An A-to-Z Compilation of Fashion Industry Definitions

The WeConnectFashion glossary is an A-to-Z compilation of apparel and accessories’ definitions which includes translations for doing fashion business in the global arena.


A collective term for articles usually worn to complete or enhance an outfit of apparel.
A thing of secondary or subordinate importance, items that enhance the aesthetic appeal or function of a garment.
Accessories include all articles ranging from Bags, Gloves, Belts, Neckwear, Jewelry, Legwear, Scarves, Ties, and Headwear.
Also known as: accessory, fashion, Accessoires, Zusatzgeräte, Accessori, Accesorios, Acessórios
Accessories industry
All articles ranging from hosiery to shoes, bags, gloves, belts, scarves, jewery, and hats. Usually worn to complete or enhance an outfit of apparel. 2. a thing of secondary or subordinate importance, items that enhance the aesthetic appeal or function of a garment. Also known as: accessory market, Industrie D’Accessoires, Zusatzgerät-Industrie, Industria Degli Accessori, Industria De los Accesorios, Indústria Dos Acessórios
A synthetic fabric made from cellulose. 2: It is soft and has a crisp feel. It has the lustrous appearance of silk and excellent drapability. 3: It is not a strong fibre, as it’s resistance to abrasion is poor. It does resist shrinkage, moths, and mildew and does not absorb moisture readily. 4: Acetate is a dry clean only fiber. 5: Commonly used for Blouses, Lingerie, Uniforms, Bathing Suits and Interlinings. Also known as: Acetate, Azetate, Acetati, El Acetato, o acetato
A synthetic fabric made from acrylonitrile 2: It is a durable fibre with a soft, woolly feel. It has an uneven surface, making it different from most manufactured fibres. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be dyed easily. It is resistant to sun and chemicals. 3: Often used as a replacement for wool. trademark acrylic fibers: * Biofresh® anti-microbial fiber by Sterling Fibers * Cresloft® by Sterling Fibers * Duraspun® by Solutia * MicroSupreme® (warm) by Sterling fibers * MicroSupreme® (cold) by Sterling fibers * Piltrol®, low pill fiber by Solutia * Weatherbloc® by Solutia Also known as: Acryliques, Akrylisch, Acrilici, Acrílico, acrílico
Also known as: active wear, athletic wear, athleticwear
Adjustable hemline
A hemline that has the ability to change the length by adjustable tabs.
Adjustable sleeve
A sleeve in which the length can be adjusted by a flap.
After five dresses
Also known as: after five, after five attire, after five wear, after five dress, after five fashion, after five fashions
Agents representatives
Also known as: Agents Représentants
A silhouette shape that resembles the shape of an A, fits tight at the waist and flows loosely at the bottom.
Alternative clothing
Also known as: Vetements de Fantaisie, Alternative Bekleidung, Abbigliamento Alternativo, La Ropa Alternativa, A Roupa Alternativa
Aniline Leather
A type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with a topcoat paint or pigments. The resulting product retains the hide’s natural surface with the grain. Referred to as Pure Aniline, aniline and naked leathers.
A collective term for coverings designed to be worn on by men, women, and children. Includes all articles ranging from Athleticwear, Bodywear, Bridal, Dresses, Eveningwear, Innerwear, Knitwear & Sweaters, Leather & Suede, Loungewear, Pants & Trousers, Shirts & Blouses, Sportswear, Streetwear, Suits, Swimwear & Beachwear, T Shirts. Also known as: garment, clothing, clothes, apparel industry, aparel, Habillement, Kleid, Abito, Ropa, Appare
Apparel designer
Also known as: designer d’habillement
Apparel industry
Also known as: garment industry, clothing, fashion, apparel market, Industrie D’Habillement, Kleid-Industrie, Industria Dell’Abito, Industria De la Ropa, Indústria Do Appare
Apparel marts
An established, stationary trading center or marketplace (Usually a large building) housing regional wholesale showrooms selling apparel and or accessories. Also known as: merchandise marts, apparel mart, merchandise mart, centres commerciaux, Kleidhandelszentren, marts dell’abito, centros comerciales de la ropa, marts do apparel
Application service provider
Application Service Provider Also known as: application service provider, apparel software, textile software, Fournisseur De Service D’Application, Anwendung Diensterbringer, Fornitore Di Servizio Di Applicazione, Abastecedor De Servicio Del Uso, Fornecedor De Serviço Da Aplicação
A decoration or ornament, as in emblems or needlework, that are superimposed and sewn or fused to garment components. 2: Includes Emblems. Also known as: emblems, appliques, appliques, appliques, appliques, appliques
A pattern designed with different color diamond shapes knit into a fabric.
A wide scarf that is loosely tied under the chin.
A formal organization or body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common. Also known as: organizations, trade offices, embassy, association, society, institute, Associations et Societes, Gesellschaften und Genossenschaften, Associazioni E Societa, Asociaciones y Sociedades, As Associações & As Sociedades
Asymmetric hemline
A hemline that is longer on one side of the skirt or dress than it is on the other.
Also known as: articles de sport
Automatic stitching equipment
Also known as: Appareils a Coudre Automatiques, Vollautomatische Nahmaschinen, Attrezzature Per Cucitura Automatiche, El Equipo de Puntada Automático, O Equipamento De Ponto Automático


A kerchief for the head, made form a piece of folded trianangular shaped fabric.
Baby accessories
All articles ranging from Nursery Items, Layaettes, Juvenile Furniture, Bedding, Bibs and Diaper Bags. Also known as: infant accessories, Accessoires De Bébé, Baby-Zusatzgeräte, Accessori Del Bambino, Accesorios Del Bebé, Acessórios Do Bebê
Clothing made especially for babies. Also known as: Vetements Pour Bebes, Babykleidung, Abbigliamento Per Neonati, Babywear, Babywear
Back yoke
a section of fabric inserted into the back of trousers below the waist and above the crotch, is functional as gives more ease for sitting.
A bag with straps that is worn on a person’s back. Often made of fabric or plastic. Also known as: knapsack, rucksack, sac a dos, Rucksack, Fagotto, Petate, Backpack
Wraparound that fastens at back.
An article that is attached to the body using a pin. Often used as method of identification. Also known as: Ecussons, Abzeichen und Anstecknadeln, Distintivi, Divisas, Emblemas
An article made from fabric that is used to carry objects in. Also known as: sacs
Bags & carriers
A collective term for items used in wrapping and labeling. Includes all items ranging from Garment Bags, Shopping Bags, Tissue Paper, Labels and Hangtags. Also known as: wrap, wrapping, bag, Sacs et Ensembles de Transport, Plastiktuten und Tragetaschen, Saccheni E Buste, Bolsos y Portadores, Os Sacos & Os Portadores
A covering for the head and neck
An ornamental shoulder belt to hold swords
Balloon sleeve
A large puffed sleeve, also known as a bouffant sleeve.
Loose fitting single-breasted coat with a small turnover collar and raglan sleeves.
Strip of fabric usually close fitting that holds fabric into an area of the body.
Band collar
Commonly found on shirts this collar is a narrow strip of fabric that incircles the neck.
An item of jewelry for the wrist, usually a stiff shape that is clasped or slipped on.
Bar coding equipment
A series of vertical bars of varying widths, in which each of the digits zero through nine are represented by a different pattern of bars that can be read by a laser scanner. The bars are commonly found on consumer products and are used to indicate price and track inventory control. 2: Bar codes are read by a bar code reader and the code interpreted either through software or a hardware decoder. Also known as: bar coding, barcoding, Materiel CodeBarre, Strichcodiereinrichtung, Attrezzature Per Codici a Barre, El Equipo de la Codificación de Barra, O Equipamento Do Coding De Barra
Bar tack
a concentrated group of stitches used to reinforce an area of a garment
Bark cloth
A textured woven, usually printed cotton fabric that was popular in the 1930s-40s and 50s as an interiors fabric. The prints were often large vines, leaves and florals.
Form fitting bodice for women.
Bathing suit
A garment designed for swimming, refers to all styles including: bikinis, mallots, tankinis
A method of dyeing fabric where some areas are covered with wax or pastes made of glues or starches to make designs by keeping dyes from penetrating in pattern areas. Multicolored and blended effects are obtained by repeating the dyeing process several times, with the initial pattern of wax boiled off and another design applied before dyeing again in a new color.
A loose fitting robe for use around the house, often absorbent for using after washing.
A thin plain-weave cotton, rayon, wool or linen fabric. Light weight, soft and semi-sheer. 2: Also commonly used for shirts or dresses. In a heavier weight, it is used for foundation garments and linings. Also known as: batiste, Batist, batista, batista, cambraia
Batwing sleeve
Where the sleeve is cut in one with the garment body meaning there is no shoulder seam and the armhole reaches from the waist up.
Also known as: vetements de plage
Clothing for the beach.
Beads & pearls
A small, often round piece of material, such as glass, plastic, or wood, that is pierced for stringing or threading onto apparel and accessories. 2: Includes Pearls. Also known as: pearls, pearl, bead, beads, beads jewelry, perles et perles, Korne u. Perlen, branelli & perle, granos y perlas, grânulos & pérolas
A small round tight fitted hat.
Bell bottoms
Pants that have very flared hem.
Bell sleeve
Sleeve that flayers to a bell shape at the hem.
Bellow pocket
Common pocket type on jackets, it has an inverted pleat to allow for expansion. It is also known as a safari pocket.
Belt loop
Small pieces of fabric positioned around the waistband to thread a belt through.
Belted cuff
Typically found on outerwear such as raincoats.
Belted waistline
A waistline that has a belt to help hold the garment in place.
A flexible band, as of fabric, leather, string, suede, plastic or chain, worn around the waist to support clothing, or serve as decoration. 2: A band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist) 3: An often elastic strap worn over the shoulders to support trousers. Often used in the plural. Also known as: suspenders, Ceintures, Gortel, Cinture, Las Correas, Correias
A fabric with a crosswise rib made from textile fibers (as rayon, nylon, cotton, or wool) often in combination.
A soft flat-crowned visorless hat
A rounded cloth bag with wooden handles.
Knee length shorts, usually with a bold print.
A collar that covers the shoulders with its wide curved shape.
Usually refers to menswear tailoring, where that garments have been custom-made to fit the consumer.
Also known as: meilleurs, besser, migliori, mejores, melhores
Bias bindings
Also known as: Liseres En Biais, Schraghander Zum Einfassen, Fenucce Di Sbieco, Atascamientos Diagonales, Emperramentos Diagonais
Bias ruffle
trim that is made from circular fabric pieces that are sewn on to a seam with a smooth edge creating a fuller shape at the hem.
A strip sewn or attached over or along an outer edge for protection, reinforcement, or ornamentation. Also known as: binding, Liseres, Einfabander, Fenucce, Atascamientos, Emperramentos
Bishop sleeve
Normal set in shoulder that widens as it goes down the arm and then gathered at wrist by a shallow cuff.
Also known as: blazers
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of bleaching of apparel or textiles. Also known as: bleaching, Gradins au soleil, Bleachers, Bleachers, Blanqueadores, Bleachers
Woman’s shirt.
Blouse fabrics
Also known as: Tissus Pour Corsages, Blusengewebe, Tessuti Per Bluse, Telas de la Blusa, telas da blusa
Blouses & shirts
Also known as: Corsages et Chemises, Blusen und Hemden, Bluse E Camicette, Las Blusas y Las Camisas, As Blusas & As Camisas
Boat neckline
Shallow curve from shoulder to shoulder, also know as bateau neckline.
Garment silhouette.
Also known as: body wear, leotard, leotards
Boiled wool
Felted knitted wool, it offers the flexibility of a knit with great warmth. Created by washing100% wool jersey in hot water and drying in a hot dryer. Expect 50% shrinkage.
Also known as: Baleinages, Nivellierzub, Stecche Di Balena, Bonings, Bonings
Also known as: bottes
Bound cuff
A casual style cuff that has all the edged bound within a trim to give a neat finished edge.
Two strips of fabric that are tied together to create a bow. can be used as decoration ar as a functional fastening.
Bow collar
Avery feminine collar that has two ties that are tied together to create a bow at the front.
Also known as: Noeuds de Ruban, Bandschleifen, Fiocchi, Arqueamientos, Curvas
Box pleats
evenly spaced double pleats created by folding under the fabrics on both sides.
An item of jewelry for the wrist made up of links that usually has a clasp fastening. Also known as: bracelets
Interwoven ornamental cord or ribbon used to trim, decorate or edge apparel or accessories. Also known as: braid, braiding, Tresses, Borten, Litzen Usw, Passamaneria, Trenzas, Tranças
Brahma Hide
A type of cow that has a hump in the neck area of the hide which creates a small slit or hole. Typically these areas are not used when cutting leather and have no impact on yield.
Undergarment (Usually worn by Women) to support and give contour to the breasts. Also known as: bras, bra, shapewear, bandeau, soutiens-gorge, Büstenhalter, reggiseni, sujetadores, brassieres
Retailers that have a physical storefront and offer face-to-face customer experiences.
A collective term for clothing especially designed for active athletic lifestyle. Includes all items ranging from Bodywear, Golfwear, Jog suits, Playwear, Skiwear, Sweatwear and Tenniswear. Also known as: active wear, athleticwear, voile, activewear, activewear, activewear, activewear
Bridal veils
A length of cloth worn by bride over the head, shoulders, and often the face. 2: A length of netting or veiling attached to a woman’s hat or tiara, worn for decoration during wedding and bridal party. Also known as: veiling, Voiles de noce, BrautcSchleier, Velare Brida, Velos Nupciales, Véus Brida
Bridal wear
A collective term for clothing of or pertaining to a Bridal outfit, Bridal Party or Bridal ornaments. Includes all items ranging from Wedding Dresses, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid Dresses, Gowns, Evening Gowns, Formal Dresses. Also known as: bridalwear, bridal wear, wedding, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, Vetements de Mariee, Brautmoden, Abiti Da Sposa, El Desgaste Nupcial, O Desgaste Bridal
Also known as: passerelle, Brücke, ponticello, puente, ponte
A plain-weave or very fine crosswise rib weave fabric of cotton, silk, or wool with a smooth finish. 2: Commonly used for Shirts and dresses, particularly the tailored type. Also known as: broad cloth, Drap, Feiner Wollstoff, Tessuto a doppia altezza, Paño, Broadcloth
A jacquard or dobby weave fabric of cotton with a rayon and silk pattern. A rich, heavy textured fabric with elaborate design. 2: Commonly used for After Five wear and church vestments. Also known as: brocard, Brokat, broccato, brocado, brocade
Broderie anglaise
A type of lace fabric that is white cotton-based with a patteren of small holes that have embroidered edges. Offten used in childerenswear and blouses. Also known as: Broderie Anglaise, Englische Broderie, Ricami All’inglese, Broderie Anglaise, Broderie Anglaise
a type of fastenings offten used in shoes and belts, that has a strap of fabric with multiple holes so it can easily be adjusted.
Also known as: budget, Etat, preventivo, presupuesto, orçamento
Buffed leather
Leather that has the grain removed to alter or correct the grain.
Buttonhole machines
Also known as: Machines a Boutonnieres, Knopflochmaschinen, Macchine Occhiellatrici, Máquinas del Ojal, Máquinas Da Casa de botão
a common fastening on a variety of garments, the buttons are lined up with button holes on the top layer of the fastening and then passed through to secure.
Generally a disk-shaped fastener used to join two parts of a garment by fitting through a slit, called a buttonhole, buttonhole or loop.b. Such an object used for decoration. 2: Also used for ornament. 3: Commonly made of natural materials including corozo, coconut, galalith, mother-of-pearl, horn, wood and synthetic materials including: plastic Also known as: Button, Boutons, Kn6pfe, Bononi, Botones, Teclas
The additional part of a garment that is to accomodate for the crossover where buttons are present.
Buying offices & confirming houses
A person or company that reports market information, acts as market representation, and renders other related services to a group of stores. Also known as: Buying office, buying agent, Bureaux D’achat et Maisons de Confirmation, Kauferburos und Annahmehauser, Uffici Acquisti E Agenzie Importazioni, Buying Oficina y Confirming Casa, Buying Escritório & Confirming Casa


