Fashion & Color Forecast FW 17-18, All Markets

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This apparel and accessories forecast brings together catwalk analysis and multidisciplinary research to present three overarching trend themes for the incoming AW 17/18 season. Three main themes expand into detailed analysis clearly outlining how each will impact fashion, from major changes in silhouette and proportion, to the detailed finishing on a hemline. The following sample pages are taken from 125-page report published April 24, 2016

#Trendzine A/W 17-18 fashion trend themes on #WeConnectFashion - Intro

This season the overarching themes are: OUTSIDER, which looks at the disruptive force of outside influences, INTERFUSION, which looks at past technology to envision our virtual future and CIRCULAR, which explores our relationship with the environment. The analysis for each theme is divided into women’s, men’s, youth female and youth male categories and provides inspiration for apparel, accessories, fabrics and surface pattern.


#Trendzine A/W 17-18 trends on #WeConnectFashion - Women's inspiration, Outsider mood

The disruptive force that fuels a collision between past and present. . . OUTSIDER trend aspect - Peacocking: iridescent colours, and light sheer fabrics combine with plush velvet and soft leather.

Influencer page from WOMEN’s section.


#Trendzine A/W 17-18 trends on #WeConnectFashion - Men's inspiration - Interfusion mood

Informed by technology the look synthesizes high and low culture. . . INTERFUSION trend aspect - Visual Stimulation: tailoring incorporates ‘unexpected’ additions or complex construction.

Influencer page from MEN’s section.


#Trendzine A/W 17-18 trends on #WeConnectFashion - Women's Contemporary inspiration: Circular.

Embracing the processes of destruction and regeneration. . . CIRCULAR trend aspect - Solar Power: sunny colours and blurry-edged prints create a radiating heat.

Influencer page from YOUTH FEMALE section.


#Trendzine A/W 17-18 trends on #WeConnectFashion - Women's Contemporary inspiration: Circular.

Colour Styling: earthy autumn shades of dark khaki and burnt orange blend with rocky grey and light, natural beige.

Colour styling page from CIRCULAR section.
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