Color Trends FW 2017-18 All Markets Part 2

Courtesy of Design Options Inc

On view, an exceptional color forecast for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. This must-see report, part 2, features color trend boards influencing the incoming direction for young men’s, contemporary women’s, children’s and home interior markets.

Women’s Universal Color

#DesignOptions FW 17/18 color on #WeConnectFashion, Women's trend: On Neutral Ground.


A homogenous grouping that is far from common…

The term ‘Shades of blue’ is given a whole new perspective with its range proximity expanding from the coolest of cools to the deepest of depths. Icy blues reminiscent of the afternoon sky give feelings of serenity and quietness. The darkest of blues and grays produce a sense of aloofness and deep thought. Counteracting the intense blues are shades of light gray, all concluding in fluctuating emotions induced by tones and tints of the same family.


Women’s Contemporary Color

#DesignOptions FW 17/18 color on #WeConnectFashion, Women's Contemporary trend: Love Notes.


Written prose of untouched fantasies…

It starts with delicate pinks where hearts stop at first locked eyes. Affection grows steadily through soft and faint shades of brown. Followed by the rapidly flourishing deep maroon that captures the highest level of devotion and affection. The darkest shade of brown creates a sense of comfort and stability. Feathering pieces of light beige significant of a fragile heart, summarizes the enchantment of a love affair.


Young Men’s Color

#DesignOptions FW 17/18 color on #WeConnectFashion, Young Men's trend: Exile With.


The softest tints of peace and the heaviest shades of craze…

Charming light shades of blue are calming to the eyes contradictory to the bold red-orange that is boiling with fury and rage. Intellectually coherent muted shades of purple stimulate the mind and seeks spiritual fulfillment. Onyx black in its purest form, is the core of all colors and therefor remains a mystery. Through the boldest colors of wrath, the dreaming subtle violet hues, and tranquilizing sky blues, an exile of this degree can only be experienced as a form of art.


Kids Color

#DesignOptions FW 17/18 color on #WeConnectFashion, Kid's trend: Youthful Spirits.


Adding fun and delight to an already happy day…

Nurturing soft tints of pink and white are quintessential to the innocent and endearing. Bluish-grays heighten serenity as if looking up to a pale blue cloudless sky. Acting as an accent color, eggplant stimulates notions of fantasy and curiosity. Dark and light browns stabilize the mind and add warmth to the cool hues. Brining a slice of adventure through gray and black cheetah print thus captures the true essence of the youthful spirit.


Home Furnishing’s Color

#DesignOptions FW 17/18 color on #WeConnectFashion, Home Furnishing’s: Shades of Chic.


Hazy bluish-grays add a soothing touch to modern style. Milky creams and subtle purples are complemented beautifully with the matte and undiluted dark blue. More potency is added with coffee colored shades of brown. Brown velvet with hints of gold creates an elegant touch to the neutral shades of chic.


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