Color Trends S/S 2016, All Markets Part 1

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

We are thrilled that Design Options loves WeConnectFashion. We love their color trends and that the’ve given us permission to share this report, a preview of Spring / Summer 2016 color. One color theme for: men’s, women’s, kids, and home interiors. Enjoy the sneak peek.

Women’s Palette

color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_wcolor color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_wcolor_1 color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_wcolor_2

Tangerine Dream

A cosmos of bright visions and enticing dreams. Goldenrod and cerulean blue shades of ethereal fantasy and delightful imagination radiate on a canvas of sateen and silken textures. Powder blue and cantaloupe orange tones of succulent citrus and dreamscape ignite subtle nuances on Dupioni silk. Citrine visions illuminated by sun-struck ideals.

Young Mens Contemporary Palette

color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_mcolor color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_mcolor_1 color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_mcolor_2

One Step Beyond

Bold declarations and intrepid statements of uncompromising progression. Deep indigo blue and lively dark lavender shades of continuous advancement and state of the art mingle with animation to indicate boundless expressions of creativity. Chartreuse and cerulean blue tones of rhythmic motion and steps away articulately decorate bold yarns and cotton textiles. Bright reddish pink and orange saturations display unification while intensifying the overall appeal. Escalating to higher grounds.

Childrenswear Palette

color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-kids_1 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-kids_2 color-trends-s-s-2016-all-markets-kids_3

Enchanted Forest

Supernatural woodlands infused with resplendent and radiant subject matter. Green apple and pistachio shades of incandescence and iridescence create a pictorial performance of flowing gestures on a canvas of unexplored territory. Sequined elements cast light into darkened corridors. Baby blue saturations exhibit a luxurious vitality upon a backdrop of slate grey fusions. The pursuit of definitive splendor.

Home Interiors Palette

color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_icolor color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_icolor_1 color-trends-ss-2016-all-markets-ss16_icolor_2

Bright Ideas

Sophisticated and modernistic style with a laid back appeal. Bold fuchsia and purple shades of incandescent perceptions and luminous suggestions illuminate a setting of floral nuances. Translucent yellow and sea green tones create the ultimate union between contrasts of woven textures and colorful fabrications. Bright orange trim and greenish yellow hues add an underlying charm. Idealistic and optimistic.


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Design Options, has a golbal client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options Inc is dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company’s imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

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