Cover Letter No No's

**Bad cover letter? NO NO NO!!!!! **

This is the very first thing the employer reads before your resume - so, it is important this stands out and that you create a good first impression. Whether you are applying for a job as a fashion merchandiser, production coordinator, or apparel designer, make sure you follow these straight-forward points when writing your cover letter.

Don’t have weak opening.

e.g. “please consider me for this role”. Instead you must grab the readers attention straight away and intrigue them to read on. For example, “I am applying to the job ref xxx and your need for this event organisers role would match my excellent 5 years experience in the industry”.

Don’t use “I” too much.

\People get fed up reading I, I, I - it seems like you are self-centred and it should not focus on your life story but the role you are applying to and how you would fit it perfectly.

Don’t make it short.

You need to have enough information in the cover letter in order to pull out the most important selling points - include your skills and experiences that relate to the job.

Don’t make it long.

You do not want to waffle and bore the reader. Keep it too the point, punchy and short and focus on the most important factors relevant to the job.

Don’t regurgitate your resume.

The recruiter will hopefully read your resume AFTER they have read your cover letter. The cover letter is to pull out the most relevant and attractive points about yourself and why you are the most suitable candidate for the job.

Don’t mass generate.

It is extremely important to customise your cover letter to each company. Recruiters will spot these mass produced letters straight away and it will most probably go in the bin. You can use a template keeping the introduction similar and the content structure the same but make sure you tailor the letter to the company.

Don’t end the letter abruptly.

Tell them you will follow up with a phone call or tell them when you are available for an interview. Provide your contact details so that they can contact you if they wish. Thank them for their time in reading the letter and be polite. Do not forget to sign the letter politely.

These tips are from the Jobseeker Resource Section on Tip Top Job, an international recruitment and job hunter resource.