F/W 2016-17 Mens & Women's Top Forecasted Graphics

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Take a look at the top forecasted graphics for Fall/Winter 2016/17, showcasing the strongest graphic expressions on the Fashion Snoops radar. Inspiration stems from neon signs and graffiti verbiage to a renaissance grandeur and continuing floral expressions for women, while men’s graphics explore all from sci-fi and sea themes, lines of the earth and tailoring of the body.

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Women’s Market

After Hours

Womens key graphics F/W 2016-17, After Hours

Neon signs and graffiti verbiage combine, as we continue partying long into the night, and ignore the need for sleep. Even though the messages and life mantras are powerful, the style and execution are relatively simple in aesthetic, as graffiti is achromatic and controlled, and the neon lights sit between pinks and blues enhancing the idea of fun and youth.

Beauty of Flight

Womens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Beauty of Flight

Beautiful feather repeats, and abstract feathers combine within Beauty of Flight, as we see the moody and solemn side to the animal print story. The colors are decidedly dark and flocks of birds in a foggy sky particularly inspire. Perhaps these are the birds from The Moors in Wuthering Heights.

Locker Room

Womens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Locker Room

This is our active graphic expression, which certainly takes a look back at the 70s, with regards to color palette, imagery and it’s retro-simplicity. Varsity lettering, strong color blocking and sporting badges combine, alongside go-faster stripes and old sporting flyers. We take a nostalgic look back at the cheer leading squad and the jocks attire, as red, white and yellow dominate.

Still Life

Womens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Still Life

Still life is an interesting new floral story, as we see a renaissance grandeur to the continuing floral expressions. Fruit and birds are also relevant here, as the designs are hand painted with a timeless appeal, as afterall this art movement has origins in the Middle Ages.

Wuthering Heights

Womens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights has proved to be one of the strongest pattern expressions of the season, as we see plenty of graphics worthy of a Victorian home. Moody dyes and baroque designs strengthen this aesthetic. The term “Horror Vacui”, which is the fear of empty space, is particularly enthralling, as we see wallpaper repeats and floral designs on decadent silhouettes. Black on black damask adds a somewhat gothic aesthetic, although pressed florals, and romantic Victorian novels adds a romantic sensibility.


Men’s Market

Early Medicine

Mens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Early Medicine

We travel back in time and imagine a Victorian Surgeon: his workplace, his tools, his research and his work. It’s macabre to think of the lack of anesthesia, the bi-standers watching in the amphitheater and the lack of hygiene; but the imagery is intriguing, somewhat minimalist as we focus on the back-to-basics study of the anatomy, organs and human health.

Estate Noir

Mens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Estate Noir

We daydream of our own regal estate in the country, imagining the decadent surroundings, details and furnishings. Family portraits tell of days gone by, hang proudly on the gallery wall. Embellishments, sumptuous materials and baroque details combine, as nearly every surface has been carved into history. There is a timeless grandeur to this elegant trend, as perhaps our Grand Tour is undergone by the owner of this estate?!

Inside Out

Mens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Inside Out

This pattern expression aims to expose the normally-unseen elements of tailoring and the body. There is a questionable divide of where the body and clothing begin and end, as care labels dominate. The skin, muscle formation and veins are all great visuals, alongside exposed seams, tailors chalk and faux stitching.

Sea Legends

Mens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Sea Legends

As a working sailor, we try to forget all of the myths and legends that potentially exist below the surface. There is a sci-fi element to this trend, which comes through in a retro quality of design. Tentacles and old scuba gear make for great imagery as well as the actual tattoos that the sailors adorn.


Mens key graphics F/W 2016-17, Topography

We are inspired by the lines of the land within Topography. Map designs have evolved into more simplistic linear versions, which remind us of satellite imagery of nightly-lit up cities. The beauty of water is also ventured.

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