Cad Cam systems
The use of computer programs and systems to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of apparel or accessories. Also known as: computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, computer design software, cad system, cad systems, computer design software, fashion design software, design software, design systems, systèmes de came de DAO, cad Nockensysteme, sistemi della camma di cad, sistemas de la leva del cad, sistemas da came do cad
A woven unbleached cotton fabric that is usually unbleached and unfinished. Used for making toiles as it is unexpensive. Also known as: Calico, Calico (Kattun), Cotonina Stampata, Calicó, calico
A shirt, tunic, or gown, made of light weight material, that fits loosely.
A sleeveless short top for women.
Also known as: camisoles
A heavy, coarse, closely woven fabric of cotton, hemp, or flax, commonly used for totes, tents and sails. Also known as: canvass, Toile, Kanevas, Tela, Lona, lona
A tiny cape.
A loose sleeveless outer garment fastened at the throat and worn hanging over the shoulders. Designed for use outdoors. Also known as: cloak, mantle, cabo
A long coat or clock that incorporates a hood.
Capped sleeve
This sleeve has a larger shoulder part than it does underarm, creating a cap like look.
Capri pants
Fitted pants that end somewhere between under the knee and above the ankle (capris).
A cloak with a hood, made for women.
Car coat
A coat that is three quarter length.
A decorative necklace, chain, collar, or headband (archaic).
A sweater that opens the entire length of the center front, usually it does not have a collar.
Career wear
Also known as: career dress, career dresses, vetements de carriere
A soft often expensive fabric made of the fine, downy wool growing beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat. 2: Has a very soft silky finish; very light in weight. Doesn’t stand up to hard wear on account of extremely soft downy finish, can pill. 3: Commonly used for sweaters, shawls and scarfs. Also known as: cachemire, Kaschmir, cachemire, cachemira, caxemira
Casualwear & leisurewear
Also known as: Vetements Sport & Vetements Loisirs, Lassige Freizeitkleidung, Abbigliamento Sportivo, Casualwear y Leisurewear, Casualwear & Leisurewear
Catalog production
A publication, such as a book, pamphlet or directory, containing such a list or display of items for sale either wholesale or retail. Also known as: look books, catalogue, spec sheets, production de catalogue, Katalogproduktion, produzione del catalogo, _ catálogo producción, produção do catálogo
Also known as: catalog, Catalogues, Kataloge, Cataloghi, Catálogos, Catálogos
Also known as: passerelle
a belt or sash used at the waist.
leather pants joined together by a belt or laces, which tend to have flared out flaps. Chaps are worn over pants.
A lightweight loose fitting dress, worn under women’s clothes.
A garment used to fill in the front of a dress.
A mostly plain weave heavy fabric woven with tufted cord, of cotton, silk or worsted. 2: Commonly used for sweaters and trimming. Also known as: chenille, chenille, chenille, chenille, chenille
Either single breasted or double breasted overcoat with a collar made of velvet, tends to be semi-fitted.
(French) fashionable, stylish.
A soft gauzy plain weave fabric of sheer silk or rayon. 2: It is best suited to shirring, draping, gathering, tucking, etc., because it is so limp. If made in a straight sheath style, it should be underlined with very firm fabric. 3: Commonly used for After Five wear, Blouses, Scarves, Ruches and Trimmings. Also known as: chiffon, chiffon, chiffon, chiffon, chiffon
Children’s wear
Also known as: vetements pour enfants, Abnutzung der Kinder, usura dei bambini, desgaste de los niños, desgaste das crianças
Men’s trousers that are made of chino fabric (Khakis).
a necklace that fits closely to the neck.
Christening gowns
Also known as: Robes de Bapteme, Tauftalare, Abitini Da Battesimo, Bautizando Los Vestidos, Christening Vestidos
Circular knit
Also known as: Tricoter Circulaires, Rundstrickmaschinen, Maglia Circolare, Circular de Knining, Circular De Knining
Something that does not go out of style.
Clearing lines
Also known as: Articles de Solde, Zwischenfutter, Liquidazioni, Líneas Que Borran, linhas de cancelamento
An outer garment that drapes loosely.
a tiny hat that has a deep rounded crown and a narrow brim, worn by women.
a heavy boot.
a shoe that has a wooden sole
A fastening holding two ends fitted or coupled to the other. Also known as: Fasteners, snap, snaps, rivets, rivet, hook, hooks, button, buttons, hook and eye, fermetures, Schliessen, chiusure, encierros, fechamentos
Cloth examination machines
Also known as: Machines a Examiner Les Etoffes, Maschinen Zur Textilienprufung, Macchine Per Esaminare Stoffa, Máquinas de la Examinación del Paño, Máquinas Da Examinação De Pano
Cloth laying machinery
Also known as: Machines de Pose de Tissu, Stofflegemaschinen, Macchinario Posa Stoffa, Paño Que Pone Maquinaria, Pano Que Coloca A Maquinaria
a person who produces or sells clothing.
Also known as: Habillement, Kleidung, Vestiti, Ropa, Roupa
Club wear
Also known as: vetements de club
Clutch bag
a tiny handbag that is usually strapless (Clutch).
A purse, usually without shoulder straps or handles designed to be grasped by hand. Usually designed for special occasion dressing. Also known as: clutch, clutch bag, clutch bags, clutch purse, Embrayages, Kupplungen, Frizioni, Embragues, Embreagens
a garment worn over clothes. They can have different lengths, collars, and styles.
A dress that is styled like a coat, incorporating buttons from top to bottom.
Coated fabrics
Also known as: Tissus Revetus, Beschichtete Gewebe, Tessuti Impregnati, Telas Cubiertas, telas revestidas
An external covering that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down below the waist. Usually worn outdoors. Falls under major category Outerwear. Also known as: top coat, overcoat, surcoat, surcoat, mantel, cappotti, Manteaux, Mantel, Cappotti, Las Capas, Os Revestimentos
Cocktail & evening wear
Also known as: Robes de Cocktail et de Soiree, Cocktailparty und Abendgarderobe, Abiti Da Cocktail E Da Sera, El Desgaste del Coctel y de la Tarde, O Desgaste Do Cocktail & Da Noite
Aband or chain worn around the neck.
Also known as: Cols, Halsbander, Colleni, Los Collares, Colares
Collars & cuffs
Also known as: Cols et Manchettes, Kragen und Manschetten, Colleni E Polsini, Collares y Pun¢Os, Colares & Cuffs
Collection visuals
Also known as: Collection visuelles
Color service
Also known as: service colore
Color services & equipment
Also known as: color trends, forecasting, trend forecasting, color forecasting, pantone, pantone color, color matching, color match, color forecast, color marketing, color association, color box, intenational color authority, Services Et Équipement De Couleur, Farbe Dienstleistungen U. Ausrüstung, Servizi & Attrezzature Di Colore, Servicios Y Equipo Del Color, Serviços & Equipamento Da Cor
Commission dyers
Also known as: Teinture Sur Commandes, Farbereien For Kommissionsarbeiten, Tintorie a Prowigione, Comisión Dyers, Commission Dyers
Commission knitters
Also known as: Tricoteurs Sur Commandes, Strickereien For Kommissionsarbeiten, Maglierie a Prowigione, Calceteros de la Comisión, Knitters Do Commission
Commission printers
Also known as: Imprimeurs Sur Commandes, Druckereien fur Kommissionsarbeiten, Stampatori a Prowigione, Impresoras de la Comisión, Impressoras Do Commission
Competitive intelligence and analysis
Also known as: Intelligence et Analyse Compétitive
Competitive pricing
Also known as: Évaluation compétitive
Component assembly
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of assembling goods into finished products. Also known as: Small Piece Goods Contractor
Computer aided design cad / cam
The use of computer programs and systems to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of apparel or accessories. Also known as: computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, Conception Assistees Par Ordinateur, Computerunterstutztes Design, Disegno Assistito Da Elaboratore, Diseño Automatizado Cad / Leva, Computador Ajudaram Ao Projeto Cad / Came
Also known as: contemporain, Zeitgenosse, contemporaneo, contemporáneo, comtemporâneo
A collective term for someone (a person or firm) who agrees to furnish materials or perform services at a specified price. 2: Includes all initial stages of production from patternmaking, cutting and sewing to all final stages of production from trimming wet processing, garment dyeing, postcuring, final pressing to ticketing, folding and packaging.Independent producers who perform sewing operations, and sometimes cutting,f or apparel manufacturers and / or jobbers ( and increasingly for retai,lers). Typically, contractors receive cut garments in bundled form an process them into completed garments. Many contrctors and manufacturers have long-standing working relationships and function virtually as parrtners in producing garment lines. Contractors can be domestic or offshore. Also known as: contracter, apparel contractor, textile contractor, apparel factory, garment factory, clothing factory, Entrepreneurs, Fremdfirmen, Appaltatori, Contratistas, Contratantes
Contractors trim
Also known as: équilibre d’entrepreneurs, Fremdfirmaordnung, cornice degli appaltator, ajuste de los contratistas, guarnição dos contratantes
A firm that buys or handles the greige goods (unfinished fabrics from mills and contracts them out to finishing plants to have them finished, dyed and or printed to turn into finished products. Also known as: Convertisseurs, Konverter, Convertitor, Convertidores, Conversores
Conveyors & transporters
Also known as: Convoyeurs et Transporteurs, Forderanlagen und F6rderbander, Convogliatori E Trasportatori, Transportadores y Instrumentos de Los Transportadores, Os Transportes & Os Transporters
Also known as: Ensembles Coordonnes, Kombinationen, Completi, Coordinates, CoOrdinates
A slender length of flexible material usually made of twisted strands or fibers and used to trim, bind, tie, connect, or support. Also known as: cordage, cording, cord, Cordes, Schnure, Cordoni, Cuerdas, Cabos
A strong and hardwearing woven cotton-based fabric that has evenly spaced riddges running the length of the fabric. Also known as: Velours Cotele, Kordsamt, Velluto a Coste, Pana, corduroy
Corrected grain
Referring to the surface of the leather, which has been sanded, buffed and altered from a full grain.
An undergarment, a combination of a girdle and brassiere.
A tight fitting undergarment incorporating boning for support; it usually is hooked or laced in the back and starts at the torso and ends below the hips.
Costume jewelry
Body Ornaments, such as Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pins and Pendants, or Rings, frequently made of semi-precious and precious stones and 14K - 21 K Gold. Handmade and mass produced. Also known as: Jewelery, jewellery, Joaillerie de Costume, Modeschmuck, Gioielleria Alla Moda, Traje y Manera, Forma Da Jóia
A natural fabric made of thread or cloth manufactured from the fiber of cotton plants. 2: There are four main types of cotton: American Upland, Egyptian, Sea Island and Asiatic. 3: Cotton, in general, is very strong, drapeable, elastic and absorbent. 4: Commonly used for a wide range of apparel from blouses and shirts to hosiery and neckwear. Also known as: Coton, Baumwolle, Cotone, Algodón, algodão
Cotton knitted
Also known as: Coton Tricot, Gestrickte Baumwolle, Maglieria In Cotone, Algodón Hecho Punto, algodão knitted
Cotton woven
Also known as: Coton Tisse, Gewebte Baumwolle, Cotone Tessuto, Algodón Tejido, algodão tecido
Also known as: Couture, Couture, Couture, Couture, Couture
a scarf worn around the neck (necktie).
Creasing machinery
Also known as: Machines a Former Les Plis, Falzmaschinen, Macchinari Per Fare Le Pieghe, Arrugando Maquinaria, Maquinaria Vincando
A mostly plain-weave light soft thin fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or another fiber, usually with a crinkled or puckered surface with a soft mossy finish. 2: Comes in different weights and degrees of sheerness and drapes well. 3: Commonly used for dresses of all types, including long dinner dresses, suits, and coats. Also known as: crape, Crepe, Krepp, Crespo, Crepe, crepe
Crepe de chine
Also known as: Crepe de Chine, Chinakrepp, Crespo Dacina, Crepe de Chine, crepe de Chine
Crew neck
A neckline that does not have a collar and is rounded.
Crinkle fabrics
Also known as: Toiles Plissees, Faltengewebe, Tessuti Increspati, Telas de la Arruga, telas do crinkle
Crop top
A women’s top that is extremely short. It usually ends below the bust.
The end of a shirt sleeve.
S loose fitting pant, which resembles a skirt.
a wide waistband that is worn instead of a vest in men’s formalwear.
Curved and change pocket
Mostly used in jeans, this pocket is a curved pocket, with an added tiny pocket on the inside, which is slightly visible.
Curved hemline
The bottom of a skirt or dress that has a slight curve to it.
Curved pocket
This pocket has a rounded look to it.
Curved waist
A style of a waistband that draws attention to the stomach.
Customs brokers
a market specialsit in a resident buying office who covers a segment of the sholesale market and makes information about is available to client stores.apparel trextiles see textile agent or broker Also known as: customs agents, Agents en douanes, Gewohnheiten Vermittler, Mediatori Di Dogana, Corredores De Costumbres, Corretores De Costumes
A coat that parts at the front waistline to form tails at the back of the garment.
Cut-away shoulder
A sleeve in which the shoulder space is cut out, exposing the bare shoulder.
Cutters to the trade
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of cutting of apparel or textiles. Also known as: slitting, cutters, Decoupeurs Pour L’industrie, Schneidereien fur die Textilbranche, Tagliatori Al Commercio, Cortador Al Comercio, Cortadores Ao Comércio
Cutting & slitting
A specialized process of cutting of apparel or textiles. Also known as: slitting, cutters, Decoupeurs Pour L’industrie, Schneidereien fur die Textilbranche, Tagliatori Al Commercio, Cortador Al Comercio, Cortadores Ao Comércio


