How-To Connect With A Fashion Buyer, Tip 2

Courtesy of WeConnectFashion


Be prepared to get off the phone line and hit the streets to market your products to Boutiques and Specialty Retailers who may be just waiting for you to walk right through their door, like so many others they currently buy from. Buyers in these markets are not surprised by walk-in reps (which includes designers who self-represent). They expect it as part of the business and generally welcome it, as it brings fresh products and ideas into the stores and keeps the customers engaged by constantly having fresh inventory. Classic examples of Boutique areas include, neighborhoods in metropolitan areas, such as, NYC’s Soho, Nolita and San Francisco’s Market Street.

Many reps will carry order forms with them, samples of the products, line sheets or look books to leave as a reminder to review the collection and place orders at the buyer’s leisure. It’s important to remember these buyers may also be owners and inviting them out for coffee, lunch or drinks may help to seal the deal. Many of these types of buyers like the personal touch and feel compelled to buy products from people they feel they can trust and rely on. This creates growth opportunity for you, if you are able to persuade the buyer to test your products, this would be the buyer to offer consignment options to and allow them a free trial of products on consignment to see how well the product moves before they invest in inventory.