Accessories Street Trends, S/S 2016

Courtesy of Trendzoom at Trendzine Fashion Information Media Network

This street-centric trend report zooms in on key details, and provides a clear insight into the direction of accessory trends for women, men & youth sectors. The key categories reveal what’s new and emerging, while confirming definite patterns within product groups. Don’t miss this comprehensive overview of streetstyle accessory trends. The following sample pages are taken from 87-page report published Oct 20, 2015.


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BAGS & CLIP-ON ACCESSORIES: distinctive bag silhouettes, bold patterns, textures, hardware and customised additions shape the new season

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JEWELLERY & DETAILS: heroes of the moment are pearls, industrial steel shapes, delicate proportions and colourful cartoon-like designs

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FOOTWEAR & HOSIERY: a sensory blend of furry textures, springy tread, padded trainers, soft stretchy boots and easy slip-on designs

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HATS & SUNGLASSES: effective retro and classic designs are reconstructed with subverted lines or updated in contemporary materials

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