An overgarment with slit sided and wide sleeves.
Dance & exercise wear
Also known as: Vetements Pour La Danse et Pour Excercices, Sport und Trainingsbekleidung, Indumenti Per Danza Ed Esercizio Fisico, La Danza y El Desgaste del Ejercicio, A Dança & O Desgaste Do Exercício
a fold in the fabric that tappers to a point and is sewn in place, gives shape to a garment.
Dart equivalents
ways of giving shape to a garment without the use of darts such as pannel lines and gathering.
A loose fitting pullover usually in a bright color.
Debutante & prom
Apparel of or pertaining to Coming out and Prom. Includes all items ranging from Prom, Debutante and Pageant gowns. Also known as: debutante, pageant, gowns, formal dresses, prom, prom dress, prom dresses, gown, pageant gown, Debutante et PROM, Debutante u. PROM, Debutante & prom, Debutante y prom, Debutante & PROM
A very low cut neckline that exposes the upper chest.
Also known as: livraison
A coarse twill weave cloth, usually cotton with a dark blue hue. 2: Long wearing, it resists snags and tears. Comes in heavy and lighter weights. 3: Commonly used for jeans, overalls and work uniforms. Also known as: jeans, blue jeans, dungarees, Coutil, Drillich, Tessuti Di Cotone Ritorto, El Dril de Algodón, denim
Denim wear
Also known as: Vetements de Denim, Denim Bekleidung, Abiti In Tessuto Di Cotone Ritorto (Denim), El Desgaste del Dril de Algodón, O Desgaste Do Denim
Department stores
A large retail store offering a variety of merchandise and services and organized in separate departments. Also known as: Grands Magasins, Abteilung Speicher, Grandi magazzin, Almacenes grandes, Lojas De Departamento
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of drawing or sketching a detailed plan for manufacturing. 2: An arrangment of parts, form, coor, and line to create a version of a style. Also known as: apparel design, textile design, fashion design, accessories design, accessory design, clothing design, conception, Design, disegno, diseño, projeto
Design ease
ease that is encorporated as a style feature, for example the difference between skinny and regular jeans is design ease.
Also known as: fashion designer, clothing designer, fashion designer, apparel designer, designer
Designer collections
A collective term used to describe a collection of apparel or accessories presented by an individual under his or her company name. 2: Commonly falls into a Bridge, Designer or Couture price points. Also known as: Haute couture, Runway shows, collections de créateur, EntwerferAnsammlungen, Collezioni Del Progettista, Colecciones Del Diseñador, Coleções Do Desenhador
Designer wear
Also known as: Vetements de Haute Couture, Designermoden, Abiti Di Designer, Desgaste del Diseñador, Desgaste Do Desenhador
Also known as: conceptions
Also known as: Broderie Diamantee, Diamante, Tessuto Ornato Di Cristalli, Diamante, Diamante
Apiece of fabric that is used to fill in a neckline.
Direct cost
the entire cost for constructing a garment,includes fabric, thread, pattern, sewing operator time, packaging and shipping.
Also known as: rabais
Discount stores
A large retail store offering a variety of merchandise and services at discounted pricing. Also known as: Discounters, off price, off-price, Magasins de rabais, Diskontgesch5äfte, Depositi Di Sconto, Almacenes De Descuento, Lojas De Disconto
Also known as: exposition
Display & point of sale manufacturers
A collective term used to describe objects or merchandise set out for viewing by consumers. 2: Includes all items ranging from Dress Forms, Fixtures, Mannequins, Hangers as well as Display services. Also known as: visual merchandising, visual design, Presentations et Postes de Vente Fabricants, Hersteller Von Ausstellungs und Ladenverkaufseinrichtungen, Fabbricanti Di Mostre E Punti Di Vendita, Visualización y Punta de Los Fabricantes de la Venta, Indicador & Ponto De Fabricantes Da Venda
Distressed leather
Leather that has been made to appear cracked, brushed, oiled, waxed, faded or wrinkled, as if from long steady use.
The process of marketing and supplying goods, especially to retailers. Also known as: Distributors, Distribution, Logistik U. Verteilung, Logistica & Distribuzione, Logistica & Distribuzione, Logística & Distribuição
Also known as: Distributeurs, Verteiler, Distributori, De Las Distribuidores, Distribuidores
Divisional Merchandising Manager
Dogeared collar
A collar that takes its shape form a dog’s ear.
Dolman sleeve
A sleeve that starts wide at the armhole and tappers to a narrow wrist.
Donkey jacket
A jacket worn by workers that is made of heavy material.
Double cuff
A formal style found on shirts that has a placket and two buttons.
Double jersey
A soft, plain-knitted fabric of Wool, worsted, silk, cotton, rayon, and synthetics. 2: Knitted on circular, flat-bed or warp knitted methods. 3: Wears very well and if washable, it washes very well. 4: Commonlu used for Dress goods, sportswear, suits, underwear, coats, gloves, sweaters, hats. Also known as: Tricots de Jersey Doubles, Wolljersey, Jersey Doppio, Jersey Doble, Jersey dobro
Double patch pocket
A double layered patch pocket with tow pockets placed upon each other.
a method for drawing up patterns from set measurments, can be done manually or by computer.
Drape neckline
Common in eveningwear, excess fabric around the neckline creates a soft draping effect.
when fabric is drapped onto a form and then the patteren is taken form the 3-dimensional figure.
Underwear for the lower body.
is pulled to form delicate gathers.
Drawstring neckline
A neckline that has a ribbon ir cord through a channel at the top, this can then be pulled to create gathers. Also known as peasant or gypsy neckline.
One piece bodice and skirt outer garment for women and girls.
Dress fabrics
Also known as: Toiles Pour Robes, Kleiderstoffe, Tessuti Del Vestito, Telas de la Alineada, telas do vestido
Dress forms
Also known as: formes de robes
Dress shirt
A formal shirt worn by men, usually worn with a tie.
Dress uniform
A formal uniform.
A collective term for an article of clothing left open around the leg area (Usually for Women or Girls). 2: Usually divided into three categories: Casual, Career, After Five. Also known as: dress, sheaths, a line dresses, empire dresses, princess dresses, halter dress, sundress, casual dresses, career dresses, after five dresses, Robes, Kleider, Vestiti, Las Alineadas, Os Vestidos
Dressing gown
A robe designed for casualwear aroun the house.
Dressing gowns & robes
Also known as: Robes de Chambre et Peignoirs, Hausmantel und Roben, Vestaglie E Accappatoi, Los Vestidos y Los Trajes de Preparación, Os Vestidos & As Vestes De Limpeza
Also known as: Treillis, Feiner Drillich, Tessuto Diagonale, Los Taladros, brocas
Drill holes
holes in the body of pattern piece. used in industry to indicate the ends of darts, tucks and pocket placement.
two d shaped rings that a strip of fabric is passed through and pulled back to create a fastening.
Dropped shoulder
a shoulderseam that is generally 2-4 inches below the natural shoulderline.
Dry suit
A form hugging waterproof suit for diving.
Drying machinery
Also known as: Secheuses, Trockenmaschinen, Macchinari Per Leessiccazione, De Sequía Maquinaria, Maquinaria De secagem Da Maquinaria
Duffel coat
A heavy coat with a hood that fastens with toggles.
A large cylindrical bag of traditionally made of heavy cloth; for carrying personal belongings. 2: Recently made of lightweight materials and in rectangular forms. 3: Commonly reffered to as Duffel Bags, Duffle Bags or Duffle. Also known as: duffel bag, duffel, duffels, duffel bags, duffelbag, Duffels, Duffels, Duffels, Duffels, Duffels
Jeans with bib that has shoulder straps that usually fasten at the front.
Dyeing & finishing
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of dying of apparel or textiles. Also known as: dyeing, Materiel de Teinture et de Finition, Farbe und Veredelungsmaszubeh6r, Attrezzature Per Tintura E Finitura, Teñir y Acabar Equipo, Tingir-se & Terminar Do Equipamento
Dyers & finishers
Also known as: Teinture et Finition, Farbereien und Endbearbeitung, Tintori E Finitori, De Dyers y de Acabadoras, Dyers & Estações de acabamento


Buying and selling through the internet via an electronic device, such as a computer, a mobile device or tablet.
An item of jewelry that is worn through holes in the earlobe, usually worn in matching pairs. Also known as: boucles d’oreilles
The exchange of standardised document forms between computer systems to facilitate ordering, manufacturing, or distribution of goods. Also known as: electronic data interchange, e d i, edi, edi, edi, edi, edi
Elastane fibre
Also known as: Fibre Elastine, Elastinefaser, Fibra Xeiastines, La Fibra de Elastane, fibra de Elastane
Elasticized cuff
A cuff with elastic for a cuff, which makes it tight on the wrist.
Elasticized waistband
This is a stretchy waistband, made of gathered fabric.
A flexible stretchable fabric made with interwoven strands of rubber or an imitative synthetic fiber. 2: Often used for belts, braces, suspenders or waistbands. Also known as: Elastiques, Elastischer Bes, Elastici, Elástico, Elásticos
Embossed leather
Hides or skins finished with designs pressed into the surface by engraved plates or rollers. Embossed designs may be an imitation of the natural cow grain or exotic animal skins. ex Ostrich, Crocodile, Lizard, Floral.
Also known as: Gaufrage, Gaufrieren, Goffratura Goffratura Su Stoffe, Grabando, Gravando
A fabric enriched with fanciful Needlework that uses close or overlapping stitches to form intircate, three dimensional, surface designs to embellish piece goods, trims or garments. Also known as: brodé, gestickt, ricamato, bordado, bordado
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of fanciful Needlework that uses close or overlapping stitches to form intircate, three dimensional, surface designs to embellish piece goods, trims or garments. Also known as: embroiderers, embroiderer, Broderie, Stickereien, Ricamatrici, Embroiderers, Embroiderers
Also known as: broderies
Embroidery machinery
Also known as: Machines de Broderie, Stickereimaschinen, Macchinari Da Ricamo, Bordado Maquinaria, Maquinaria Do Embroidery
Empire waist
A silhouette shape; the waist begins right below the bust. This silhouette was popularized by Empress Josephine.
An entire outfit.
Enterprise software
Also known as: apparel enterprise software, textile enterprise software, Logiciel D’Entreprise, Unternehmen-Software, Software Di Impresa, Software De la Empresa, Software Da Empresa
Envelope neckline
This neckline has a piece of fabric that crosses over the back of the shoulder for an appealing detail.
a decorative fringed shoulder pad; a decorated loop or strip seamed across the shoulder of a coat or dress.
Epaulet sleeve
The armhole sleeve is continued into the neckline, which makes it look like an epaulet shape that goes across the shoulder.
a sandal that usually has a flexible sole and a fabric strap.
Ethical sourcing
Also known as: source ethic
Eton collar
A big firm turnover collar.
Eton jacket
A short black jacket that has broad lapels, long sleeves, and an open center front.
Evening accessories
Also known as: Accessoires Pour Soirees, Zuheor fur Den Festlichen Anlab, Accessori Da Seria, Los Accesorios de la Tarde, Acessórios Da Noite
Evening wear
A collective term for evening attire. Also known as: evening wear, formalwear, formal wear, evening dress, Tenues de Soiree, Abendgarderobe, Abiti Da Sera, Desgaste de la Tarde, Desgaste Da Noite
Eveningwear & formal wear
Also known as: Eveningwear Et Usage Formel, Eveningwear U. Formale Abnutzung, Eveningwear & Usura Convenzionale, Eveningwear Y Desgaste Forma, Eveningwear & Desgaste Forma
Event producers
Also known as: Producteurs d’Événement
Export houses
Also known as: Maisons D’exportation, Exporteure, Casa Di Esportazione, Exportar Casa, Export Casa
Also known as: Expos, Expositions
Covers all apparel worn on the eyes such as reading glases and sun glases. Also known as: articles de vue


a payment term that stands for First Cost to Agent.
A collective term for cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers. 2: Fabric is usually divided into three major catagories: Interlining, Knits, Wovens, and Non Wovens. Also known as: textile, textiles, fabric, cloth, Tissu, Gewebe, Tessuto, Tela, Tela
Faced waistline
a waistline that has no waistband but is finished using facings on the inside.
a fabric piece that is used to give a finished edge to a garment on the inside, can be either grown or sewn on, usually in same fabric as the main body of garment.
Section of collar that folds over to conceal the stand.
Fanny pack
a bag strapped around the waist
a womans headband usually worn at special occassions such as weddings.
Also known as: Mode, Art und Weise, Moda, Manera, Forma
Fashion calendar
Also known as: calendrier de la mode
Fashion designers
Also known as: designer de mode
Fashion editors
Also known as: editeurs de mode
Fashion forecasting
Also known as: Prédiction de la mode
Fashion industry
industry overview Also known as: Mode, Moda, industrie de mode, Art und Weiseindustrie, industria di modo, industria de la manera, indústria da forma
Fashion pattern
finished patteren that included all information needed for construction, i.e grainlines and notches.
Fashion photography
Also known as: Photographie de mode
Fashion school
Also known as: ecole de mode
Fashion show producer
A person or firm that organizes runway / catwalk shows.Runway collections or Catwalks are traditionally a presentation of Haute Couture or Ready-to-Wear Collections by Apparel an Designer. Shows are usually held to promote the designers clothing line to key retail buyers and press. A majority of Runway Shows take place in the key Fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Milan. Additional venues showcasing innovative designers are being held in Los Angeles, Brazil, Australia and Amsterdam. Also known as: catwalk, cat walk, exposition de mode, Art und Weiseerscheinen, esposizione di modo, demostración de la manera, mostra da forma
Fashion trend research
Also known as: Recherche de tendances de la mode
Fashion week
Also known as: semaine de la mode
Feathers & flowers
Plumage used for decorating apparel and accessories. Also known as: Plumes et Fleurs, Federn und Blumen, Piume E Fiori, Plumas y Flores, Penas & Flores
a hat that is made of soft felt and has a lenghwise creases crown.
A natural or synthetic filament, as of cotton or nylon, capable of being spun into yarn for fabric. Also known as: fibres, fiber, textile fiber, fabric fiber, fibres, Fasern, fibre, fibras, fibras
front fastening triangular scarf that is placed around the neck to fill in a low neckline.
Financial & legal & insurance services
Also known as: Services D’assurance Financiers et Légaux, Finanzielle, Gesetzliche und Versicherungsdienstleistungen, Servizi Finanziari, Legali E Assicurativi, Servicios Financieros y Legales y de Seguro, Financeiro & Legal & Seguro Serviço
Financial information
Also known as: Information Financière
Component materials used by an artisan or jeweler, such as: beads, metal stampings, castings, and cabachons. Also known as: Résultats, Entdeckungen, Risultati, Resultados, Findings
general term used to describe haberdashery items such as fastenings and trims.
Fit model
model who has exact measurements of target size whom sample size garments can be modeled on.
Also known as: dress dummy, dress dummies, mannequins, mannequin, fixture, store fixture, store fixtures, window display, rolling rack, rolling racks, montages
Flange dart
tuck in armhole of garment that gives more movement of the arms.
The manufactures’ name for a heavy cotton fabric, twilled, and with a long plush nap. In England it is called swan’s-down cotton, or Canton flannel. Also known as: Flanel Le, Flanell, Flanella, La Franela, flannel
Flap pocket
Pocket with a flap that covers the entrance to the pocket.
shoe with either a flat heel or no heel
Flat collar
Lies flush against garment as has no stand i.e peter pan, sailors collars.
Fabric with a soft deep pile, usually from sheep. Also known as: Molleton, Vlies, Vello, El Paño Grueso y Suave, fleece
a type of sandal that is loosely fastened to the foot using a thong
An inferior grade of wool added to cloth for extra weight. Also known as: flocking, assemblé, geschart, affollato, reunido, reunido
Florentine neckline
Straight neckline from shoulder to shoulder on front and back.
flare at hem created by cutting two circles and attaching them with smooth line to hem.
Fluttered sleeve
A wide sleeve that is pulled in at the upper arm by elastic which gives the rest of the sleeve a nice drape.
Fly front placket
Complete covering for buttons.
Folding machines
Also known as: Pieuses, Faltmaschinen, Macchine Piegatrici, Plegable Máquina, Máquinas Dobrando-se
A collective term for attire or covering for the feet. 2: Includes all articles ranging from boots, sneakers, slippers, sandals, mary janes, pumps, mules, flip flops,. 3: Also includes Shoe Ornaments. Also known as: shoes, foot wear, shoe, mules, sneakers, slippers, sandals, mary janes, pumps, mules, flip flops, shoe ornaments, boots, Chaussures, Schuhwaren, Calzature, El Calzado, Os Calçados
covering foe the foot i.e sneakers, boots, sandals etc
Also known as: Prédiction
Forecasting & trends
Also known as: Prévisions Et Tendances, Prognostizieren U. Tendenzen, Previsione & Tendenze, Pronóstico Y Tendencias, Prever & Tendências
a dressmaking form is a mannequin used for pattern cutting
black tie, dinner suit of tuxedo
Four in hand
tie that is tied in flat knot at neck.
fabric production unit
Freight forwarders
Also known as: freight forwarding, Expéditeurs De Fret, Fracht-Absender, Forwarders Del Trasporto, Promotores De la Carga, Remetentes Do Frete
French cuff
Double cuff created by folding the cuff back on itself and fastening with cufflinks.
French front placket
When the placket is turned back onto the lining of the garment.
French jersey
Also known as: Jersey Fransais, Franz Jersey, Jersey Francese, Jersey Francesa, Jersey francesa
French pleats
a common three fold pleat
French sleeve
Same as kimono sleeve, also known as chinese sleeve.
Frill sleeve
A sleeve that is created by sewing frill of fabric on to the shoulder seam.
Fringe trim
unraveled ends used as trim on hems, shawls and western styles.
Fringed hem
A length of fringing is sewn into the hem which gives movement to the garment.
A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips, often attached to a separate band. Also known as: fringes, Franges, Fransen, Frange, Franjas, Franjas
Outer garment worn by monks and friars, also another term used to describe a woman’s dress.
Frock coat
A man’s double breasted knee length coat.
Frog toggle
decorative cord button fastening with one side forming the button and the other the button hole.
Also known as: Soutaches, Quasten, Alamari, Ranas, Râs
Fully fashioned
Knitted garments that have been shaped to create a finished edge, that gives a more professional way of finishing knit than cutting.
Funnel neck
An extended neckline that goes up to the base of the neck.
Fur fabrics
A natural fabric made of the outer fur lined hide of an animal. 2: Commonly used for Coats, Collars and Muffs. Also known as: Toiles de Fourrure, Peizgewebe (Synt), Tessuti Di Pelliccia, Telas de la Piel, telas da pele
The outer skin of an animal or imitation of animal skin. Also known as: Fourrures, Peize, Pellicce, Las Pieles, As Peles
Furs simulated
A fabric made to imitate fur. 2: Commonly used for Coats, Collars, or Capes and Muffs. Also known as: faux fur, simulated fur, fake fur, FourruresSimulees, Imitierte Peize, Pellicce Finte, Las Pieles Simuladas, As Peles Simuladas
common way to cut labels and ribbons, a hot knife is used for cutting which seals edges
Fusible interlinings
Also known as: Doublures Intermediares Fusibles, Aufschmeizbare Zwischenfutter, Controfodere Fusibili, Interlinings Fusible, Interlinings Fundível
Fusing & laminating
Also known as: Fondre et a Laminer, Fusione E Laminazione, Fundir y Laminar, Fundindo & Máquinas Laminando
Fusing machines
used to fuse interlining on to fabric using heat.


