For Design: Drawing Pep Talk

When it comes to fashion designing, one of the most intimidating aspects of it is drawing. It really is not that bad. True, the human figure may seem difficult to draw and still have it look like a human. And there is no doubt that you want your model to look as good as possible so that it can make your design look great. If you are afraid to sketch or draw the human form free hand, there is no problem with tracing the model. It does tend to take a lot of pressure off of you as the designer.

If you have made the decision to choose a model from somewhere else, the first step is to find it! You want to find a good model that is in a flattering and easy to draw stance. You should find a model that is facing forward so that you can draw the garment onto it easily. And remember that the stance of the model should coincide with the design. For example, a casual stance would do well with shorts and a casual top, whereas a more dramatic stance would be good for an evening gown. If designing for menswear, the same principles apply. The model should be easy to trace, and it would be good if the model were in different stances according to types of outfits.

One thing that can complicate and make a design sloppy are unnecessary marks and lines from your pencil. Erase, Erase, Erase…whatever is not needed. They can clutter up a design, believe it or not.

If you feel confident enough to use your own hand drawn model, go for it. Others feel more comfortable with using an already existing model. Do whatever you feel is best. At first, give it a try and see what happens. If your model turns out looking nothing even resembling a human, than go ahead and get it from somewhere else…at least you tried. Fashion Sketchbook is a great resource for you to use. It is a book that shows you how to illustrate fashion figures. It also gives tips and tricks to make the design look realistic. The book could be available at your local library or at Barnes and Noble for about $60. If you really want to design well, this would be a great resource to use. Also, a more popular book among the fashion schools, 9Heads, is an excellent source. It is a little more pricier, but well worth it. It is available at for about $86. Also, you can try the Figure Drawing for Fashion Design book, available on for about $14, Fashion Artist for about $20, Figure Templates for Fashion Illustration: Over 150 Templates for Fashion Design, for about $15, and Fashion Design Drawing and Presentation for about $14.

So there is no need to let the idea of drawing the human form frighten you. There are so many resources out there that can help you achieve your overall goal…you just have to look for them. ; )