Kid's Color FW 2010-11

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Four delightful color palettes, each, for the Girl’s and Boy’s market. Here to inspire, Fall/Winter 2010-11 collections. Color ranges from innocent and harmonious, to zesty, exuberant, and far-out explorative with hi-tech components for Space Kidz, American Outfitter, Zipped Up!, Love Child, and more…

Girl’s Report

designoptions-f10_cgirl designoptions-f10_cgirl2

American Outfitter

A perfect assembly of harmonious adventures. American Outfitter. Silver and gold tones of articulate construction and coordinated costume display trendy accents on a backdrop of mercerized denim and pima cotton. Deep violet and brown hues of modestly equipped and adventurous expedition add richness to herringbone wool. Daintily outfitted and ready for adventure.

Autumn Angels

Purely innocent messengers of the divine. Autumn Angels. Dark chocolate brown and grass green shades of supernatural being and heavenly cherub resonate with joyous clarity in a setting of ethereal nuances. Crimson and violet tones of celestial and archangel create the perfect unison between contrasts of gingham and poplin. Flecks of mustard gold add the perfect touch of purity. Angelic and eternal.

Zipped Up!

Tactful and buttoned up with vitality and zest. Zipped Up! Soft beige and coral tones of bashful and unpronounced style fluctuate rhythmically between tartan and Donegal wool. Light pink and salmon hues of pleasantly secretive and unassuming give added depth and texture to eloquently checked patterns. Blue and green mingle to create unbounded expressions of playfulness. Delicate and intricate.

Love Child

Enchanting and youthful with deep and ardent affection. Love Child. Bright orange and purple tones of paramour and innocent adoration convey a harmonious atmosphere on a backdrop of embroidered devotion. Fuchsia and yellow shades of sweet love and lighthearted amity radiate with brilliance on a canvas of velveteen and dimity. Abundant and full of endless delight.

Boyz Report

designoptions-f10_cboy designoptions-f10_cboy2

Blue Tech

Expansive and explorative hi-tech components. Blue Tech. Royal and steel blue shades of industrial science and telecommunication intensify layers of engineered non-woven fabrics. Silver and grey tones of robotics and experimentation reveal scenery of acetate and viscose while accentuating rounded edges. Smooth, silken finishes indicate methodical, scientific notions. Systematic and experimental.

Space Kidz

Intergalactic dreams of far out ideas. Space Kidz. Olive and yellow green tones of metagalactic and ocean of space signify cosmic inspirations within a setting of oxford shirting and corduroy. Purple and silver shades of cosmos and solar system provide infinite possibilities on a complex canvas of stretch novelty jersey. Brown subtleties connote a curiosity for the unknown. Explorations of deep space

Exchange Student

Intercultural opportunities of endless learning. Exchange Student. Bright blue and green shades of cultural interchange and conscious living exude artful distinctions on multi-dimensional surfaces. Orange and red hues of world heritage and global expanse combine resilience and elasticity on an expansive backdrop of natural fibers. Exchanges of intellect and ingenuity

Holiday Cheer

Celebratory jubilations of endless recreation and play. Holiday Cheer. Royal blue and brown shades of fiesta and jubilee evoke a feeling of joy while emphasizing lustrous textures and trim. Gold and orange tones of merrymaking and jamboree accentuate a decorative palette of festive suggestions on a backdrop of embroidered tapestries. Exuberant and festive.


Design Options, has a golbal client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options Inc is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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