Key Material Trends from Pitti Filati F/W 2016-17

Pitti Filati, Florence’s premier textile and knitwear show offers a platform to preview the latest styles and innovations in the sector. For the Fall/Winter 2016-17 season, a modern take on handcrafting came through strongly, executed with contrast combinations that mixed traditional techniques with performance technology to form a new breed of fashion-forward yarns. Pitti’s ‘Feel the Yarn’ training project was also popular, highlighting directional creations by the next generation of designers and spinners. Here, Trendstop presents WeConnectFashion readers with discover three essential fabric trends analyzed from Pitti Filati.

A Season of Modern Handcrafting

Cloudy Heavyweights


Knits are updated with an intriguing play on density for fall, as cloudy textures are combined with heavyweight qualities

  • Soft, fuzzy materials are executed in a range of different yarns
  • Thick gauges create compact forms for extra warmth
  • Patterned surfaces add extra interest

Knotted & Twisted Cables


The traditional cable knit is modernized with a contemporary twist, producing tactile statements with knotted and twisted forms.

  • Chunky sections wrap around each other with wide gauges
  • Contrast colorways enhance the effect
  • Layered fabrics apply textured cabling to a densely knitted surface

3D Minerals


Influenced by natural world formations, knitwear moves forward with three-dimensional surfaces that are reminiscent of mineral textures.

  • Raised patterns emerge with abstract forms
  • Rock-like motifs appear to float over sheer bases
  • Coated panels enhance the hard, textural feel with a crystalline shine
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