy red curtain… looking for some fun and games!



Klondike, Gold prospector, Boots & workwear, Denim, Overalls,Wear & tear, Blue, Grey & kanvas

Leave the princess attitude at home. If you want to play with the gold rush girls and the klondike dudes you better shape up, cause this is no country for old men or pretty painted fingernails. The big city manners and fashion forward flounce have no place where Luke gets lucky and gold is a rush. In GOLDRUSH the jeans are blue and the hair is long.The colors are dull and the materials made to last. The sun is low and the boots are tuff, the dresses made from denim and the coats from everlasting wool. Don’t forget a hat.



Back to The Future, Tech-tailoring, Colours, Performance, Style & Technology

The FUTURE RASCALS seize the day. Together. They love to play and explore, but they know what they want and they know how to get it. They have a high performing attitude and they never, ever, give up on their quest for novelty, knowledge and knowhow. When future goes fashion it’s all about neon living with bad ass sneakers and tech-tailored suits and the FUTURE RASCALS stay cool by staying warm.

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