China Through The Looking Glass, Inspiration

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May 2015 New York’s Metropolitan Museum launched its latest exhibition ‘China Through The Looking Glass.’ Organised by The Costume Institute in collaboration with the Department of Asian Art, the exhibition explores the influence of Chinese arts and aesthetics on western fashion, and its historical references throughout film, art and design. The exhibition is on until August 16th. It is sure to inspire. Thanks to Patternbank for a visually compelling report, as always.

china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-china_through_the_looking_g china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-marykatrabtzou

Mary Katrantzou F/W 2011-12 Fashion Shoot

china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-daughterofdragon_rlauren

Film still from Daughter of the Dragon,1931 – Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2011-12

china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40hchina-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-montage

Valentino 2013 – Evening Coat 1925 – Qing Dynasty Festival Coat – Qing Dynasty Court Robe – John Galliano for Dior S/S 2003 – Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2004-05

china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40hchina-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-dior1951_jpgaultier

Christian Dior 1951 – Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 2001-02

china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40hchina-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-_spacerx40h china-through-the-looking-glass-inspiration-mingvase_cavalli

Ming Dynasty Vase – Roberto Cavalli F/W 2005-06

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Photos via The Metropolitan Museum and Erik Madigan Heck

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