Contemporary Women's Color Trends SS 2008

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

Young Contemporary Women’s color for Spring / Summer 2008 is a polychromatic affair that ranges in inspiration from Well Grounded to Glamazon…. Courtesy of Design Options, a fashion forecasting service focused exclusively on color. This group is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. They do just that for big brands and indie design firms.


Well Grounded

Thoughtful and caring Well Grounded. Blue and gray tones of fallen teardrop and dancing shadow color barre patterns. Luxurious broche silks are used to craft dresses and skirts perfect for evening. Ombre effects are combined with traditional plaids to create visual appeal. Pink and purple tints of fragile heart and shy violet are used to shade miniature apron checks. Green and silver shades of hazy silhouette and whispered secret outline blister crepe fabrics. On solid ground Well Grounded.

Pattern Revival

A return to pattern Pattern Revival. Luminous peach and beige tones of sun-kissed sheen and tropic tan give swirling paisleys and petite polka dots a fresh look. Bisso linen ensembles are just right for days at the beach and nights by the pool. Cotton marquisette catches cool ocean breezes. Lush green tints of sea grass and island vine shade geometric motifs for organic appeal. Blue and purple hues of hidden waterfall and exotic blossom highlight jaunty plisse stripes. Seeing a pattern Pattern Revival.


A dedicated follower of fashion Fashionista. Mauve and pink hues of hot streaks and nail lacquer are layered to create tonal variations on marceline silks. En carreau designs make each style look like a work of modern art. Iridescent masalia glistens in the spotlight. Orange and yellow tints of airbrushed pigment and luminous powder give faille added vibrancy. Green and blue tones of sage shimmer and cool gloss infuse tartan patterns with high style. Passionate about fashion Fashionista.

City Style

Cosmopolitan style City Style. Orange and sherbet shades of citrus splash and tangerine martini give marocain a sophisticated sheen that delights revelers. Luminex fabrics emit an urban glow reminiscent of the moonlit skyline. Lights in the club shine on grivele effects. Peach and yellow tones of spritzer and shandy look fresh on double-faced satin. Pink and purple tints of sparkling raspberry and grape cocktail are showcased on lacquered pleats. A style like no other City Style.

Pop Culture

Devoted to pop Pop Culture. Blue and aqua shades of mod morning and cool cloud give denim pieces a lighter look for summer. Nouveau hipsters wear outfits of glossy Catrafix. Orbs and circles of all shapes and sizes are the eye-catching motifs of choice. Orange and gold hues of sunny vibe and gilded dream fill in wide and thin stripes that decorate stretch jersey. Pink and purple tones of pop princess and party palace shade strips of shiny patent leather that outline straps and hems. Into pop Pop Culture.


An untamed beauty Glamazon. Blue and turquoise shades of proud peacock and cascading water are perfectly paired on layers of abraded mesh and smooth silk. Casual shirts and shorts made of Kenafu hemp keep explorers comfortable. Nettle fibers and viscose are blended to create separates with organic style. Green and yellow tones of swinging vine and golden plume shade jungle foliage prints. Orange and red hues of blazing sun and fire dance enhance embroidered designs of exotic blooms. Wild and glamorous Glamazon.