Find A Sales Rep, Tip 3: Track Results

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Set a predetermined timetable on normative sales results by tracking the progress of the sales reps you hire. Nothing is more depressing than waiting a year to find out you lost money and missed your targets.

If you don’t see real potential after 4 months, then reconsider your hire and be prepared to move on to a new agent if their performance does not improve. This is where the “at will” employment agreement will come in handy.

As previously mentioned it’s best to have an “out,” in case your rep is under performing on their sales quota. Most reps with down figures are released from employment within 6-8 months, of initial hire.

Always have a sales quota for your sales staff. This is the only way to truly monitor their job performance and growth opportunities. This way if their sales figures are sliding or under performing you will have sufficient time and knowledge to make an educated decision on whether to maintain the rep you have or move on to a new rep, who may be able to generate sales at a steady rate.

Don’t be afraid to fire a rep. Many times unsuccessful reps are allowed to maintain their jobs because they are, in fact, nice hard working citizens. This does not mean, however, that they are good at sales. That is the reason why you cannot allow yourself to become to close to your reps in order to maintain a keen understanding of their performances direct impact on your business’s success and growth opportunities.

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