How To Connect With A Fashion Buyer, Tip 1

Courtesy of WeConnectFashion


When first launching any brand it’s important to know the people you will be dealing with, from potential buyers, to editors, sales reps, and on. Utilize listings from WeConnectFashion or social media applications like Linkedin, Elixio or Facebook to learn more about them prior to initial meetings, or cold calls. This is useful in many ways, but most importantly it will help to find a personal connection. For example, LinkedIn’s social media platform is designed to tell you if you have friends or “connections” in common. This can open up windows of opportunities for you to find a mutual acquaintance that may be able to recommend you, or your products, to the buyer. It can also serve as a way of seeing what functions they plan to attend, if you wanted to set-up a personal meeting by “accident.”

This will also give you insight into the buyer’s background, previous work experiences, colleges attended, colleagues and personality. These insights will give you an advantage when you walk into a meeting prepared to discuss business, but able to take the edge off by striking the right personal chords. A good example would be the ability to discuss alma maters, shared educational platforms, favorite restaurants, childhood neighborhoods and if they have children their well being and educational advancements. This will allow the buyer to build a more personal rapport with you, and hence, a personal connection to the brand. Be careful not to overdo it, as they may begin to wonder how you know so much about them and their background but use one or two common connection factors to open windows of opportunity.