Key Print Trends for Fall Winter 2016-17

Courtesy of Trendstop

Updating both Contemporary and Young Fashion, forward print designs introduce new approaches to an array of aesthetic influences, spanning florals and stripes to check, geos and camou. These trends have been forecast to inform print design development for the upcoming season, influencing high-end and fast fashion collections going into F/W 16-17 and more mainstream ranges for F/W 17-18. Below, WeConnectFashion readers can discover three essential print trends taken from Trendstop’s menswear and womenswear forecasts, which each offer a modernized take on archive-inspired patterns.

Prints from the Archive

Antiqued Interiors. Womenswear

#Trendstop seen on #WeConnectFashion, women's print direction FW 16/17 and mainstream FW 17/18: Antiqued Interiors

In womenswear, surfaces appear to have been sourced from the archive, characterized by interior-look patterns.

  • Antiqued aesthetics with aged upholstery effects are key
  • Muted colorways tone vintage-look florals and wallpaper prints
  • Touches of jewel shades or metallics add richness

30’s Wall Flower. Womenswear

#Trendstop seen on #WeConnectFashion, Women's print direction FW 16/17 and mainstream FW 17/18: 30’s Wall Flower

We see wallpaper patterns express a vintage 30’s feel with stylized florals, emerging strongly in women’s fashion.

  • Collections create a mood of interiors-inspired elegance
  • Organic motifs make a statement with oversized proportions
  • Color pop bases bring shapes to life

Muted Tradition. Menswear

#Trendstop seen on #WeConnectFashion, Menswear print direction FW 16/17 and mainstream FW 17/18: Muted Tradition

In menswear collections, traditional prints reference heritage florals and folkloric patterns.

  • Muted shades of black, gray and brown enhance masculine feel
  • Plays on scale and placement add newness
  • Painterly patterns inspire expressive looks
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