Color Trends S/S 2016, All Markets Part 2

The second installment of color moods for the Spring / Summer 2016 season from Design Options. On view, one color direction for: men’s, women’s, kids, and home interiors. Color trend themes range from Social Butterfly to Moroccan Charm. Enjoy and be inspired.

Women’s Palette

color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-women1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-wcolor1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-wcolor2 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-women2

Social Butterfly

An engaging affair with an added allure of gregariousness. Social Butterfly. Papaya orange and bougainvillea pink shades give charm and radiance to eclectic trim. Grass green and cobalt blue tones provide twisted silken organza fibers with a refreshed and rejuvenated appeal. Raspberry hues display a unique fusion of defined ideas and creativity. Enjoying the companionship of others.

Young Mens Contemporary Palette

color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-men1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-mcolor1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-mcolor2 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-men2

Down to Earth

Essential, genuine and unaffected. Pine green and olive shades of organic and anatomical uncover a landscape of meticulously woven textiles. Metal grey and golden mustard yellow exude earthy notions while accentuating bold stitching. Flecks of fuchsia join in perfect unison with tangerine orange to evoke a feeling of back woods solitude. Adventurous and rugged.

Childrenswear Palette

color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-kids1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-kcolor1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-kcolor2 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-kids2


A stylish trek into the great wide-open. Orange and chocolate brown tones of untamed creature and gentle contender add curiosity to a canvas of carefully crafted ingenuity. Lime green and tumbleweed tan hues of hunting expedition and endless quest fuse melodically to create picturesque notions of safari landscapes. Shades of crimson accentuate theperfect touch of youthful vitality. Prancing and prowling.

Home Interiors Palette

color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-interior1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-icolor1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-icolor2 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-part-2-interior2

Moroccan Charm

Iconoclastic and enchanting. Beet red and goldenrod shades of Casablanca and magnetic appeal exemplify ambiguity on a backdrop of tantalizing tapestries. Copper orange and azure colorations fuse melodically to indicate subtle complexities on a canvas of African enchantment. Crimson saturations evoke a curiosity for far away lands. Bursting with colorful and ancient secrets of historical style.


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