A sturdy, tight twill weave fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon. 2: Has a durable, rather lustrous finish and is inclined to shine with wear. 3: Commonly used for Men’s and women’s tailored suits, coats, raincoats, uniforms, and men’s shirts. Also known as: Gaberdine, Gabardine, Gabardine, Gaberdine, Gaberdine
a tall overshoe worn particularly in the snow.
A piece of clothing. Also known as: Vêtement, Kleid, Indumento, Ropa, Garment
Garment bags
Also known as: sacs de vetements
Garment covers
A long zippered bag used to wrap, carry or protect apparel such as suits, dresses, and coats. Also known as: Garment Covers, Dress Bags, Couvertures Pour Vetements, Kleidersacke und Abdeckungen For Kleidungsstocke, Anrezzatura Per Il Trasporto Capi Di Vestiario, Las Cubiertas de la Ropa, Garment Cubr
Garment finishing & packing
Also known as: Finition et Emballage de Vetements, Kleidungsstuckendfertigung und Verpackung, Finitura E Imballaggio Indumenti, El Acabamiento y El Embalaje de la Ropa, Garment Finishing & Embalagem
Garment fusing
Also known as: Fusion Des Vhements, Fusione Di Indumenti, Ropa Fundir Máquina, Máquinas De Fusão Do Garment
Garment industry
Also known as: industrie De Vêtement, Kleid-Industrie, Industria Dell’Indumento, Industria De la Ropa, Indústria Do Garment
Garment manufacturers
Also known as: Fabricants de vêtement
a strap worn to hold up stockings or socks; it can also be to hold up a shirt sleeve.
A lightweight silk fabric with a dull crepe texture, has similar qualities to chiffon. Also known as: Georgette, Seidenkrepp, Georgette, Georgette, Georgette
A dyed cotton that has a checkerboard pattern. Also known as: Guingan, Gingham, Percalle, La Guinga, gingham
An undergarment for women; it is close fitting and is boned as well as typically elasticized; it starts at the waist and goes below the hips.
Eyeglass Frames, Sunglasses, Goggles, or other objects worn over the eyes. Can be both prescription and non-prescription. Also known as: eye glasses, Lunettes, Brillen, Vitri, Los Cristales, Vidros
a covering for hands; having individual faces for each finger.
Also known as: gants
a triangle shaped strip of fabric that is sewn into the bottom of the skirt; usually seen along the hemline.
Clothing especially designed for playing golf. Also known as: golf wear, golfwear, golfwear, golfwear, golfwear, golfwear
a triangular piece of fabric added to a skirt or dress to create volume.
An acronym for General Merchandise Manager
Grading & marking
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of grading, increase of decrease in a single size of a pattern and marking, transferring marks from patterns to garmetn pieces to assist operators with assembly. Also known as: Graders, marking, markers, grading, marking, patterns, patternmaking, pattern, évaluation et repérage, Ordnen u. Kennzeichnen, classificazione & contrassegnare, el calificar y el marcar, classificar & marcar
woven fiber that makes up cloth
Grey market goods
Grey market goods are goods that are only authorized for sale outside of the United States, usually at lower prices than the corresponding products sold in the United States.
separate pieces of fabric placed into clothing to make it less difficult to move.


Hair accessories
A small clasp, grip, headband or pin for holding the hair in place. 2: All articles ranging from Barettes, Hair Ties, Scrunchies, Hair Pins, Boby Pins, Headbands, Clips, Pony Tail Holders, Bows, Claws and Alligator or Banana clips. Also known as: hair accessory, Accessoires De Cheveux, Haar-Zusatzgeräte, Accessori Dei Capelli, Accesorios Del Pelo, Acessórios Do Cabelo
Half slip
A slip that is topless and had an elasticated waistband.
Halter neck
A neckline that has straps going around the neck, usually tied at the back, and leaves the arms and back bare.
A textile and leather industry term used to describe the feel, softness, or fullness of fabric or leather hides.
Handbag contractors
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of sewing or assembling handbags and related accessories. Also known as: Entrepreneurs de sac à main, Handtaschefremdfirmen, Appaltatori della borsa, Contratistas del bolso, Contratantes do handbag

“handbags, shoulder bags & clutch bags”
A bag or pouch which loops over one shoulder for carrying keys, a wallet, and other personal items; (Usually by Women) Also known as: bag, handbag, pocketbook, shoulder bag, shoulder bags, pocket book, clutch, Sacs a Main, Sacs En Bandouliere et Pochettes, Handtaschen, Umhangtaschen und Ahnliches, Borsette, Borse a Tracolia E Borsette a Busta, Los Bolsos y Los Bolsos del Hombro y Los Bolsos del Embrague y Los Pañuelos, Sacos Do Ombro Dos Handbags & Sacos Da Embreagem


small piece of cloth carried in pocket to blow nose with, also known as hankie.
Handkerchief hem
When the center of the hem tappers down to a point.
A piece of cloth worn as a decorative article in a suit pocket or used for wiping the nose.or mouth. Also known as: handkerchieves, kerchiefs, Mouchoirs, Verzierte Taschentucher, Fazzoletti, Los Sombreros y Los Casquillos, Lenços
A part, usually of a handbag, that is designed to be held or operated with the hand. Also known as: handbag handle, purse handle, bag handle, poignées, Handgriffe, maniglie, manijas, punhos
A device around which a garment is draped for hanging from a hook or rod. Used for Coats, Pants, Shirts and other types of Clothing. 2: Often made from wood, plastic, wire, satin padding or coated wire. Also known as: hangars, hanger, hangar, plastic hanger, wood hanger, Cintres, Aufhänger, ganci, suspensiones, ganchos
tags attached to garment that can be used to attract consumers attention as well as relay important information about the garment. Also known as: etiquettes du fabricant
Harem pants
Loose fitting trousers that have close fitting ankles worn by women.
Hats & caps
A covering for the head. 2: Often signifies membership in or support of Military, Educational or Sport establishments. 3: All articles ranging from Baseball caps, Beanies, Ski Hats, Visors, Cowboy Hats. Also known as: caps, millinery, headgear, chapeau, Baseball caps, Beanies, Ski Hats, visors, Cowboy hats, Chapeaux et Coiffures, Hute und Kappis, Cappelli E Berretti, Calcetería, Chapéus & Tampões
Haute couture
Also known as: haute couture
Haute couture
Hand crafted collection shown in Paris that contains at least 35 outfits covering both day and evening wear, term is protected by law.
A covering for the head. 2: Often signifies membership in or support of Military, Educational or Sport establishments. 3: All articles ranging from Hats, Caps, Baseball caps, Beanies, Ski Hats, Visors, Cowboy Hats, Millinery, Chapeau and Bonnets, Hair Accessories. Also known as: hats, caps, millinery, baseball caps, milliner, articles pour la tete
Heat transfers
Also known as: heat transfer, heat transfer products, heat transfer product, heat transfer system, heat transfer systems, transfert de chaleur
shoes that have a high heel.
Finished edge of garment that is turned over and sewn in place e.g bottom of trousers.
A fabric made from the tough, coarse fiber of the cannabis plant. 2: It is difficult to drape and bleach, but it can be dyed bright and dark colours. 3: Hemp is naturally moth resistant, but it is not impervious to mildew. 4: It wrinkles easily and is washable or dry cleanable. 5: Commonly used for apparel. Also known as: chanvre, Hanf, canapa, cáñamo, hemp
Casual shirt with a slit collarless neckline with 2 to 5 buttons.
Hidden zip
zip that is sewn into garment so that the teeth are concealed within the seam.
High fashion
Also known as: Haute Mode, Aktuelle Moden, Alta Moda, La Alta Manera, A Forma Elevada
High waist
A waistband that sitts above the waist line, how high varies depending on current fashions but hey are more common in womanswear.
Covering for head and neck that can be moved up and down, usually found on jackets.
Hook & eye tape
Also known as: Ruban, a Crochets et Oeillets, Haken und Osenband, Nastro a Ganci E Occhielli, Cinta del Gancho y del Ojo, Fita adesiva Do Gancho & Do Olho
Hook and bar
simmilar to hook and eye in the way that it functions, offten found on inside of waistbands.
Hook and eye
used as a concealed closure it can be used on its own or at the top of a zip.
Hook and loop tape
two piece closure that is pressed together and then ripped apart, often known as velcro
Hooks & eyes
Also known as: Crochets et Oeillets, Haken und Osen, Ganci E Occhielli, Ganchos y Ojos, Ganchos & Olhos
A wide neckline that is in the shape of a horseshoe and shows off the decolletage.
Any transparent or translucent close-fitting covering for the foot and / or leg and often covering the derriere. 2: Usually come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural) 3: Includes all articles ranging from Stockings, Nylons, Pantyhose. Also known as: pantyhose, panty hose, hose, tights, nylons, stocking, stockings, Articles de Bonneterie, Trikotwaren, Indumenti a Maglia, Joyería, Hosiery
Hosiery fabrics
Fabrics for any transparent or translucent close-fitting covering for the foot and / or leg and often covering the derriere.: Includes fabrics for all articles ranging from Stockings, Nylons, Pantyhose.
Hosiery machinery
Also known as: Machines Pour Bonneterie, Trikotagen und Wirkmaschinen, Macchinari Per Maglieria, Calcetería Maquinaria, Maquinaria Do Hosiery
Simple dress that allows wearer to move freely, often worn for doing housework.


Also known as: illustration, sketching, illustrateurs, Illustratoren, illustrators, ilustradores, illustrators
Also known as: Importateurs
Independent sales reps
Independent Sales Reps tend to be privately owned companies which represent a number of different brands and product lines. Also known as: Independent Sales Representatives, représentants de ventes indépendants, unabhängige Verkäufe Repräsentanten, rappresentanti indipendenti, representantes de ventas independientes, representantes de vendas independentes
Industry trends
Also known as: Tendances d’industrie
Also known as: enfants en bas age
Inset neckline
A deep V neck, with another piece of fabric behind it so that there is a sense of reservation.
Also known as: testing, quality control, quality assurance, inspection
An extra lining between the outer fabric and regular lining of a garment that is fused or sewn to specific areas to increase aesthetics and performance by supporting, shaping, stabilizing, reinforcing and / or enclosing the interiors of garments or garment components. Also known as: interfacing, Doublures Intermediares, Zwischenfutter, Controfodere, Interlinings, Interlinings
A soft, plain-knitted fabric with the stitch variation of the rib stitch, which resembles two separate 1 x 1 ribbed fabrics that are interknitted. Plain (double knit) interlock stitch fabrics are thicker, heavier, and more stable than single knit constructions. Also known as: Entrecroise, Interlockware, Interlock, El Dispositivo de Seguridad, bloqueio
Intimate apparel
Also known as: habillement intime
Inventory systems
Also known as: inventory system, inventory software, inventory management, inventory control, inventory, inventory turnover, inventory management software, inventory control software, inventory turns, systeme d’inventaire
A loose fitting belted coat, which has a cape over the main body of the coat and is attached by a close fitting collar.


Pleated frill attached to front of woman’s blouse or dress.
A short coat usually extending to the hips. Includes all items ranging from Award Jackets. Also known as: coats, award jackets, Vestes, Jacketts, Giacche, Las Chaquetas, Os Revestimentos
Jackets & blazers
A lightweight single-breasted jacket usually of wool or silk. Usually embellished with an emblem from a club or school. Often used as Uniforms. Also known as: sports jacket, sports coat, Vestons et Blazers, Jacketts und Blazer, Giacche Normali E Sportive, Las Chaquetas y Las Chaquetas, Os Revestimentos & Os Blazers
A fabric woven on a special loom with an intricately woven pattern. Also known as: jacquards, Jacquard, Jaquardwebware, Tessuto Jacquard, El Telar Jacquar, jacquard
Pants made of jean, denim, or another durable fabric. Also known as: denims, dungarees, blue jeans, jeans, Jeans, Nietenhosen, Jeans, Los Pantalones Vaqueros, As Calças de brim
A soft, plain-knitted fabric of Wool, worsted, silk, cotton, rayon, and synthetics. 2: Knitted on circular, flat-bed or warp knitted methods. 3: Wears very well and if washable, it washes very well. 4: Commonlu used for Dress goods, sportswear, suits, underwear, coats, gloves, sweaters, hats. Also known as: Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey
Jewel neckline
Plain round neckline suitable for wearing with jewelry.
Body Ornaments, such as Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pins and Pendants, or Rings, frequently made of imitation stones, plastic, glass and gold and silver plate findings. Handmade and mass produced. Also known as: fashion jewelery, jewelery, jewellery, fine jewelry, rings, earrings, earring, necklace, necklaces, bracelet, bracelets, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, Joaillerie, Schmuck, Gioielleria, Traje y Manera, Jóia
Jewelry contractors
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of assembling jewelery components into finished products.. Also known as: Assemblée Composante, TeilcVersammlung, Assemblea Componente, Asamblea Componente, Conjunto Componente
Job buyers
A person or company who buys surplus goods from mills, converters and or apparel manufacturers for resale. Also known as: broker, jobber, Acheteurs a La Tache, Gelegenheitskaufer, Compratori de Rimanenze, Imitación de Los Compradores del Trabajo, de compradores do trabalho imitation
Jobbers & brokers
Also known as: intermediaires et courtiers
Jog suits
Clothing especially designed for running, jogging and cycling. Includes all items ranging from insulated fabric based tops and bottoms. Also known as: jogging suits, sweat suits, warm ups, costumes d’essa, Stoßklagen, vestiti di trotto, juegos de la sacudida, ternos do movimento
Johnny collar
Flat collar used on shirts.
Juliette sleeve
Full length sleeve with fitted lover arm and puffed shoulder.
Usually a knitted garment that is loose fitting and varies in sleeve and neck style.
one piece that consists of trousers and a shirt, often worn by workmen.


a long tunic that ends at the knees or lower. It is worn over pants or skirts. (Traditional in India)
Kangaroo pocket
a pocket that is used for the front of clothing, it has two opening on either side.
a square piece of cloth that is often placed on the head or around the neck.
Keyhole cuff
a tiny cut out hole near the end of the sleeve, often closed with buttons.
Keyhole neckline
a rounded cutout at the front of the garment.
a pleated skirt usually made of a plaid woolen fabric. Usually worn by men in Scotland.
a long robe with wide sleeves, usually worn with a wide sash around the waist.
Kimono sleeve
a wide armed sleeve. That is seemed at the underarm and the outer arm.
a sock that comes up to the knee
loose fitting shorts that end at the knee.
Interlinked yearns. Also known as: tricot
Knit contractors
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of manufacturing and assembling knit goods and related products. Also known as: entrepreneurs de tricots
Knitted cuff
a cuff that is constructed with rib knitting.
Knitted fabrics
A soft, plain-knitted fabric with the stitch variation of the rib stitch, which resembles two separate 1 x 1 ribbed fabrics that are interknitted. Plain (double knit) interlock stitch fabrics are thicker, heavier, and more stable than single knit constructions. Also known as: knit fabrics, tissus tricotes
Knitted trims
Trim made of knitted goods. 2: Includes collars. Also known as: knitted goods, Knitted Goods Trimming, Garnitures Tricotees, Gestrickter Besatz, Guarnizioni Fane a Maglia, Ajustes Hechos Punto, Guarnições Knitted
A collective term for clothing made especially of knit, crocheted, or woven wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn. 2: Includes all articles ranging from Pants, Skirts, Dresses and Sweaters and Cardigans, Also known as: knitted wear, knit wear, knitted clothing, cardigans, sweaters, Articles Tricotes, Strickmoden, Maglieria, Los Géneros de Punto, O Knitwear


