Fiber Textile Outlook F/W 2010-11 Trend Report

Courtesy of Lenzing Fibers Corp

**Color Report Men’s, Women’s Childrens: **The crucial need of co-existing between nature and urban landscapes is reflected in the color pallets and the stories from where they come: urban concrete and formal darks meet nature’s mid-tones and bright shades.


Eco-fashion, lo-fi, laboratory-grown fabrics, food fashion, fusing product and garment, beetroot-dying, victimless leather, boneivory, up-cycling and all the other experiments concentrating on environment issues, are so important; some ideas will eventually end up as valid solutions to problems we fight with, some are indispensable because of the discussion they rise.

Solutions are imperative to solve the paradox of the fashion industry obsessed by the nonstop change and the vital demand of sustainability.

The focus has moved from pure aspect to content, with everything this brings along in terms of questions. Finishing and added functions are areas still to be explored and bringing in new, complex and fascinating elements.

Craft techniques are reinterpreted and completed by using the newest technology. Warmth, comfort, caring, reassuring, thoughtfulness are terminologies to have in mind when developing fabrics for the autumn and winter of 2010 / 11. On view courtesy of Lenzing Fibers Corp


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