Home Interiors SS 2008 Color Trends

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Color trend forecasts for the home industry. If you are involved in creating a lifestyle brand, or merchandise mix that includes home, this color report is a must. Pictured: Spring/Summer 2008 from Design Options, a trend forecasting company dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world.


Urban Classics

The best of urban style Urban Classics. Gold and brown hues of cosmopolitan sun and morning coffee are showcased on crisp linens with awning stripes. Lacquer coatings give rattan a warm sheen that enhances loft spaces. Polished river rocks are placed in ceramic bowls to create sleek centerpieces. Mahogany and birch tones of executive and fresh concrete give pique a new sophistication. Silver and charcoal shades of forged steel and city spire outline geometric designs. Urban accents Urban Classics.


The ultimate adornment Deco-ration. Copper and peach tones of burnished blossom and enchanted butterfly color curtains made of bourette silk. Full-scale poppy motifs bring a bit of whimsy to a formal living room. Garden foliage designs cover comfortable cushions and chairs that seat party guests. Gold and turquoise hues of sun-kissed petal and glistening droplet outline embroidered flowers. Green and gray tints of delicate vine and silver belle shade fringe trims. Always in style Deco-ration.

House Call

Make the call House Call. Blue and gray shades of impressionist sky and masterpiece silver cover quilted ottomans and pillows of sandwashed silk. Tassels crafted from nep yarns look like paint swirls seen on priceless works of art. Gold leaf detailing gives each surface a new richness. Peach and rose tones of natural light and pastel bloom fill in sinuous foliage motifs and ornate scrollwork designs. Purple and periwinkle tints of brushed violet and majestic muse shade incandescent moule fabrics. The right call House Call.

Rustic Charm

A cottage in the country Rustic Charm. Coral and blush tints of afternoon haze and rose essence give vases and tiles of clay a subtle glow. Ombre effects look like dappled sunlight on walls and curtains. Baskets of all shapes and sizes decorate tabletops and hold favorite treasures. Carnation and purple tones of summer mist and lavender light are combined on nacre prints. Blue and green shades of cascading water and fragrant herb highlight grivele surfaces. Sweet simplicity Rustic Charm.


Echoes of the sea Seascape. Cobalt and sapphire hues of new moon and summer night are found on chambray window treatments. Abraded denim panels are stitched together to create one-of-a-kind tablecloths. Glistening mosaic tiles are made from bits of glass naturally polished by ocean waves. Azure and sky tints of gentle wind and salt air shade classic ticking stripes. Turquoise and indigo tones of gemstone breeze and full sails cover polished silk wall hangings. The beauty of the sea Seascape.

Bright Accents

All things bright and beautiful Bright Accents. Green and yellow tones of lively leaf and sun splash highlight summer plaid patterns. Hand-painted detailing transforms wood furnishings into colorful works of art. A quilted bedspread is used as a wall covering that enhances the guest suite. Orange and fuchsia tints of dazzling daylight and fanciful flower shade enticing combinations of pastoral and tropical prints. Purple and red hues of dancing violet and ruby rose fill in fern motifs. On the bright side Bright Accents.