Also known as: labels
Labels & handtags
Also known as: labels et etiquettes du fabricant
Labels & swing tickets
A tag attached to a piece of merchandise giving information about its composition, origin or proper care and use. 2: Includes all items ranging from Care Labels and Hang Tags. Also known as: Etiquenes et Tickets Pendants, Etiketten und Produktschilder, Etichene E Cartellini, Las Escrituras de la Etiqueta y Los Boletos del Oscilación, Etiquet & Balanç Bilhete
A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. Also known as: lacework, Dentelle, Spitzen (Gekloppelt), Merletto, Del Cordón, de laço
Lace edgings & allovers
Trim made of lace. 2: Includes Collars. Also known as: lace trimming, lace trim, Bordures et Revetements de Dentelle, Spitzenkantenbesatz, Bordure In Merleno E Disegni Ripetuti, Cordón Edgings y Allovers, Laço Edgings & Allovers
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of laminating fabrics. Also known as: laminage
the section of a jacket or coat that is folded back at the neck to leave a triangularly shaped opening.
a strip of fabric that hold a shoe in place
Layered hem
has different layers sitting ontop of each other to create a tiered look.
Leather & suede
A natural fabric made of the dressed or tanned hide of an animal. Also known as: leather fabric, leather fabrics, leather textile, leather textiles, suede fabric, suede fabrics, suede textile, suede textiles, leather material, suede material, Cuir et Daim, Leder und Wildleder, Pelle E Camoscio, Del Cuero y del Ante, de couro & de suede
Leather imitation
Also known as: faux leather, fake leather, Cuir Simules, Leder Imitiert, Pelle Finti, Del Ante, de couro
Leather trimmings
Trim made of Leather. 2: Includes Collars and Elbow Patches. Also known as: leather trimming, Garnitures de Cuir, Lederbesatz, Rifiniture In Pelle, Recortes de Cuero, Aparamentos De couro
A collective term for all articles ranging from Wallets, Bill folds, french purses, travel kits, jewelry boxes, cases, compacts, eyeglass holders, Make-Up Bags, Change Purses, Calendars and Key Chains all made of leather. Also known as: wallets, key chains, change purses, purses, Maroquinerie, Lederwaren, Oggetti In Cuoio, Leathergoods, Leathergoods
Leatherwear & sheepskins & suedes
Any of various clothing made of dressed or tanned hide, Suede or Sheepskin such as a Jackets or Pants. Also known as: sheep skin, suede, leather wear, leatherwear, sheepskin, sheepskins, sheep skins, suedes, Vetements de Cuir & Peaux de Mouton & Peau de Daim, Ledermoden Lederkleidung Aus Lammfell Oder Wildleder, Indumenti Di Cuoio, Di Pelle D’agnello, O Di Camoscio, Leatherwear y Las Zaleas y Los Antes, Leatherwear & As Peles de carneiro & Os Suedes
Leg o mutton sleeve
puffed sleeve head using gathers or tucks that is narrow at bottom.
Leg warmers
tubular covering for the legs often worn by dancers
tight fitting garment that covers the leg, usually coming to below the knee
A collective term for any close-fitting hosiery or covering for the foot, and / or leg. 2: Usually come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural) 3: Includes all articles ranging from Dress and Casual Socks, Opaques, Tights, Stockings, Thigh-hi’s, Knee-hi’s, Nylons, Pantyhose, Anklets, Hose, Argyles and Leggings. Also known as: leg wear, legging, leg warmers, Legwear, Legwear, Legwear, Legwear, Legwear
one piece garment similar to swimsuit worn by dancers
Also known as: fashion licensing, apparel licensing
standard measurement method for buttons
A natural fabric woven from the thread made from fibers of the flax plant. 2: It is Strong, Absorbent and resistant to static, pilling and abrasion. 3: Commonly used for Clothing. Also known as: Toile de Lin, Leinen, Lino, El Lino, linho
A collective term for clothing, such as lingerie and underwear, designed to be worn under outer clothing near the skin. Includes all articles ranging from Lingerie, Underwear, Corsets, Stys, Corselets, Girdles, Garter Belts, Bras, Peignoirs, Camisoles, Teddies, Long Underwear, Shapewear, Petticoats, Slips and Brassieres. Also known as: intimate apparel, innerwear, foundations, intimates, underwear, under wear, corsets, corselets, girdles, garter belts, bras, brassieres, peignoirs, camisoles, teddies, shapewear, slips, inner wear, Lingerie, Reizvolle Damenunterwasche, Biancheria Intima, Ropa Interior, Lingerie
the inside layer of a garment that is used to conceal the seams
A layer of fabric between the outer fabric and skin that increases the aesthetics and performance by supporting and / or enclosing the interiors of garments or garment components. Also known as: Doublures, Futter, Fodere, Guarniciones, Forros
Also known as: oisifs
a graphic used by a designer so their garments are easily recognized
Long johns
underwear garment worn under trousers to keep legs warm
Look book
informal garment worn for lounging around the house in
A collective term for clothing designed for relaxing or lounging. Includes all garments one utilizes while in the home; Pants, Shirts, Dresses, Jackets, Robes, Bed Jackets, Housecoats, Dressing Gowns, Smoking Jackets, Bathrobes. Also known as: lounge wear, robes, bathrobes, dressing gowns, housecoats, Hausmantel und Umhange, Vestaglie E Accappatoi, Los Vestidos y Los Trajes de Preparación, Os Vestidos & As Vestes De Limpeza
Low waist
a waistband that sits below the waist line but above the hips.
refers to a shipment that doesn’t fill a container
Luxury goods
The process of examining materials, garments and components, or finished garments to determne acceptability against standards. Also known as: Marchandises De luxe, LuxuxcWaren, Merci Di lusso, Mercancías De lujo, Bens Luxuosos
Also known as: Lycra, Lycra, Lycra, Lycra, Lycra
A soft synthetic fabric made from celluslose base. 2: It is strong, washable, wrinkle and shrink resistant. 3: It has excellent drapability and takes well to dyeing or printing. 4: Commonly used for Dresses, Suits, Sportswear, Pants, Jackets and Blouses.Tencel® Also known as: lyocell, lyocell, lyocell, lyocell, lyocell


A collective term for machines or machine systems used in the development of apparel or textile products. 2: Includes Also known as: machines, Maschinerie, macchinario, maquinaria, maquinaria
Press ToolkitEverything you need to let the world know about your products. Easy to use kit with contact names for apparel, textile and accessories editors and fashion directors. Also known as: Magasins, Zeitschriften, Scomparti, Compartimientos, Compartimentos
Management & marketing consultants
A collective term for someone (a person or firm) who gives advice on Apparel, Accessories, Retail, Textile or Technology or Marketing related issues. Also known as: consulting, Conseile En Gestion et Commercialisation, Berater fur Management, Absatzmarkt und Werbung, Consulenti Gestione E Mercatistica, La Gerencia y A Consultores de Comercialización Que Cuelgan, Gerência & Marketing Consultante
Mandarin collar
a stiff collar that stands up and has a slight opening in the front.
Also known as: mannequins
Mannequins & tailors dummies
A life-size full or partial representation of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes; a dummy. Also known as: Dress Forms, Dress Dummies, mannequin, mannequins, dress form, Mannequins de Tailleurs, Mannequins & Modelle, Manichini Per Sarti, Mannequins y Adapta Simulado, Mannequins & Costur Modelo
a short cape or cloak.
a roomy sleeveless piece of clothing that is worn over other garments.
a roomy coat or robe.
Also known as: fabricant
Any concern that develops garments, controls production, sells to retailers (or directly to end-use customers), and ships and bills for merchandise. Manufacturers can also be responsible for the advertising, marketing and distribution of its products. 2: A firm that buys fabrics and does the designing, patternmaking, grading, cutting sewing and assembling of garments in factories that it owns. Also known as: manufacturing, manufacturer, fabricants, Hersteller, fornitori, fabricantes, fabricantes
Manufacturers reps
A market specialist in a resident buying office who covers a segment of the wholesale market and makes information about it available to client stores, apparel or textiles companies. Manufacturers reps are usually closely associated with a manufacturer and represent the manufacturer’s line of products exclusively. See textile agent or broker. Also known as: manufacturers representatives, representants de fabricants
Manufacturing control
Also known as: Fabrication de contrôle
Also known as: marche
Also known as: La place du marche
a usually thick piece of fabric that is placed on the back of a garment, ex: a coat
Also known as: masse
Mass retailers
A large retail store offering a variety of low priced merchandise to consumers. 2: Includes Chain stores. Also known as: mass merchants, Détaillants De masse, MassencEinzelhändler, Rivenditori Totali, Minoristas Totales, Varejistas Maciços  
Maternity wear
Also known as: Vetements de Maternite, Kleidung fur die Werdende Mutter, Indumenti Per Gesetanti, Desgaste de Maternidad, Desgaste De maternidade
a skirt, dress, or coat that is long in length.
Measuring machines
Also known as: Machine a Mesurer,, Masmaschinen, Macchine Misuratrici, Medir Máquina, Máquinas De Medição
Medium waist
a type of waist band that lies on the natural waist.
Also known as: Melton, Melton, Melton, Melton, Melton
Also known as: hommes, Männer, uomini, hombres, homens
Also known as: vetements pour Hommes, Mannabnutzung, usura degli uomini, desgaste de los hombres, desgaste dos homens
Also known as: Marchands, Handler, Commercianti, Comerciantes, Comerciantes
Merry widow
a corset that has no straps and usually has garters attached to the bottom.
Mesh & net
A fine mesh fabric with a loose open weave made on a lace machine or gauze or leno weaves. 2: Commonly forms the foundation for a great variety of laces, curtains, millinery, fancy pillows, trims, evening and bridal wear. Also known as: netting, gauze, veiling, Mailles et Resilles, Gitter und Netzware, Tessuti Di Cotone, Acoplamiento y Red, O Engranzamento & A Rede De linho
Mess jacket
a tight jacket that stops at the waist, and is part of dress uniform. This garment is worn by men.
Messenger bags
A large rectangular bag that loops over one shoulder traditionally used by Messengers. 2: Usually made of durable materials with reflective tapes. Also known as: messenger bag
A fabric having the characteristics of a metal. Also known as: métallique, metallisch, metallico, metálico, metálico
an extremely short miniskirt.
Mid length hemline
a hemline that falls either below or on top of the knee.
a sailor collared, loose fitting blouse.
a skirt, dress, or coat that ends at mid calf length.
A woman’s top that shows some of the torso.
a short skirt that ends a few inches above the knee.
a pair of women’s gloves, which exposes the fingers.
a cover for the hands that has one space for four fingers and a separate space for the thumbs.
a women’s hat, that is used indoors; it has a high crown and ties under the chin.
flat leather shoe or boot. The soles of the shoe are brought around the foot and secured with a U shaped seem and piece that lays on the top of the shoe.
Model agencies
An agency which represents Models. Also known as: models, model agencies, modelling, Agences de Modeles, Modellagenturen, Ageze Di Modelle, Las Agencias Modelo, Modelo Agência
Also known as: modérés, gemäßigt, moderati, moderados, moderados
a hat with ear flaps, used by hunters.
Mother hubbard
a loose, normally shapeless dress.
Also known as: Motifs, Leitmotive, Motivi, Adornos, Motifs
a tube like object that has openings on both sides. The openings are used to put hands into the muff.
a scarf.
A type of shoes that only covers the front section of the foot. Also known as: mules
Multichannel retailing
Retail operations with customer transactions possible through multiple connected channels, such as: brick-and-mortar stores, direct mail catalogs, online store sites, mobile apps, and telephone.
a tiny knapsack


Nailheads & studs
An ornament consisting of a series of low four-sided pyramids resembling the heads of large nails 2: Includes Studs. Also known as: studs, stud, nail head, nailhead, nailheads, Nailheads Et Goujons, Nailheads U. Bolzen, Nailheads & Viti prigioniere, Nailheads Y Pernos prisioneros, Nailheads & Parafusos prisioneiros  
Narrow fabric
A fabric of small or limited width, especially in comparison with length. Also known as: tissu étroit, schmales Gewebe, tessuto stretto, tela estrecha, tela estreita  
a piece of fabric that is tied around the neck
An item of jewelry that os worn around the neck. Also known as: colliers
A collective term for articles worn around the neck. 2: Includes all articles ranging from Cravats, Collars, Scarves and Ties. Also known as: neck wear, ties, scarves, scarf, tie, accesoires pour le cou
A short, straight, stiff piece of wire with a blunt head and a sharp point, used especially for fastening. 2: Includes Needles and Safety Pins. Also known as: pins, pin, needle, Aiguilles, Nahnadeln, Aghi, Aguja, Agulhas
Nehru collar
manderin style collar but with rounded edges
clothes that are worn to sleep in
A collective term for clothing especially designed to be worn in bed. 2: Includes all items ranging from Pajamas, Night Shirts, Night Dresses, Nighties. Also known as: sleep wear, pajamas, nightwear, nite wear, night wear, nighties, Vetements de Nuit, Pyjamas und Nachthemden, Indumenti Da Letto, La Camisa de Dormir, O Nightwear
A collective term for clothing especially designed to be worn in bed. 2: Includes all items ranging from Pajamas, Night Shirts, Night Dresses, Nighties. Also known as: sleep wear, pajamas, nightwear, nite wear, Vetements de Nuit, Pyjamas und Nachthemden, Indumenti Da Letto, La Camisa de Dormir, O Nightwear
Non wovens
Fabric that is neither knitted or woven. 2: Includes leather, sueds and furs. Also known as: non tisses
Norfolk jacket
single breasted jacket with box pleats
slits made in pattern to mark key areas needed to construct a garment
Notions & trim
A collective term for items used in sewing. 2: Includes Needles, Closures, Thread, Pads, Pins, Trimming. Also known as: trim, trimming, notions et équilibre, Begriffe u. Ordnung, nozioni & cornice, nociones y ajuste, noções & guarnição
A synthetic fabric made from high-strength, resilient synthetic polymers. 2: It is very strong and durable, resistant to both abrasion and damage from many chemicals. It is elastic, easy to wash and is quite lustrous. It returns easily to it’s original shape and is non-absorbent. It is fast drying, resistant to some dyes, and resistant to moths and other insects, water, perspiration and standard dry-cleaning agents. 3: Commonly used for Hosiery, Swimwear, Lingerie, Socks and Sweaters,.Akwadyne® thermoregulation technology by Comfort Technologies, Inc.* Cordura® by DuPont Also known as: Nylons, Nylonwaren, Nailon, Nilones, Nylons


a wide sash that is worn with the kimono.
Off price
Also known as: outre du prix, weg vom Preis, fuori del prezzo, del precio, fora do preço
Off the shoulder neckline
a neckline that starts below the shoulders.
Omnichannel retail
similar to multichannel retail, with the focus on creating a seamless consumer experience through any and all shopping channels, including: mobile, tablet, computers, brick-and-mortar storefronts, television, radio, direct mail and catalog.
One shoulder neckline
a neckline that starts below the arm and continues across the chest up over the shoulder of the opposite arm. This neckline leaves one shoulder bare.
On-time delivery
Also known as: livraison en temps
A collapsible top hat.
A sheer, stiff fabric of silk or a silklike fabric that resembles organdy. 2: Commonly used for After Five Dresses, Trimming, Neckwear, Millinery, and Underlinings for delicate, sheer materials, as well as an underlining for other fabrics that require a bit of stiffness without weight. Also known as: organza, organza, organza, organza, organza
A collective term for clothing designed for use outdoors. Includes all items ranging from Coats, Overcoats, Blazers, Capes, Jackets and Rainwear. 3: Sometimes referred to as Overclothes. Also known as: outer wear, blazers, capes, outdoor wear, Vetements de Dessus, Oberbekleidung, Capi D’abbigliamento, El Outerwear, O Outerwear
Loose fitting jumpsuit. Connected to the trousers is a bib like portion with two straps.
Fitted blouse usually worn untucked.
a coat that is worn over indoor clothing
a shirt that is worn over another and is not tucked in.
a skirt that is worn over another.
A cotton cloth of a tight basket weave. 2: Launders very well but soils easily. 3: Primarily used for Men’s shirts mostly. Also used for summer jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, and sportswear. Also known as: oxford, oxford, oxford, oxford, oxford


