Children's Seasonal Direction S/S 2015

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See ten of the most influential S/S 2015 design themes for children. In the girls’ market it’s about the mix: casual boho meets dressy with Gypset, and athletic meets girly with Athletic Femme. For boys, find an array of high impact trends from good boys meet bad boys, to global voyages with themes like Urban Traveler. Influenced by pop art, designers are attempting to push the boundaries of fashion with outlandish looks in Absurd Pop a dominant theme we see for S/S 15 in both girls and boys markets.


S/S 2015 brings in a nice mix of casual and dressy themes. Absurd Pop and Tribal Beat energize the season with bright color and fun key items. Softer themes - Monets Garden and Gypset - give off a serene feel, flowing and harmonious. Bon Chic presents ladylike pieces and pearlescent color, while Tropicalia explores posh girl in vacation mode. Athletic Femme is a perfect balance of active and feminine, while Desert Rose introduces a metropolitan element to the Southwest Baja region of the USA.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, ABSURD POPi

Remember how kitsch played into last season? Well, for Spring Summer 15, we take a more absurd (and pop art) spin to it. Bold and simple prints mix in with comical pop graphics, while a bright color palette comes into play with primary colors being the stars. Materials are kept comfortable as bright, energetic graphics and prints do most of the work. Silhouettes are kept basic as they serve as canvases for this graphic driven theme. Accessories are wild and outrageous coming in pop colors and fun and comical shapes


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, ATHLETIC FEMME

Who says you can’t be sporty and girly at the same time? Well probably no one, but this season’s Athletic Femme theme is a great answer to that question. Athletic materials like heathered french terry and mesh jersey are given a feminine twist as they sit in with girly details like lace, satin, and sequins. The traditional athletic color palette of neutral hues are combined with pretty pinks and peaches for this seasons active theme.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, GYPSET

“We all have a little gypsy in us” is the motto. Key items include flowing silhouettes like the high low skirt and boho blouse, while crocheted tops and dresses add nice dimensional layers. The color palette is a soothing balance of earthy neutrals and pretty hues of pinks, oranges, and blues. Embellishments such as ornamental embroideries, tassels, and fringe conjure up a bohemian feel. Floral headbands, flowing scarves, and braided bracelets finish up this free spirited look.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, MONET'S GARDEN

The paintings of Claude Monet inspired this subtle garden theme. Floral prints work harmoniously with blue and green hues to give an impression of a garden rather than bluntly showcasing flowers. Silhouettes are girly and playful ranging from flowing dresses to embellished tops with taffeta shorts. Tonal floral appliques and lace dress up this look, while the natural green and blue colors remind us to stop and smell the flowers.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, TRIBAL BEAT

The Tribal Beat theme calls out to the downtown girl who is full of energy and loves to dance. A bright color palette lends itself nicely to the lively prints and dye effect applications seen in this trend. Silhouettes are comfortable and simple, lending themselves as perfect canvases for tribal inspired graphics. Accessories such as beaded bracelets, colorful scarves, and sneakers help tie this theme together.


Spring offers an array of high impact trends from good boys meet bad boys to global voyages. Globetrotter fuses cultures and ethnicities where Baja Boho embodies the spirit of Mexico with touches of bohemian flair and Havana calls up exotic landscapes. The roaring twenties meets up with a definite undercurrent from the fifties in The Great Gatsby. Swinging London looks to rock legends for inspiration in East London Rebel. Last season’s “winter camp” trend develops into a fishing theme with an aquatic direction in mind. Influenced by the Pop Art, designers are attempting to push the boundaries of fashion with outlandish looks in Absurd Pop.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, Absurd Pop (Boys)

In a movement to be original and innovative, designers are attempting to push the boundaries of fashion with outlandish looks. Influenced by the Pop Art and youth and pop music phenomenon of the 1950s and 60s, the look captures our attention with daring graphics, quirky cuts and bold color combinations.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, Urban Traveler (Mini Boys)

Traveling hipsters head off around the world where road trips, vintage cars, street signs cruising, maps and compasses team up with loud checks, camp shirts, retro polos, bomber jackets, colorful bottoms, and bright accessories in an energetic color story.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, Fishing Trip (Boys)

Last seasons winter camp trend develops into a fishing theme as designers clearly had an aquatic direction in mind. Focusing in on the idea of the ocean, the theme incorporates plenty of wave, fish and expedition prints paired with colored plaids and checks. Exposed pockets, fabric panels, floral patchwork linings, multi pocketed vests, rolled cuffed trousers and color blocked jackets are reeled in with fishing and straw hats, rubber boots, back packs and espadrilles.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, Jungle Book (Mini Boys)

The season’s jungle team is reignited with a playful spirit where whimsical cartoon graphics play a major role. Inspired by the Jumanji movie set for release in 2015, this fantasy trend features perennial safari jackets and shirts paired with clam diggers and cargo bottoms. Exotic animal graphics, updated camouflage and natural textures come together in a parade of vivid colors.


Top Trend Themes, Children's Market, S/S 2015, Board Art (Tween Boys)

The street style of celebrities like Austin Mahone and the “Fantastic Four” sequel along with silver surfer set for release in 2015 are credited for this edgy skate-surf inspired theme. This imaginative highly graphic theme brings together abstract digital and a diverse melange of art techniques, technical silhouettes and materials.

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