Pad stitching
tailoring technique that just catches the fabric to the interlining, used to define collars and lapels.
Pagoda sleeve
in the style of a chinese pagoda with tiers of fabric that flare out towards bottom of sleeve.
looses fitting trousers, often shorter than normal trousers.
outer garment for legs, covers legs form the waist to the ankle. also used to refer to undergarments for bottom half.
woman’s suit consisting of trousers and a jacket
Paperbag waistline
a waistline that has gathers coming from the top of the waistband, usually done in stiff fabrics.
jacket with a fur trimmed hood, casual wear
large soft scarf that can be wrapped around the body
Patch pocket
can be a variety of shapes and is sewn on the outside of a garment. also known as applied pocket
Patch pocket with flap
a patch pocket that has a pocket flap at the top that gives a neater more finished look.
Patch pocket with welt
a double pocket that is used on the insides of jackets that had a jetted pocket on a patch pocket
Pattern cards & bunch makers
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of creating patterns. Also known as: pattern making, patternmakers, pattern makers, Fabrication de Cartes a Patrons et Modeles, Musterkarten und Kartenzusammenstellung, Fabbricanti Di Modelli Carte E Fiocchi, Tarjetas del Modelo y Fabricantes del Manojo, Teste Cartão & Grupo Fabricante
Pattern companies
Company who supplies patterns for apparel. Also known as: Compagnies De Modèle, Muster-Firmen, Aziende Del Modello, Compañías Del Patrón, Companhias Do Teste padrão  
Pattern makers
transform designer sketches into patterns that can be used to construct the garment
Pattern matching
ensuring that when using a patterned fabric that the pattern lines up at all seams.
Pdm system
product data management system
Pattern Design System, allows you to create and edit patterns on computer.
Pea jacket
originally worn by sailors, a heavy double-breasted jacket
Pedal pushers
tight fitting calf length trousers for women
Peep toe
shoes where there is an opening at the toe that reveals the wearers toes
found on jackets, between hips and waist, allows for sections to be pleated or gathered to give more volume
Permanent press
details which will keep their shape for the garments lifespan, such as sharp creases and flat seams
Petal sleeve
sleeve that resembles flower petals.
Peter pan collar
flat collar that sits closely against the shoulders and has rounded edges.
woman’s underskirt
One who practices, or is skilled in, photography. Also known as: Photographes, Photographen, Photographers, Fotógrafos, Fotógrafos
used for decorating edges, rows of small loops. In knitwear refers to a scalloped welt.
Pierrot collar
series of ruffles that are attached to neckline to create a ruffled collar.
used to hold fabric in place
dress that has a bib top.
Pinking shears
used to cut fabric and leave a zigzag edge.
A short, straight, stiff piece of wire with a blunt head and a sharp point, used especially for fastening. 2: Includes Needles and Safety Pins. Also known as: needles, pin, needle, Epingles, Stecknadeln, Spilli, Contacto, Pinos
narrow vertical stripes on suit fabric
used for trimming edges
A tightly woven cotton, rayon or synthetic fabric with various raised patterns, produced especially by a double warp. 2: It is durable and launders well. but wrinkles badly unless given a wrinkle-free finish. 3: Trims, collars, cuffs, millinery, infants wear, coats, and bonnets, women’s and children’s summer dresses, skirts and blouses, shirts, play clothes, and evening gowns. Also known as: twill, corded, piqué, Pikee, piquè, piqué, pique
used on shirts with button fastening, multiple fabric layers that button/buttonholes are attached to
a layered heel used on shoes
a one piece garment that consists of shorts and top for casual wear
Clothing especially designed for play (Usually for Children). Includes all items ranging from Rompers, Jumpers, Creepers and Infantwear. Also known as: play wear, infant wear, vetements de jeu
a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching into place.
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of pleating and hemstitching. Also known as: hem stitching, hemstitching, pleating, Plissage, Plisseeverarbeitung, Pieghenatrici, Pleaters, Pleaters
casual shoes made from canvas with rubber soles.
purse, handbag
Polo shirt
casual shirt usually made of knitted fabric with a turnover collar
A wrinkle-resistant fabric of fibers made from any of numerous synthetic polymers. 2: Polyester is lightweight, smooth, strong and weather resistant. 3: it is insensitive to moisture. It is lightweight, strong and resistant to creasing, shrinking, stretching, mel dew and abrasion. It is readily washable and is not damaged by sunlight or weather and is resistant to moths and mildew. 4: Commonly used for all types of clothing.trademark polyester fibers: * Akwatek® thermoregulation technology by Comfort Technologies, Inc.* Coolmax® by DuPont * Coolmax Alta® by DuPont* Comfortrel® by Wellman * Thermolite® Base by DuPont Also known as: Polyester, Polyester, Poliestere, Poliester, Poliéster
Polyester viscose
Also known as: Viscose Polyester, Polyesterviskose, Viscosa E Poliestere, Viscosa del Poliester, Viscose Do Poliéster
A synthetic fabric made from any of various thermoplastic resins that are polymers of propylene. 2: Polypropylene fabric is hard and tough, and are used to make molded articles. Also known as: Polypropylène, Polypropylen, Polipropilene, Polypropylene, Polypropylene
blanket with a slit so can be worn as on outer garment.
A crosswise ribbed fabric of silk, rayon, wool, or cotton, used in making clothing and upholstery. 2: Has quite a high lustre andmay be bleached, or dyed (usually vat dyes are used) or printed. 3: Commonly used for Sportswear of all kinds, shirts, boy’s suits, uniforms, blouses and dresses. Also known as: popeline, poplin, popeline, popelín, poplin
Press service
Also known as: service de presse
Pret a porter
off the rail fashion, clothes that are sold in generic sizes for everyone
Printed fabrics
A fabric with a dyed pattern that has been pressed onto it, usually by engraved rollers and ink especially cotton cloths, or calicoes. Also known as: tissus imprimés, gedruckte Gewebe, tessuti stampati, telas impresas, telas impressas  

“printers, heat transfer”
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of printing designs on textiles. Also known as: printing, print design, Impression Par Transfert de Chaleur, Drucker, Hitzeubertragung, Stampatori Per Trasferimento Di Calore, Impresora Heat Traspaso, Impressora Calor Transfir


Private label
Also known as: label prive
Product development
Also known as: Développement de produit
Product line
Also known as: ligne de produit
Production pattern
finished patteren used to mass produce a design.
Production planning
Also known as: Planification de production
Public relations
A person or company hired to establish and promote goodwill for a product or service. Hired to foster good relations between a company and the public. Also known as: pr agencies, Relations Publiques, Öffentlichkeitsarbeiten, Pubbliche relazioni, Relaciones Públicas, Relações Públicas  
Puffed sleeve
a sleeve that has added fullness at the shoulder and the cuff and varies in length, common in childerens and teenwear.
Pull Up leather
When pulled tight this type of leather produces a brilliant burst of color. Pull-up leathers have received an oil and/or wax application. When the leather is pulled, the oil and/or wax separates, causing the color to become lighter.
a jumper that is put on the body by pulling it n over the head.
Also known as: pompes
Also known as: Achat
Purchasing agents
Also known as: Agents d’achat
used to hold money and card.
A small bag or pouch with short handle(s) for carrying keys, a wallet, and other personal items; (Usually by Women) Also known as: bags, handbags, Reticules, Geldb6rsen, Portamonete, Los Monederos, Bolsas


Quality assurance
Also known as: Assurance qualité
Queen anne collar
This collar rises high in the back, curves around to the front, and then scoops low across the chest.
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of quilting or stitching layers of fabric together Also known as: quilters, quilted fabric, Capitonnage, Steppolsterware, Stoffa Per Trapunte, Acolchando, Quilting


Raglan sleeve
sleeve that has shoulder and sleeve cut together and then sewn into garment at an angle.
a coat that protects from the rain as is constructed of waterproff material.
Waterproff clothing designed for use in the Rain. Includes all items ranging from Slickers to Trench coats. Also known as: rain wear, weather proof, foul weather gear, rain coat, raincoat, Vetements de Pluie, Regenschutzkleidung, Impermeabili, La Ropa Impermeable, O Rainwear
Raw edge
edges of fabric that aren’t finished
Raw material sourcing
Also known as: Approvisionnement de matière première
A fabric made of cellulose. 2: It is soft, highly absorbent, drapable and dyeable. 3: Rayon does have a tendency to shrink but does not melt in high temperatures. It is resistant to moths and is not affected by ordinary household bleaches and chemicals. 4: Commonly used for all types of clothing. Also known as: rayons, viscose, rayonne, Rayon, rayon, rayón, rayon
off the rack garments that are mass produced. Also known as: pret-a-porter
Realeased dart
same principal as normal dart but end is left unstitched to give a more straight silhouette.
A material with a reflective surface. Also known as: reflective tape, Refléchissant, Reflektierend, Riflettente, Reflexivo, Reflexivo
Registered number
All american companies have unique number that may appear on labels along with or instead of manufacturers name.
Research & testing & quality control
The process of examining materials, garments and components, or finished garments to determine acceptability against standards. Also known as: Recherche Essais et Controle de La Qualite, Forschung, Produknests und Qualitatskontrolle, Ricerche, Prove E Controllo Della Qualita, Investigación y Testing y Control de Calidad, Pesquisa & Testing & Qualidade Controle
A collective term for clothing especially designed for use in Resorts or on Vacation. Includes all items ranging from Shorts, Tanks, Swimwear and Beachwear. Also known as: Resort, Vacation, ressource, Erholungsort, ricorso, recurso, recurso
Retail price
the set price at what a retailer will sell a particular garment for. also known as RRP or recommended retail price.
Retail store
Also known as: magasin au detail
A collective term for any merchant who buys goods from a variety of wholesalers for resale to consumers. Retailers complete the final link of the fashion chain. 2: Types of retailers range from department and chain stores to specialty and boutique stores and mail order catalogs. Also known as: stores, department stores, chain stores, specialty boutiques, mail order, etail, Détaillants, Einzelhändler, Rivenditori, Minoristas, Varejistas
Also known as: Vente au détail
an oldfashioned style that has came back into fashion.
part of lapel, found on jackets and collars.
Artificial gems of paste or glass, often with facets that sparkle in imitation of a diamond. 2: Includes Jewels. Also known as: jewels, Strass, Schmucksteine, Brillanti Artificiali, Rhinestone, Rhinestone
Ribbed cuff
a stretchable cuff that allows the hand to be passed through it and then sits closely around the wrist, commonly found in sportswear.
Ribbed fabrics
A soft, plain-knitted fabric using a basic stitch used in weft knitting in which the knitting machines require two sets of needles operating at right angles to each other. Rib knits have a very high degree of elasticity in the crosswise direction. 2: Commonly used for complete garments and for sleeve bands, neck bands, sweater waistbands, and special types of trims for use with other knit or woven fabrics. Also known as: ribbing, rib knits, Textile Coteles, Gerippte Stoffe, Tessuti a Coste, Las Telas Acanaladas, Telas Com nervuras
Ribbed hem
used on casual garment to pull in fabric at the bottom, gives a lot of stretch.
Ribbed waistline
this waistband allows for a lot of stetch and is commonly found on activewear and childrenswear.
Also known as: Cotes, Gestrickte Rippenmuster, Bordo a Coste, Proveiendo de Costillas, Marcando
flat trim that is used as decoration, comes in various types such as satin, grosgrain.
A narrow strip or band of fabric, such as satin or velvet, finished at the edges and used for trimming, tying, or finishing. Also known as: ribbon, bows, Rubans, Bortenbesatz, Nastri, Cintas, Fitas
zigzag ribbon trim mostly used as decoration on childrens garments.
Riding wear
Also known as: Vetements Pour L’equitation, Reitkostume, Abiti Da Cavallerizzo, El Desgaste del Montar A Caballo, O Desgaste Da Equitação
Rigid beltings & webbings
A strong, narrow, closely woven fabric used especially for seat belts. Also known as: Ceintures et Sanglages Rigides, Versteifte Gurte und Gurtbander, Nastri E Cinture Rigidi, Beltings Rígido y Las Correas, Beltings Rígido & Os Webbings
type of jewelry that is worn on the finger and is usually made of precious metal.
crotch depth, distance between crotch level and waistband.
used to reinforce stress points in pockets of jeans, although bartacks are now more commanly used for practicality, rivets are used as a decorative feature.
an outer garment worn over clothes, resembles a long loose coat. worn at graduation adn by royals.
Roll line
line at which a grown on collar is follded back on itself.
Roll neckline
neckline found in knitwear where the neck naturally rolls down.
Rolled collar
collar that has stand and fall cut as one and rolls over to create the collar.
Roller skate
boots that have wheels on the bottom that are used for skating.
Round neck
a simple neckiline that has a rounded shape, the depth of the neckline varies.
an acronym for ready-to-wear
used as decorative finish at edge of garments, consists of gathered, pleated or ruffled fabric.
created by gathering layers of fabric or trims together, used as decorative edge.
Runway shows
Also known as: The Collections, Runway Collections, Fashion TV, Expositions De Piste, Laufbahn-Erscheinen, Esposizioni Della Pista, Demostraciones Del Cauce, Mostras Da Pista de decolagem  


a loose fitting dress
Saddle shoe
a shoe that is in the style of an oxford shoe; this shoe has contrasting colors (Saddle Oxford)
Safari jacket
A jacket that has expandable pockets and has a belt.
Sailor collar
a wide collar that has a flat square shaped piece that lays flat on the back and that comes together to a V shape in the front.
Sales representative & agents
Also known as: representant de ventes et agents
Sales representatives
Also known as: representant de vente
Also known as: echantillon
Sample sales
Also known as: Ventes D’Échantillon, BeispielcVerkäufe, Vendite Del Campione, Ventas De la Muestra, Vendas Da Amostra  
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of making samples for sales reps to use in selling producct lines. Also known as: sample making, samplemaker, samplemakers, sample maker, sample makers, fabrication d’echantillons
a shoe that has straps to unite the foot to the sole of the shoe.
a long panel of fabric that is used to wrap around the body; both men and women wear this.
a bag that has a shoulder strap.
A smooth fabric, as of silk or rayon, woven with a glossy face and a dull back. 2: Commonly used for Slips, After Five Dresses, Coats, Capes, and Jackets, lining fabrics and Millinery. Also known as: Satin, Satin, Raso, Satén, Satin
sequential curves usually seen at the hem line.
An oblong or square piece of cloth worn about the head, neck, or shoulders. 2: Includes all articles ranging from Pashmina, Shawls, Mufflers and Stoles. Also known as: scarf, scarves, pashmina, shawls, mufflers, stoles, Echarpes, Schals und Halstocher, Sciarpe, Las Bufandas, Scarves
2: Includes Universities, Institutes, Colleges and High Schools that specialize in Fashion Design. Also known as: Fashion Design, Écoles, Schulen, Scuole, Escuelas, Escolas
Scoop neck line
a neckline that is rounded around the neck, also can plunge low
Screen printers, rotary”
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of screen printing or silk-screening, applying dye or pigment paste through a mesh stencil to produce a surface design. Also known as: screenprinting, Impression Au Pochoir Type Rotatif, Rotationssiebdruck, Stampatori In Serigrafia Rotativa, Pantalla Impresora, Rotatorio, Tela Impressora Giratório
Screen printing
Also known as: impressions d’ecran
Also known as: saison, Jahreszeit, stagione, estación, estação
Security tag systems
Also known as: Systemes a Etiquettes de Securite, Sicherheitsetiketten, Sistemi Di Etichene Di Sicurezza, Seguridad Etiqueta Sistema, Segurança Tag Sistema
A light thin Plain, slack tension weave fabric, generally cotton or rayon, with a crinkled surface and a usually striped pattern. 2: Durable, gives good service and wear. May be laundered without ironing. Can be bleached, yarn dyed, or printed. 3: Commonly used for Summer suits for men, women, and children, coats, uniforms, trims, nightwear, all kinds of sportswear, dresses, blouses and children’s wear. Also known as: seersucker, seersucker, seersucker, seersucker, seersucker
Also known as: Ensembles Separes, Zweiteilige Kleider, Capi Di Vesetiario Separati, Se Separa, Separam
Also known as: Sequins, Sequingewebehersteller, Tessuti a Lustrini, Sequin
A small shiny ornamental disk, often sewn on cloth. Also known as: sequin, spangle, Sequins, Spangen, Lustrini, Sequins, Sequins
Often referred to as showrooms. The majority of wholesalers fall into two categories: Manufacturer’s respresentatives and Independent Sales Representatives. manufacturer’s representatives are usually closely associated with a manufacturer and represent the manufacturer’s line of products eclusively. Independent Sales Representatives tend to be privately owned companies which represent a number of different companies and product lines. Also known as: services, Dienstleistungen, servizi, servicios, serviços
Services to importers
Also known as: Services a Importers, Services Zu Den Importeuren, Servizi Agli Importatori, Servicio Importador, Serviço Importers
Also known as: couture
Sewing contractors
A person or firm who performs the process of sewing. Also known as: sewing factory
Sewing machinery automation
Also known as: Machines a Coudre Automation, Nahmaschinerie Automatische, Automazione Del Macchinario Di Cucito, Sewing Maquinaria Automatización, Sewing Maquinaria Automatização
Sewing threads & cottons
A fine cord of a fibrous material, such as cotton or flax, made of two or more filaments twisted together and used in sewing, needlework and the weaving of cloth. Also known as: threads, thread, sewing thread, silk thread, cotton thread, Fils et Cotons a Coudre, Nahgarne und Baumwolizwirne, Fili E Cotoni Da Cucire, Las Cuerdas de Rosca y Cottons de Costura, As Linhas Sewing & Cottons
A heavy plain weave fabric with a rough nubby surface, made of spun wild silk, cotton, rayon or synthetics. 2: Wrinkles quite a bit. Underlining helps to prevent this as well as slipping at the seams. 3: Do not fit too tightly, if long wear is expected. Also known as: Shantung, Schantungseide, Shantung, Shantung, Shantung
Shaped waistband
a waistband that does not just cut straight across; usually has a high waisted look and a side-seam zipper.
Shawl collar
this collar connects to the main portion of the garment.
A square or oblong piece of cloth worn as a covering for the head, neck, and shoulders. Also known as: chales
Shears & scissors
Also known as: Cisailles et Ciseaux, Scheres, Cesoie & Forbici, Pelar y Tijera, Cort & Tesoura
a sweater that is sleeveless.
a loose fitting dress.
Shipping consolidation
Also known as: Chargement de consolidation
columns of gathers that are parallel to each other seen in the main portion of the garment.
a dress that resembles a button down shirt.
A collective term for a garment for the upper part of the body. Includes all items ranging from Blouses, Dress Shirts, Sport Shirts, Knit Shirts, Jerseys, Polo Shirts, V necks, Turtlenecks, Tanks, Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Bandeause, Tunics, T shirts, Hawaiian Wear and Dickeys. Also known as: tops, blouses, dress shirts, sport shirts, knit shirts, jerseys, polo shirts, v necks, turtlenecks, tanks, halter tops, tube tops, tunics, t shirts, hawaiian wear, dickeys, Chemises, Hemden, Camicie, Las Camisas, As Camisas
Also known as: Chemises, Hemden, Camicie, Las Camisas, As Camisas
Shoe machinery agents
Also known as: Agents En Machines Pour La Chaussure, Vertreter fur Schuhverarbeitungsmaschinen, Agenti Per Macchinari Da Scarpe, Zapato Maquinaria Agente, Sapata Maquinaria Agente
Shopping bags
An oversized bag that is used for carrying shopping in. Also known as: packaging supply, packaging supplies, shopping bag, retail supplies, retail suppliers, sacs a provisions
pants that stop at the knee or above; shorts.
Short hemline
the bottom of a skirt or dress that falls around the middle of the thigh.
A collective term for a garment extending from the waist to the knee or above, covering each leg separately. 2: Includes all categories ranging from Hot Pants, Bermuda, jamaican, Trunks and Skorts. Also known as: bottoms, shorts, Kurzschlüsse, shorts, cortocircuitos, shorts
Shoulder bags
A bag that has a strap that sits across the shoulders. Also known as: shoulder bag, sacs a bandouliere
Shoulder pad manufacturers
A thin, cushionlike mass of soft material, usually foam, used to fill or give shape to apparel. Also known as: padding, Fabrication de Rembourrages D’epaules, Schulterpolsterhersteller, Fabbricanti Di Spalline Imbonite, Los Fabricantes de la Pista del Hombro, Os Fabricantes Da Almofada Do Ombro
Also known as: Salles d’exposition
Also known as: Expositions
a tiny jacket or sweater, worn by women.
Side-seam pocket
This pocket comes from the side seam of the garment.
Also known as: silhouette
A natural fabric made from the fine threads produced by silkworm cocoons. 2: It is soft, crisp, luxurious and has a brilliant sheen. 2: It is very strong, absorbent, highly drapeable and well suited for tailoring. 3: Commonly used for all types of clothing and accessories. Also known as: Sope, Seide, Seta, Seda, Seda
Single cuff
Mostly seen on shirts; this cuff has a vent towards the back of the sleeve.
a hat that is made of straw and has a flat crown; the brim is wide and flat.
A collective term for a garment that hangs freely from the waist down. 2: Includes all categories ranging from Culottes and Skorts. Also known as: bottoms, skirt, Jupes, Rocke, Sottane, Las Faldas, As Saias
Skiving machines
Also known as: Machines a Doler, Spaltmaschinen fur die Lederverarbeitung, Macchine Per Tagliare In Strati, Skiving Máquina, Skiving Máquina
Clothing especially designed for Skiing. Includes all items ranging from Snowsuits to Parkas. Also known as: ski wear, snowear, sno wear, vetements de ski
a combination of a skirt and shorts; the skirt covers the shorts.
an acronym for Shop Keepers Unit.
a tight hat that does not have a brim.
pants, trousers.
Slant pocket
this pocket has a slant or tilt to it; mostly used on pants.
Slash neckline
this type of neckline cuts straight across, lies on the collar bone.
a shirt or dress that does not have sleeves.
Sling back
Also known as: slingback, lancez en arriere
a type of women’s shoe that has an open back with a strap behind the heel or ankle.
an undergarment worn under a dress or a skirt.
Shoes that are for use within the home. Also known as: Pantoufles, Hausschuh, Pistoni, Los Deslizadores, Deslizadores
A woman’s undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt.
Slit sleeve
this sleeve has slits on either edges, which creates a winged or flared look.
a hat that has a dented crown, and a brim that is turned upward in the back and downward in the front, usually made of felt.
Training shoes. Also known as: tennis
Any close-fitting hosiery or covering reaching a point between the ankle and the knee. 2: Usually come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural) 2: Includes all articles ranging from Dress and Casual Socks, Anklets, Argyles. Also known as: argyles, anklets, casual sock, dress sock, chaussettes
To obtain (parts or materials) from another business, country, or locale for use in manufacturing: Also known as: approvisionnement, Auftreten, Sourcing, Sourcing, Sourcing
Sourcing chain
Also known as: Chaîne d’approvisionnement
Sourcing services
Also known as: Services d’approvisionnement
Special occasion
A collective term for a clothing usually worn to special events. Includes all items ranging from Prom, Debutante and Pageant Gowns, Christening, Communion and Confirmation. Also known as: occasion speciale
Also known as: specialite
Specialty stores
A retail store offering a specialized merchandise to a niche or select audience. Also known as: boutiques, Magasins de spécialités, Facheinzelhändler, Depositi Di Specialità, Almacenes De Especialidad, Lojas De Specialty  
a jacket that is short in length
A collective term developed by out of the industry’s idea of a Collection Concepts. It encompasses various garments that when put together achieve a casual look. Used to describe clothing designed for comfort and casually styled but often acceptable for many business or social occasions. Includes all items ranging from Coordinates, Separates, Bottoms, Tops, Sweaters, Blazers and Dresses. 3: Often referred to as Casual Wear, Casualwear, Weekend Wear, Leisurewear or Coordinates. Also known as: sports wear, coordinates, separates, casual look, bottoms, casual wear, casualwear, weekend wear, leisurewear, Vetements de Sport, Sportbekleidung, Indumenti Sportivi, La Ropa de Deportes, O Sportswear
casual clothing
Sportswear fabrics
Also known as: Tissus Pour Vetements de Sport, Sportskleidungsstoffe, Stoffe Per Abiti Sportivi, Las Telas de la Ropa de Deportes, Telas Do Sportswear
Split leather
Leather made from the bottom split which has an imitation grain embossed into a heavily finished pigmented surface.
Also known as: Printemps
Square bertha
a type of collar in the shape of a square, but is still connected to the rounded neckline.
Square neckline
a neckline that drops vertically and then ends abruptly in a horizontal line.
the part of the collar that is closest to the neck.
Stand collar
a collar that stand up from the neckline and does not fold over.
a lightweight elastic fabric that covers the leg and foot
a long broad piece of cloth that women wear around their shoulders.
Also known as: Caillou Lavage, Steinreinigung, Di Pietra Lavaggio, Stonewashing, Stonewashing
Storage & handling systems
Also known as: Systemes de Magasinage et de Manutention, Lagerungs und Transportsysteme, Impianti D’immagazzinaggio E Moviementazione, Almacenaje y Tramitación Sistema, Armazenamento & Handling Sistema
Street trends
Also known as: Tendances de La rue
A collective term for trendy, fashion conscious merchandise which incorporates a fresh, often cutting edge Youth Quake or Urban Street aesthetic. Includes all items ranging from Bottoms, Tops, Sweaters and Dresses. Also known as: street wear, hip hop, street fashion, rap, vetements de rue
Also known as: Style, Art, Stile, Estilo, Estilo
Style books
Also known as: livres de styles
Also known as: styling, Styliste, Stilist, Stilista, Estilista, Estilista
The underneath portion of a hide after splitting has occurred, a fibrous leather.
Suede imitation
Also known as: faux suede, fake suede, Daim Simules, Wildleder Imitiert, Camoscio Finti, del Ante, de suede
Also known as: Tissus de Confection, Herrenstoffe, Tessuti Per Vestiti, Suitings, Suitings
A collective term for tailored apparel. Often divided into two categories: Carrer and Evening. 3: Often referred to as Tailored Clothing and Suiting. Also known as: after five suiting, suit, suiting, tailored clothing, tailored clothes, careerwear, career wear, tailoring, Costumes, Anzuge, Vestiti, Los Juegos, Ternos
Tailored clothing usually worn to the office. Also known as: career wear, careerwear, Costumes, Anzuge, Tailleur, Los Juegos, Os Ternos
Also known as: Costumes, Anzuge, Completi, Los Juegos, Os Ternos
A collective term for a person or company who represent raw material that are in turn processed into finished goods. 2: Includes suppliers for Apparel, Accessories and Textile production. 3: Suppliers can include: notions & trim, Textile wholesalers, etc. Also known as: Fournisseurs, Lieferanten, Fornitori, Surtidores, Fornecedores
Supply chain
Also known as: Chaîne de provision
Surplus stock buyers
Also known as: close outs, surplus merchandise, close out, liquidation, excess inventory, designer sales, overstock, over stock, closeout, closeouts, mark downs, mark down, markdown, markdowns, Acheteurs de Stocks En Surplus, Kaufervon Uberschussigem Material, Compratori Di Eccedenze, Los Compradores de la Terraja de Sobra, Compradores Do Estoque Em excesso
Stockings that are held up using a suspender belt. Also known as: bretelles
made especially of knit, crocheted, or woven wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn a crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body. Also known as: sweater, cardigans, pullovers, jumpers, cardigan, pull over, pullover, jumper, chandails, Strickjacken, maglioni, suéteres, sweaters
Sweatshirt tshirt & sportswear fabrics
Also known as: Tissus Pour Chemisettes, Chemisettes a Manches Courtes et de Sport, Gewebe fur Sweatshirts T Shirts U Nd Sportbekleidung, Tessuti Per Bluse, Magliene E Altri Indumenti Sportivi, Sweatshirt Tshirt y Las Telas de la Ropa de Deportes, Sweatshirt TShirt & Telas Do Sportswear
Sweatshirts & t shirts
Clothing especially designed for active athletic lifestyle. Includes all items ranging from Sweatsuits, Fleecewear, Sweat Shirts, Sweat pants, Gymwear, General Athletic Apparel. Also known as: sweat wear, sweat suits, sweatsuits, sweat pants, sweatpants, gymwear, gym wear, sweatpant, sweat pant, sweat shirt, sweatshirt, sweat shirt, sweatshirts, sweatsuit, sweatwear, Chemisettes et Chemisettes a Manches Courtes, TShirts und Sweatshirts, Bluse E Magliette Sportive, Sweatshirts y Tshirts, Sweatshirts & TShirts
Sweatshirts & tshirts
Clothing, especially outer garments; attire. 2. External clothing; vesture; garments; dress; garb; external habiliments or array.3. covering designed to be worn on a person’s body4. An all embracing term that applies to men’s women’s and children’s clothing Also known as: t-Shirts, Chemisettes et Chemisettes a Manches Courtes, TShirts und Sweatshirts, Bluse E Magliette Sportive, Sweatshirts y Tshirts, Sweatshirts & TShirts
Sweatshirts & tshirts
this is a test Also known as: Chemisettes et Chemisettes a Manches Courtes, TShirts und Sweatshirts, Bluse E Magliette Sportive, Sweatshirts y Tshirts, Sweatshirts & TShirts
Sweetheart neckline
this neckline combines a square neckline and a V-neckline.
Swim & beachwear
Also known as: Costumes de Bain et de Plage, Bade und Strandmoden, Costumi Da Bagno E Indumenti Da Spiaggia, La Nadada y Beachwear, A Nadada & Beachwear
Also known as: vetements de natation
Swimwear & beachwear
A collective term for apparel and accessories of or pertaining to the beach. Includes all items ranging from Bathing Suits, Cover ups, Swimsuits, Maillots, Tank Suits, Bikinis and Wet Suits. Also known as: swim wear, beachwear, beach wear, swimwear, bathing suits, bathing suit, tankini, Costumes de Bain et de Plage, Bade und Strandmoden, Costumi Da Bagno E Indumenti Da Spiaggia, El Traje de Baño y Beachwear, O Swimwear & Beachwear
A synthetic fabric made from cellulose. 2: It is soft and has a crisp feel. It has the lustrous appearance of silk and excellent drapability. 3: It is not a strong fibre, as it’s resistance to abrasion is poor. It does resist shrinkage, moths, and mildew and does not absorb moisture readily. 4: Acetate is a dry clean only fiber. 5: Commonly used for Blouses, Lingerie, Uniforms, Bathing Suits and Interlinings. Also known as: man made fabric, man made fabric, synthetic fabric, synthetic fabrics, man made textiles, synthetic textiles, synthetiques


T shirts
Also known as: t shirt, tank top, t shirts
a strap of fabric that is offten found on shoulers and pockets as well as a fastening for garments. its held in place by either a button or stud. offten found in military styles.
Table of contents
Also known as: table des matieres
A crisp, smooth, plain-woven fabric with a slight sheen, made of various fibers, such as silk, rayon, or nylon. 2: Commonly used for After Five wear, Dressy Eveningwear: Suits and Coats, Slips, Ribbons and Blouses. Also known as: Taffeta, Taft, Taffena, Tafetán, Taffeta
tailed coat worn by men at formal occasions.
Tailored goods
Also known as: Marchandises façonnées
Tank top
vest top with wide shoulder straps and usually a rounded neckline.
Tanneries & hides
Also known as: tanning, hides, Les Tannerie Et Se cache, Gerberei U. Versteckt Sich, Le Concerie & Si nasconde, Las Curtidurías Y Ocultan, Os Tanneries & Escondem
Also known as: Rubans, Bander, Fenucce, Las Cintas, As Fitas adesivas
Also known as: Tartan, Tartan (Karierte Schottenmuster), Tartan, Tartan, Tartan
A bunch of loose threads or cords bound at one end and hanging free at the other, used as an ornament on accessories or clothing. Also known as: Glands, Quasten, Nappe, Las Borlas, Os Tassels
Tea dress
loose floating dress tradtionally worn for midafternoon parties, popular in 1940’s.
Tennis shoe
a type of sneaker.
Clothing especially designed for Tennis. Includes all items ranging from shorts, skirts and sweatbands. Also known as: tennis wear, tennis apparel, tennis clothing
Terry cloth
A Cotton and linen pile, also jacquard and dobby combined with pile. 2: Long wearing, easy to launder and requires no ironing. May be bleached, dyed, or printed. Better qualities have a close, firm, underweave, with very close loops. Very absorbent, and the longer the loop, the greater the absorbency. 3: Commonly used for Towels, beachwear, bathrobes, all kinds of sportswear and children’s wear. Also known as: terry, tissu de Terry, Terry Tuch, panno del Terry, paño de terry, pano de terry  
Also known as: mise a l’epreuve
a type of cloth, woven fabric, or fibers compiled together
Also known as: Textile, Gewebe, tessile, textil, textil
Textile agents
Also known as: Textile Sales Representatives, agents de textile
Textile industry
industry overview Also known as: fabric industry, fabric Market,, Industrie Textile, TextilcIndustrie, Industria tessile, Industria De Textil, Indústria De Textile
Textile machinery
Also known as: Machines de Textiles, Textilmaschinen, Accessori Per Macchinari Tessili, Maquinaria del Textil, Textile Maquinaria
Textile mills
A building or group of buildings equipped with machinery for processing raw materials, ususally fibers into finished fabrics. Also known as: textile mill, textile jobber, textile, fabric, Moulins De Textile, TextilcMühlen, Laminatoi Della Tessile, Molinos Del Textil, Moinhos De Textile
The fashion calendar
Also known as: le calendrier de la mode
goes between toes to hold sandals in place. also a type of womans underweaar.
Thread guides
Also known as: Guidages de Fils, Zwirnfuhrungen, Guide Per Filo, Guías de Cuerda de Rosca, As Guias De Linha
Three-quarter sleeve
coming to between the wrist and the elbow its a quarter length shorter than a full length sleeve.
formal headwear for woman, usually precious metal and decotated with jewels.
a narrow piece of fabric that is tied in a knot around the neck, mens formalwear worn with a shirt.
Also known as: liens
Ties, bowties & cravats
A long rectangular piece of cloth worn about the neck (Usually on Men). 2: A common variation includes the Bow Tie, a short necktie fashioned into a bowknot close to the throat. 3: Includes all articles ranging from Ascots, Neckties, Bow tie, Cravat and Cravattes, Also known as: neckties, tie, bow ties, cravat, Cravates, Noeuds Papillon et Lavalieres, Krawatten, Fliegen und Halsbinder, Cravatte, Cravatte a Fadalla E Fazzoleni Da Collo, Los Lazos y Bowties y Los Pañuelos, Laços BowTies & Cravats
tight fitted garment for legs, come in a variety of shades and opacities, also known as panty hoes.
knitted tight hat.
Also known as: bebes
type of button that is oblong in shape and used as a fastening on coats and jackets.
the diiference in measurements between body measurments and garment measurements.
garment for the top half of the body, can refer to a variety of styles.
Top grain
The grain split of a hide from which nothing has been removed except the hair and associated epidermis, a leather industry term.
Top hat
a tall hat.
lightweight coat.
Also known as: Fabrication de Rubans de Peigne, Topmakers, Fabbricanti Di Corpetti E Giacche, Topmakers, Topmakers
Topstitched bound hem
bias binding is topstitched around the hem of a garment to give a decorative finish.
rows of stitching that are visible on the outside of the garment offten done in contrasting colors for decoration.
Total value-added
Also known as: total de la valeur ajoutee
Total value-added packages
Also known as: Paquets À valeur ajoutée totale
A large capacious bag or pouch used for carrying large or multiple items. (Usually by Women) 2: Often made of durable materials or woven basket materials. Also known as: Tote Bag, Tote, carryall, Emballages, Totes, Totes, Totalizadores, Totes
Also known as: Tissu Eponge, Handtuchdrill, Tela Per Asciugamani, Towelling, Towelling
a two piece suit that is worn during excercise.
Trade events
Also known as: evenements d’expositions
Trade offices
Also known as: trade consulates, trade representatives, embassies, Bureaux Commerciaux, GeschäftscBüros, Uffici Commerciali, Oficinas Comerciales, Escritórios De comércio  
Trade show
Also known as: Exposition commerciale
Trade shows
A chance for companies to display their clothing and/or accessories to buyers. Also known as: Expositions Commerciales d’habillement
Trade shows
Shouldn’t be in guides see events Also known as: expositions commerciales
Also known as: exposition commerciale
Trading hubs
Also known as: exchanges, portals, commerce de centre
Training & consulting
Also known as: Instruction et Conseils Services, Ausbildungs und Beratungsdienste, Servizi Addestramento E Consulenza, Entrenamiento y Consulting, Treinamento & Consulting
Tram-lined cuff
a series of topstitching lines that encircle the cuff.
a type of coat that typically has long sleeves and ties around the waist with a belt.
Also known as: tendance
Trend companies
Also known as: companies de tendances
Trend research
Also known as: Recherche de Tendance
Also known as: tendances
type of hat that is typically made of felt and has an inverted crown.
Trim contractors
A person or firm who performs the specialized process of applying trim to finished or unfinished products including garments / apparel and accessories. Also known as: trim application, trimming contractors
A decoration or ornament. 2: Includes Appliques, . Also known as: trim, Garnitures, besatz, Rifiniture, Recortes, Aparamentos De Cambric
Trouser waistbands
Also known as: Bandes de Ceintures de Pantalons, Taillenbander fur Hosen, Cinture Di Pantaloni, Trouser Waistbands, Trouser Waistbands
A collective term for a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately. 2: Includes all categories ranging from Trousers, Khakis, Stirrups, Dress Pants, Casual Pants, Jeans and Corduroys. Also known as: bottoms, trousers, Pantalons, Hosen, Pantaloni, Los Pantalones, Os Trousers
British term for pants.
type of male shorts used for sports and swimming.
a casual collarless top usually made of a stretch fabric.
shoe that has a narrow strap that goes from the toes up the foot and then around the ankle.
Tube top
a top the is a simple tube of fabric that is just pulled onto the body.
folds that are sewn into place to create interest in a garment. when done in a repeat is known as pintucks.
a loose fitting garment that has no fastenings and just pulls over the head.
Turnup hem
when the hem is turned up on the outside of a garment instead of the inside so it is visible.
style of collar used on sweaters that sits high against the neck.
a short netted skirt, worn traditionally by dancers.
mens formal jacket worn for eveningwear.
Also known as: Tweed, Tweed, Tweed, Tweed, Tweed
A fabric with diagonal parallel ribs. Also known as: Croise, Twill (Gekopert), Tesuto Spigato, Tela Cruzada, Twill
matching cardigan and pullover that are worn as set.
a two piece bathing suit, also known as bikini.
Two-piece sleeve
sleeve that is constructed for two pieces a top sleeve and an under sleeve.
Two-way zip
zip that has zipper at each end so can be opened from top or bottom.


A hand held device offering protection from the weather consisting of a collapsible, usually circular canopy and wooden, metal or plastic arm. Also known as: umbrella, Parapluies, Regenschirme, Ombrelli, Paraguas, Guarda-chuvas
Under collar
the facing of a collar. Mostly used to stabilize or thicken a fabric; it is not visible from the outside.
clothing that is meant to be worn under garments.
Clothes worn next to the skin, beneath one’s outer clothing. 2: Includes Undershirts, Tanks, Thermal wear, Boxers, Briefs and Long Johns. Also known as: under wear, innerwear, Panties, Undies, undershirts, tanks, thermal wear, boxers, briefs, long johns, boxer, under shirt, panty, inner wear, SousVetements, Unterwasche, Biancheria Intima, La Ropa Interior, O Underwear
an alteration of the square neckline. Where the square neckline has abrupt edges, this one has a bit of a rounded edge.
A collective term for apparel of a distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification. Includes all items ranging from Smocks, Pinafores, Aprons, School, Coveralls, Camouflage and Military. Also known as: work clothing, uniform, Uniformes, Uniforme Kleidung, Uniformi, Uniformes, Uniformes
Union suit
an outfit that connected both the bottom portion to the top portion.
An alliance or confederation of workers for mutual interest or benefit. Also known as: unions
a tight all in once piece. The legs, arms, and torso are all connected to each other.
Upper collar
the section of the collar that is observable
Also known as: vetements de ville
Utility loop
a loop on a pair of pants or shorts that is meant to hold an item, such as a hammer.


V shaped neckline
neckline that is cut in the shape of a v.
V zone
the v shaped opening in a tailored collar.
Vanity case
used by women to carry toiletries and cosmetics.
Velvet & velveteen & velour
A soft fabric, such as silk, rayon, or nylon, having a smooth, short dense pile and a plain underside. 2: Inferior quality velvets are often made with a silk pile on a cotton or linen back. Strong and takes hard wear. Poor quality rubs off. Has to be cut all one way. 3: Commonly used for After Five and Eveningwear. Also known as: velveteen, Velours & Velventine et Taupe, Samt, Baumwollsamt und Velours, Velluto, Velluto Di Cotone E FeltroVelluto, Terciopelo y Pana y Terciopelo, Veludo & Velveteen & Velour
Also known as: vendeurs
used to give freedom of movement by putting a slit in the hem of a garment.
Vented cuff
taken from the vents used on hem lines this cuff gives a functional and smart finish.
traditionally worn as underwear but now commanly used as outerwear, a vest is a tightfitted top with thin shoulder straps.
A sleeveless garment, often having buttons down the front, usually worn over a shirt or blouse and sometimes as part of a three-piece suit. Also known as: waistcoats, vest, gilets, Westen, maglie, chalecos, vestes
A tough, synthetic, flexible, shiny plastic fabric derived from ethylene. Also known as: vinyle, Vinyl, vinile, vinilo, vinil
Virtual runway
Also known as: RUNWAY Virtuelle
Viscose mix
A fabric made from viscose (cellulose xanthate) fibers. Also known as: Melange de Viscose, Viskosemischung, Misto Viscosa, Mezcla Viscosa, Mistura Viscosa
the section of a cap that extends forward to cover the eyes.
Visual merchandising
Also known as: Marchandising visuel


Also known as: Gilets, Westen, Pancioni, Chalecos, Waistcoats
Walking sticks
Sticks that are used to assist with walking, offten used by the old. Also known as: Cannes, Spazierst6cke, Bastoni Da Passeggio, Los Palillos El Recorrer, As varas andar
A purse for men. Also known as: pochettes
A place in which goods or merchandise are stored and from which they are distributed.
A small portable timepiece, usually worn on the wrist. 2: A common variation is the Pocket Watch usually carried in the pocket. Also known as: watch, wristwatches, wrist watches, Montres, Uhren, Orologi, Los Relojes, os relógios
Waxed conons
Also known as: Cotons Cire, Wachstuch, Cotoni Cerati, Conons Encerado, Conons Encerado
Weatherwear & waterproofs
Waterproff clothing designed for use in the Rain. Includes all items ranging from Slickers to Trench coats. Also known as: rain wear, weather proof, slickers, trench coats, Vetements de Campagne et Impermeables, Schlechtwetter und Wasserundurchlassiae Bekleiduna, Indumenti a Prove Drintemperie, Weatherwear y Impermeabiliza, Weatherwear & Waterproofs
Weaving & reel manufacturers
Also known as: Fabricants de Tissages et Bobines, Hersteller Von Spulen und Webereizubeh6r, Fabbricanti Di Telai E Roccheni, Tejiendo y Fabricantes del Carrete, Tecendo & Os Fabricantes Do Carretel
Web development
The act of creating internet sites. Also known as: web design, developpement internet
Wedding attire
Also known as: Costumes Pour Mariages, Hochzeitskleidung, Abiti Da Matrimonio, Traje de la Boda, Attire Do Casamento
a type of shoe that has a heel that continues to the front of the shoe.
Welt hem
a simple turnup hem used on knitted garments the length of the welt can vary depending on the style desired.
Western wear
A collective term for apparel of or pertaining to horseback riding. Includes all items ranging from Chaps, Helmuts, Spurrs, Buckles. Also known as: westernwear, riding wear, usage occidental, westliche Abnutzung, usura occidentale, desgaste occidental, desgaste ocidental  
Also known as: grossiste
Often referred to as showrooms. The majority of wholesalers fall into two categories: Manufacturer’s respresentatives and Independent Sales Representatives or Agents. Manufacturer’s Representatives are usually closely associated with a Manufacturer and represent the Manufacturer’s line of products eclusively. Independent Sales Representatives tend to be privately owned companies which represent a number of different companies and product lines. Also known as: wholesaler, showroom, showrooms, trade suppliers, wholesale, wholesaling, off price, closeout, trade suppliers, sales representatives, sales reps, sales agents, Manufacturer’s respresentatives, Independent Sales Representatives, Grossistes, Groehandler, Commercianti All ‘Ingrosso, Los Comerciantes, Atacadistas
Windsor tie
a wide necktie that is looped in a bow
Women’s wear
Also known as: vetements pour femmes, Frauabnutzung, Usura delle donne, Desgaste de las mujeres, Desgaste das mulheres
Women’s wear daily
a fashion newspaper
A natural fabric made from fiber sheared from animals such as sheep, llamas, camels and goats and twisted into yarn for weaving. 2: It is very dyeable, resilient and resistant to wrinkling. 3: Commonly used for all types of apparel. Also known as: Laine, Wole, Lana, Lanas, Lãs
Wool fabric
Also known as: Wool fabric, Wool, Wool fabrics, Wool textiles, Top Dix
Wool mix
Also known as: Melange de Laine, Wollmischung, Misto Lana, Lanas Se Mezcla, Lãs Misturam
Work clothing
Also known as: vetements de travail
A collective term for apparel of a distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification. Includes all items ranging from Smocks, Pinafores, Aprons, School, Coveralls, Camouflage and Military. Also known as: uniforms, work clothing, work wear, Vetements de Travail, Berufskleidung, Abiti Da Lavoro, Workwear, Workwear
Also known as: Dans le monde entier
Also known as: Peigne, Kammgarnstoff, Peninato, Worsted, Worsted
To make (cloth) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom into cloth Also known as: Tisse, Baumwolle, Tessuto, Tejido, tecido
A scark that can be wrapped around the torso, usually used for eveningwear.


Yarn distributors
A continuous strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic material, such as wool or nylon, used in weaving or knitting. Also known as: yarn, yarn industry, yarn buyers, Distributeurs de Fils, Garngroehandler, Distributori de Filati, Las Distribuidores del Hilado, Distribuidores Do Fio
Yarn dyers
Also known as: Teinture de Fils, Garnfarber, Tintori Di Filati, Hilado Dyers, Fio Dyers
Yarn spinners
Also known as: Filateurs, Gesponnenes Garn, Produttori Di Filati, Hilanderos del Hilado, Spinners Do Fio
Also known as: files


Zip fasteners
A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on adjacent edges of an opening that are interlocked by a sliding tab. Also known as: Zips, Fermetures Eclair, Reieverschlusse, Chiusure Lampo, Los Sujetadores del Cierre Relámpago, Os Prendedores Do Fecho de correr
type of fastening that has two rows of metal or plastic teeth that are joined and unjoined by moving a zipper pull up and down. Also known as zip.
Zipper pull
the part of the zip that moves up and down opening and closing the zip.
Zippered cuff
allows for a very tailored sleeve to be taken on and off with more ease.
Zoot suit
mens suit with wide legged high waisted trousers and an over sized thight length jacket.
skullcap worn by Catholic priests.